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Midi playing Tainted Love

Codename: Powerline

Real Name: Fritz Kurtis Angus Heironymos Darkholme

Nicknames: Fuzzy, Fizzy, Pikachu, Satan, Cute Little Devil, Rat, Nibbles, Fox, Foxy

Place of Origin: Germany

Template: Ausslander's Reich/Brotherhood

Age: 14

Gender: male

Height: 5'9

Weight: 162

Eyes: copper. When in fuzzy form, his pupils are slitted and his whites are yellow.

Hair: in human form, his hair is black with burgundy highlights. In fuzzy form, it is blood red. He always wears his hair long, and sometimes in a pony tail.

Other distinguishing physical features:

In fuzzy form, he, of course, has blood red fur. Also, he has a long spaded tail and fangs and claws. Unlike Kurt, Fritz possesses all five fingers and toes, but Frtiz DOES still walk animalistically, since his feet are shaped that way.


Fritz is a snazzy dresser. He will almost always wear a nice fitting black uniform. It almost looks like a Navy uniform. The belt will always be semi-wide with a skull buckle. Over his animalistic feet, he wears black boots, but in human form, they are simple black marching shoes. A German Reich pin.

Known Relatives: Mother: Raven Darkholme/Mystique, Brother: Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler


Fritz can teleport, like Nightcrawler, but, it leaved behind a wide electric shock, leaving the smell of a popped wire rather than brimstone. He can also control electricity, which travels through his body at will. This can range from static shock to a large electrical blast. Though not a shape-shifter, Fritz IS able to shift into a human form without the aid of an image inducer.


Unlike his brother, Kurt, Fritz knew all along who his mother was. After a failed attempt to create a perfect mutant with Nightcrawler, Mystique was tempted eventually to try again. This time, with Magneto's help, they created Fritz. Mystique was still shocked at the similar outcome. She was able to give Fritz to a "friend" of hers in Germany. Frtiz saw his mother often and is very fond of her. Fritz was a prodegy, seemingly intelligent and over-mature {most the time} and was homeschooled until his first mutant ability imerged. Though not a shape-shifter, he was able to take on a human form. He attended classes in self-defense, combat and other fighting skills courses. He is trained in the use of weaponry and is a superb pilot. After his electric mutations emerged, Mystique returned to Germany. Fritz believed it was to comfort him, as the electric ability combined with the teleportation was very painful. After some training, the pain was almost non-existant and Mystique finally asked Fritz to come to America to train in her group.

Fritz did so, but, he also created a band of mutants of his own. Most of them were simply international, as he was a whiz on the internet and computer systems. He was able to form a group of mutants with superb expertise in combat, weaponry and useful talents. Personality: Semi-Dark. Fritz's mood changes quicker than a jack-rabbit on a date. Sometimes he's so serious it would make a corpse scream and sometimes he's so goofy, he puts Kurt to shame. He believes he is a much better, stronger and more efficient version of Nightcrawler and when the two get together there is almost ALWAYS some kind of conflict. Also, unlike Kurt, Fritz is extremely proud of his appearance and abilities.

Favorite music and pastime:

His favorite musician is Highlord, but he also listens to Moby, Techno, Musicals/Classical, Pop Will Eat Itself {yes that is the name of the group}, Yanni, Weird Al, and hymns. His favorite pastime is strumming on his nifty electric guitar, reading poetry and classics, acting, and drawing.

A Quote: " I'm so adorable and charming! I make me wanna kneel down and praise!"

Special non-mutant talents:

Fritz can play an electric guitar, but he can also play the flute, piano, and violin. He has been wanting to take up the saxaphone. He is a superb artist and has often thought about using his sketching skills in some sort of career.

Quirks, limitations, abilities, and other weird stuff:

Fritz is able to teleport other people with him....but it will hurt like hell for the person teleporting with him. The more he carries the louder the pop and the more painful it is for the traveler. Imagine one heck of a static shock. As states, Fritz has very sudden mood swings. Fritz is SUCH a Mama's Boy. Anything Mommy wants, Mommy gets. Sometimes, he can be a real pest.....but only when his mood is super wild. He tends to feed off the mood of those he's around. Did I mention he'd a real Mama's Boy? His hero is Pietro/Quicksilver. Fritz also has feline habits, such as purring and rubbing his face against things and curling into a ball in warm places. He also hisses when he's surprised and sometmes he'll let out a meow. He is desperately trying to stop these habits. It's the only mutaiton he has that he's ashamed of. It was cute when he did it for Mommy as a baby...but not it's embaressing.

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