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Midi playing: Puttin' On the Ritz

Codename: Drachen

Real Name: Thaddeus Leopold Tolansky

Nicknames: Tad, Tadpole, Dragon-Breath

Place of Origin: York, England; Great Britain

Template: Ausslander's Reich

Age: 17

Gender: male

Height: 6'2

Weight: 212 in human form; 24 tons in dragon form

Eyes: green

Hair: light brown

Other distinguishing physical features:



Dresses refined. He prefers wearing horse-riding attire, but since he can't ride horses all the time, he simply wears casual suits or preppy clothing.

Known Relatives: Cousin: Todd Tolansky; Cousin: Jimmy Toyenbee; Father: Bradley Tolansky; Mother: Emily Tolasnky; Uncle: name unknown; Aunt: Deceased


Thaddeus is able to spit fire, like any dragon would. Should he not be able to see, he does have a back-up system in his body. His tongue is sensitive, and when he splits it and sticks it out, he can pick up infered signals. He sees heat much better than he sees cold. He has the ability to hop, like Toad, but the distance and strength has diminished as he got older. His most powerful mutation is transformation....meaning he can turn into a large yellow dragon. In dragon form, his scales are virtually impenatrable, though it is not impossible. The weapons come in all sides from claws to jaws to tail to wings to fire-breath. Thaddeus enjoys being in the form of Drachen, but, he due to the spaces he's usually in, he can't stay in that form.


Thaddeus was born to Bradley and Emily Tolansky in Great Britain. He knew Todd and Jimmy, since he's the oldest of the second generation in that family. He vowed to one day find them when he heard they had been abandoned. On another note, Thaddeus grew up going to the best schools in England. Most often they were boarding schools so he saw very little of his parents. During an internet chat, he somehow met up with Fritz and agreed to meet physically. The two met in France and became a team. He now owns the school at which Ausslander's Reich attends. Though the deed is under an alias, and the hefty fees of the students and benfacting donations from Magneto/Mystique make this high-class ruch snob school a perfect headquarters. Thaddeus was able to almost duplicate the X-mansion when having it built.


Thaddeus is usually pretty mellow. Everything has a solution and with enough patience and/or persitance and preseverance, one can find that solution. However, once he IS riled, he can get pretty nasty, but his fuse is very long and he is very patient and overall, very friendly and social. Most certainly the gentleman of the group.

Favorite music and pastime:

Thaddeus enjoys listening to classical music, but also enjoys the American 80's music as well as any foreign music {meaning sung in other languages}. He enjoys reading, and jotting {writing}. He adores doing resarch. If he can study it, you'll find his nose in a book or taking notes. He also enjoys carnivals. He's a game and cotton candy freak. He also enjoys going to zoos and aquariums. He loves animals.

A Quote: " For Bloody sake, will you just mellow out?!"

Special non-mutant talents:

He is a buddin novelist, but has trouble comprehending sometimes. He is a math whiz {yuck, you know he's a mutie now}, and a self-taught vetreinarian.

Quirks, limitations, abilities, and other weird stuff:

Despite how powerful Thaddeus could be, he is not very physical, though he does not have many fighting skills and depends on his powers. The strongest parts of his body are actually his shoulders. He is forever working on his transformation power, wanting to maintain the form of the dragon as long as possible, His record was about a day and a half, but it caused him great disorientation when he returned to his normal form. Though his dragon armor seems impenetrable, it actually isn't. But, it is very very difficult, and one has to be really careful. Wolverine, on one hand, would have no trouble slicing through the dragon hide, whereas a swordsmaster may have more trouble. This would make Sabertooth and Wolverine his greatest foes. Thaddeus also has a habit of carrying people around wherever they want to go just for some excuse to use his dragon form. The last interesting fact is that the codename of Drachen was given to him by Fritz. It's a German word meaning Dragon.

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