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Midi playing: Aenema

Codename: Mystique

Real Name: Raven Darkholme

Nicknames: Boss-lady, Principal Darkholme

Place of Origin: unknown

Template: Brotherhood, but sometimes oversees Ausslander's Reich

Age: unknown

Gender: female

Height: ???

Weight: ???

Eyes: white as Mystique, brown as Ms. Darkholme

Hair: Red as Mystique, Black/Brown as Ms. Darkholme

Other distinguishing physical features:

blue skin, irises and pupils almost blend in with the white of her eyes.


a dress suit as Ms. Darkholme. As Mystique she wears a white dreass with white gogo boots and a skull belt.

Known Relatives: Kurt Wagner {son}, Fritz Darkholme {son}




unknown childhood. She met Magneto and worked with him with his genetic experimentations while she was pregnant, using her babies as guinie pigs while still unborn. She lost Kurt in the river after becoming enraged by his appearance. A year later, being pregnant again, she, for some reason, returned to Magneto and the experiments resulted in Fritz.

She agreed to help Magneto create the Brotherhood of mutants, and was somehow able to keep up with Fritz in Germany. She invited Fritz to live in America. He now lived nearby and formed a group called Ausslander's Reich, which Mystique will occassionally oversee.


Manipulative and mysterious. She has a raging temper and is always brooding. Her only genuinely sweet touch seems to be with her youngest son, Fritz.

Favorite music and pastime:


A Quote: " What did you do? Sit on Cerebro?!"

Special non-mutant talents: She's very skilled in fighting.

Quirks, limitations, abilities, and other weird stuff: Mystuque can take the form of any living creature. However, she cannot take on their powers and memories. She often feels a small void about not being able to have Kurt, but she copes. She doesn't like being pushed around and she sometimes tends to get violent with Brotherhood members, though Toad always get the brunt.

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