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Cast Page

Midi playing Barbie Girl

Okay, this is the page set aside for bio links and the cast of players/charcters. It is set up by established teams, meaning Brotherhood and X-Men. Then any made-up characters. Since there is no group in the show called Ausslander's Reich, there are no established characters. So, any member would just be in the brought in section. Be sure you fill out the Bio Form before playing and sending it to me.

NOTE: Until I can get everything set up it may be a bit messy. Notice all names have bio links...but no page. Don't fret, it just means I didn't get to the bio yet. Check back frequently. I'll have everyone up as quick as possible.


Joanna - Charles Xavier/Professor X

Rafael - Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat

Jet - Logan/Wolverine

Stacy - Rogue

Joanna- Ororo Monroe/Storm

Loreana - Scott Summers/Cyclops

Loreana - Jean Grey


Rafael - Eric Magnus Lensher/Magneto

Stacy - Raven Darkholme/Mystique/Principal Darkholme*

Larry - Todd Tolansky/Toad*

Vi Rath - Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver


Position is not filled.

Brought In Characters

Loreana - Charisma/Hurricane

Loreana - Chastity/Volcana

Vi Rath - Fritz/Powerline

Vi Rath - Thaddeus/Drachen

Vi Rath - Kwami/Aquarius

Jet - Leana

Stacy - Nakomis/Arachne

Amy - Aisha/Black Cat

Vi Rath - Cassandra/Jester

Rafael - Rafael/Krait

Rafael - Krys/Demension/Badflower

Catherine - Lilly/Lovely

Catherine - Catherine/Cat

Jet Vega - Cicero/Crash

NMurphy - Blane/Spitfire

Stacy - Rina Logan/Wild Thing

Jet Vega - Aryn/Mariner

- Zan/Acid

Cat - Shiela/Red

Loreana - Lia

Loreana - Emma/White Queen

Vacant/Available Positions

Note that any name with a * next to it means that there is extra information that needs to be known to the player taking the role. Example, Mystique has a * by her name, meaning that the player would need to find out what needs to be known. In this case, it would be that she has a relationship with a second son. If an established role is vacant when you bring in characters who are involved with them, a * will be put by the name as a pin, telling anyone picking the character up to get the information pinned to the character. However, if a role is taken, brought in characters must not only get MY approval, but if bios involve other players, they need to be approved by the other player as well. It's easier than it sounds, really.

X-Men Vacancies

Charles Xavier/Professor X

Evan Daniels/Spyke

Jean Grey

Scott Summers/Cyclops

Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler*

Alex Summer/Havok

Brotherhood Vacancies

Eric Magnus Lensher/Magneto*

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

Fred Dukes/Blob

Lance Alvers/Avalanche

Other Vacancies


Bio Form