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Brotherhood of Mutants

The Brotherhood of Mutants, also just simply called the Brotherhood, is run by Magneto. A counterpart of Xavier, Magneto believes mutants are superior to mankind and wants to wage war. He is using the services of Mystique, who is acting as Principal Darkholme in the Bayville High School, to recruit young teenage mutants to train on his path.

Most members of the Brotherhood have a criminal record, OR simply have very bad attitudes. They are often the punky type people with big mouths and are all too quick to use their powers when they can. Members of the Brotherhood tend to hold little respect for anyone, yet seem to get along well only with each other and respect Mystique to a small degree. Enough to save her butt anyway. They all hold a great allegiance to Magneto, especially Pietro, who is like a snoop for him behind Mystique's back. If Magneto is against Mystique, so is the Brotherhood, however, as stated, they do have some respect for her.

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