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Midi playing Aenema

Codename: Arachne

Real Name: Nokomis Oreanda

Nicknames: The Spider Girl, that chick crawling on the ceiling

Place of Origin: A Peublo reservation in New Mexico

Template: She will join the Brotherhood

Age: 18

Gender: female

Height: 5'11

Weight: 120

Eyes: black

Hair: black

Other distinguishing physical features:

She has pure black eyes, meaning no whites. If you look closely enough, you can see that her eyeballs are actually eight pupils right next to each other. She is very tall and very thin. And she has a short pixie haircut, the truth being her hair can't grow any longer than what it is. And she has no body hair, no eyebrows, no lashes, nothing.


She wears black clothing. A black skirt, a black skirt, platform knee high boots, and a black duster. Her uniform will be black, with spider web designs on it, with no shoes and gloves that leaves her palms open.

Known Relatives:

Her mother was a single mother and lives in New Mexico


She is a human spider. She was born with eight limbs. She can stick to any surface. Instead of having one pupil in each eye, she has eight. And she can create her own webbing, which she can shoot from her wrists and ankles.


Nokomis was born off the reservation by accident. Her mother was out shopping for baby clothes when she went into labor. Because of this, Nokomis was born in a hositpal, so when she came out with eight limbs, the white doctors removed two sets without asking her mother. Spiders are scared to her people, so she was pitied her whole life by the other people on the reservation. All she heard growing up was, "Oh you could have been a symbol to our people. Too bad what the doctors did to you". Nokomis hates humans, hates what they did to her. And she came to Bayville wanting revenge.


Cynic all the way

Favorite music and pastime:

She weaves with her giant loom. She loves traditional music, but also rap-rock.

A Quote: "Heads up!" as she comes crashing down.

Special non-mutant talents:

Very quick and flexable. Knows how to hunt, and how to survive in the wild.

Quirks, limitations, abilities, and other weird stuff:

She doesn't tell anyone about her extra limbs. But she still has the scars from them. Also she can stick only when it's in contact with her skin (that's why her uniform has no shoes!) Also she does have a sort of "spider sense". Nothing crazy, but spiders, therefore her too, are preadators, so she has highten scenes that can alert her to the things going on around her. She doesn't call it spider senses though, cause that would be lame in her openion.

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