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Ausslander's Reich

Ausslander's Reich is a group that has affiliation with the Brotherhood. The name actually is German for Outlander's Reich, or Outcast's Reich. It is pronounced like Rike. It is run by Fritz Darkholme, Mystique younger son which is set aside for young mutants with acceptional talents that don't have to be mutations. Most members have a special degree of knowledge in some major area whether it be combat, mechanics, or wantnot. A very intelligent team, or so they like to think.

The team is only semi-useful. Mostly they spend their time creating machines and plots, or annoying Brotherhood members, or instigating X-Men. Could be dangerous, but are probably too concieted and self-imposed to figure that out. Fritz is perhaps the most stressed member, for almost no reason. The group's actual purpose is unknown, if there is any. It gathers mutants internationally instead of just in the high school. Fritz made it so his Mommy would be proud of him. Fritz is a real Mama's Boy.

The team was created by Fritz Darkholme. It was named after a song " Ich Bin Ein Ausslander" which translated " I am an outlander/outcast." Fritz like the sound so much, he simply named the team to be Ausslander's Reich.

It is unknown where the Brotherhood memebrs live...but they hand out at the school a lot. The X-Men stay at Xavier's mansion, but, Ausslander's Reich doesn't attend Bayville High. Thaddeus, being from a well-to-do family, and Fritz, having connections with Mystique and Magneto, created plans and built a snobby artsy rich-people private school that charges a hefty fee. Government doesn't go near the school as it is privalty owned. It has the best of everything, the desks are all made of top quality materials and all chairs are wheels and padded. It's like an office and studio....where the students attend.

Thaddeus was able to mimic the plans to Xavier's mansion, creating the Polynational Artistic School....a school for artsy rich snobs.

Fritz and Thaddeus had a plan in mind. They would use the school to weed out potential team members. All members of the Ausslander's Reich attend Polynational Artistc School. Thaddeus owns the school under an alias and is easily able to pick and kick anyone to attend to leave the school. But, he allows normal people to attend...provided they pay the hefty tuition charge.

in secret, this school contains many deadly weapons and computers and so on....being the main hideout and headquarters for Ausslander's Reich. The only boarded students are members of the team. And the challenge? No one can approve officially except Fritz, who tends to acts tougher than he really is. (c; Most often Kwami and Thaddeus contradict him anways.

Anyone qualifying for the group is automatically excused from the tuition charges and lives off the profit the school makes. (c; Sounds a lot like Xavier's mansion in some ways, doesn't it?

Brotherhood of Mutants