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Slave Attire
SILKS/SLAVE ATTIRE: Not all slaves wear silks, some go around naked as that is what their Owners prefer, but generally they are clothed in some sort of slave attire.

SILKS: There are 5 different colors of silks mentioned here. The exact color of the silks may vary from slave to slave depending on the likes and dislikes of each Owner. The colors mentioned here are more for description of the type of slave than actual color of their silks.

White - The white silk slave is not necessarily virgin, merely reserved for her Master/Mistress's sole use. They are generally permitted to serve drinks and food and conversation but sexual use is forbidden and corporal punishment is at the hands of the owners. Masters and Mistress's insulted, may embarrass, confine or display the slave, but may not strike in any way nor permit another to do so. They do not use the term "slave heat" except in serves to their Owners. There is some controversy in using this term as many Goreans feel only a "true virgin" should be white silk, this view varies depending on the region of Gor.

Red - the mark of a pleasure slave...may generally be used by any who desire her usage but may be reserved for the sole use of the owner. A pleasure slave is considered to be well trained to please in all ways sexual, service wise and in dancing, and are closest to the houris of the Arabian harem. True "passion slaves" are bred for that purpose specifically, one that has been bred for a particular trait, such as beauty or slave heat or the shape of her lips and no barbarian can attain that rank. They usually have a club foot from inbreeding etc.

Yellow - Denotes the Tavern owned slave..her use is rented and negotiated with the Tavern owner and may include sexual favors at the owners discretion. These girls are the Paga girls of the Gorean novels.

Grey - State owned slaves

Black - the mark of an unowned unpurchased slave.

FOOTWEAR: shoes or sandels are never giving to a slave...they are kept barefoot..occasionally cords are wrapped decoratively about the ankles and calves.

bina: slave jewelry, usually consisting of plain metals, colored string, wooden or cheap glass beads; sometimes used as a slave name

camisk: simple, poncho-like slave garment, about 18" wide

camisk, Turian: a style of camisk worn by slaves in the city-state of Turia; cloth shaped like an inverted 'T' with a beveled crossbar fastened behind the neck & falls before the wearer's body; the crossbar then passes between her legs & is then brought forward snugly at the hips ; it is held in place by a single cord that binds it at the back of the neck, behind the back, & in front at the waist

chalwar: baggy pants of diaphanous silk, worn by slavegirls of the Tahari; similar to the harem trousers of Earth

chatka: the strip of black leather, some 6 inches by 5 feet long, worn like a breech- clout over the curla by the slavegirls of the Wagon Peoples

curla: the red waist cord worn slave- girls of the Wagon Peoples; supports the chatka

kalmak: vest of black leather worn by the slavegirls of the Wagon Peoples

kes: short tunic of black leather worn by the male slaves of the Wagon Peoples

koora: strip of red fabric worn as a headband by the slavegirls of the Wagon Peoples

pleasure silk: sheer, clingy form of silk worn only by slavegirls; wraps like a pareau, with a disrobing loop at the left shoulder

slave bells: tiny bells which give off a sensual shimmer of sound; threaded by the dozen on thongs or chains, they may be tied or locked around a girl's ankles or wrists, or attached to her collar; are worn or removed only at the whim of a master

slave perfume: perfumes designed to be worn by slavegirls; they are heavier and more sensual than those designed for free women

slave rag: see Ta-Teera

slave veil: a small triangle of diaphanous yellow silk, worn across the bridge of the nose and covering the lower half of the face; it parodies the heavy veils worn by free women, as it conceals nothing and often arouses the lust of masters

talmit: a headband

Ta-Teera: a one-piece, sleeveless, short slave garment; similar to a slave tunic, but more ragged and revealing also called the slave rag

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