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Midi Files

Download some songs today

Here you will be able to download songs that i have so you can use them for your own purposes! I don't have many now, but there will be more as I update more.Have Fun!If any of these don't work E-Mail Me and tell me PLEASE!

MegaMan Related Midi's
Boomerang Kwanger's Theme Bass' Theme Capsule Theme Flame Stag's Theme Megaman X3 Credits Theme
Zero's Theme From Megaman X Zero's Theme From Megaman X2 Zero's Theme From Megaman X3 Zero's Theme From Megaman X4 Dr. Cain's Theme From Megaman X3
One of Dr. Wily's Themes X2 Boss Stage 1 Theme
Secret of Mana Midi's
Mana Fort Theme(from the game secret of mana)
Summer Sky

Other Midi's
This is the song from my main page