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- Hyperbolic Time Chamber -

What The H.T.C. Is ! »
The HTC is a very special machine. When you enter it, there is a big world of pretty much nothingness, but a very strong gravitational pull. Evan though this is, only 2 people are allowed in a week. EX.- Shadow man and megaman xr are in the time chamber, this means no one else can enter till next week.(Not battling permitted during this time. You gain 10 hp every day ur in it.(7 days a week, which means u get 70 hp, every week ur in it.) The first 2 e-mails I get, go into the chamber. EX.- Duo and Elec man e-mail me first saying they wanna go into the time chamber, they get to go in, but they cannot go in the next week.This is pretty much how it works. Anyone who wants to join, just e-mail me. Have Fun !

Current People In The Chamber »
Vile - None