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Cheats,Codes, & Tricks

Hope There Are Enough Are Plenty..I Think Anyways ! eh heh ! ^_^ !

This is the Cheats,Codes, & Tricks page. If you just can't take it anymore and need a break from having to do all the work, just come here and you can type in a simple password and then Boom, you have everything. Some of these are not really cheats, but they will help you in the long run.

MegaMan 1

Extra items
Collect any power-up, except for health, leave the screen, then return. The power-up will appear again.

MegaMan 2

For all weapons, items,and 4 Energy Tanks,Password-A5 B2 B4 C1 C3 C5 D4 D5 E2

Mega Man goes to the birds with this code. When selecting a boss, hold A to turn the stars in the background into flying birds.(LOL)

Long Jumps
If you pause in the middle of a jump, you'll reset Mega Man's downward velocity. If you press Start rapidly at the height of a jump, you can coast for long distances. This also makes Mega Man "phase out", causing most bullets to fly through you without harm.

Password for Dr. Wily's Castle
To skip to the fourth level of Dr. Wily's castle, enter the password "A1 B2 B4 C1 C5 D1 D3 E3 E5".

MegaMan 3

For all weapons, All Items, 9ETs, Dr. Wily Stage 1-Blue: A1 A3 B2 B5 D3 F4 ;RedA6 E1

Freeze the Robot Masters
This code will freeze the enemy robot masters. First, let the robot master come to the ground, then wait for their energy to fill up completely. When the robot master begins to move, hold UP and A on controller 2. This will freeze the robot master where he is and you can shoot him at your leisure.

High Jump
For extra jumping power, hold Right on Controller Two while jumping.

If you do the high jump trick press RIGHT on controller 2 while playing and jump into a pit, you do not die, and can walk around in it. Once in the pit, keep jumping in and out, and eventually your energy will drain but you will still be alive.You are now invincible. Jump out of the pit and your enrgy will stay down... you do not need to keep holding RIGHT on C2.
Note: If you pick up any energy items or use an Energy Tank, you will no longer be invincible...and you can still die if you fall on spikes. If you have trouble using it, try releasing RIGHT once you are in the pit for a second.

Slow Motion
To slow portions of the game to a crawl, hold Up on Controller Two while playing.

MegaMan 4

For Allweapons and items-A1 A4 B5 E2 F1 F3

Secret Weapons
In Dive Man's level,after beating the second whale, there should be a hole nearby. Fall in it and dodge all the spikes to find the Wire Power. This power allows you you to hang on the ceiling and hit enemies for fair damage.
In Pharoah Man's level, instead of entering the first hole, use the R.Coil to jump over it. Go past the desert to find the Baloon Power. This allows you to release balloons that you can jump on.

MegaMan 5

For All weapons, and items-BLUE: B4 D6 F1 RED:C1 D4 F6

M Tank 1 Up Trick
During the game if you have an M Tank and have full energy for life and all weapons pause the game and use an M tank. All of the enemies will be turned into 1 ups. note- does not work on bosses!

Get Beat
If you find enough letters to spell "MEGAMANV" you can use Beat. Beat is a robot bird that kills everything in its path for minimal energy.

Extra Continues
On the first level of DR WILEY's CASTLE you'll find an energy tank. Get it, then kill yourself and continue the game. You can continue this process until you have nine continues.

MegaMan 6

For all weapons, and items-B6 D4 F2 F4 F6

Finding the Energy Balancer
Go to the Tomahawk Man stage. Somewhere in this level there are two paths: the top one leads to the left ladder, and the bottom path leads to the right ladder. Take the top path. After going up that ladder, there should be a ladder that is above spikes. Change into Power Mega Man first. Jump on the ladder, and climb on the lowest rung without falling. Chage up the Mega Buster and fire at the block with the cracks in it. Now jump onto that open platform and slide under. There you will meet Proto Man. With the energy balancer that he gives you, it automatically recharges your lowest weapon energy when you touch a weapon capsule.

Use Beat
If you win enough letters to spell "BEAT" you can use Beat. Beat is a robot bird that kills everything in its path for minimal energy.

MegaMan 7

For all weapons, items, and wily-1415-5585-7823-6251

Final Stage
To skip to the final stage of Dr. Wily's castle, enter the password: 1415 5585 7823 6251 and press Start.

Rising Slash Move
To execute a Rising Slash, press DOWN + FORWARD + Y.

Gouls & Ghosts Music
To get the music of Super Ghouls and Ghosts on the Shade Man stage, simply hold B while selecting Shade Man.

MegaMan 8

Super Jump
Use a superjump to reach places too high for a normal jump. However, you cannot jump straight up (you must be moving forward), and you can only do it if you haven't used up all your megaball.
To execute the super jump, jump while moving towards a ledge you want to reach. At the peak of the jump, shoot the megaball and immediately jump. you will bounce off the ball in mid-air and skyrocket up. This is especialy useful in Tengu Man's stage, where jumping from platform to platform against the wind can be risky.

Extra Life
At the Clown Man's level kick a mega ball into the clown's mouth for an extra life.

MegaMan Soccer

Super Kick
For a super kick, hold L + R while pressing B.

MegaMan X

For All weapons, and items-2553-6488-7588

Sit Down
To sit down hit pause then press a,b,a,a,a,b,b,a,b. Now whenever you hit select MegaMan will sit down.

Ryu's Fireball
To get Ryu's Fireball get everything (including defeating Sigma's robots such as Spark Mandrill),that also means all 4 energy tanks and all 8 heart pieces and all special equipment from Dr. Light. After you get everything go through Armored Armadillo's level 4-6 times without dying. When you get to the end of the level climb up the wall and get the big energy then go to where you fight Armored Armadillo. You will exit the level but go back to the level 4-6 times doing the same thing without dying.

Extended Ending
After you beat the game, at the screen where you're thanked for playing, wait for approximately forty seconds to see an extended ending.

Extra Lives (Armored Amadillo Level)
To get extra lives, go to Armored Amadillo's stage and when you're about to jump off the first cart, wait and jump off when you see a brown bat different from all the others. Shoot it. This bat gives an extra life.

Helmet Capsule
You need the acceleration system (foot capsule) to get the helmet capsule. Once you have it, enter Storm Eagle's level. Play until you get to the steel tower rising out of the ground. You will now be able to use the foot capsule to get the ledge on the other side of the tower. Blow up the gas tanks there, and go through the resulting hole. You'll find the helmet capsule there.

Super Jump
To super jump, press the Jump and Dash button at the same time, while go left or right.

Arm Capsule
First you need the Leg Capsule and the Helmet Capsule. Then go through Flame Mammoth's Level and then go to where you drop down this long hole(right before those dumb miner dudes throw their little tool at you, and then laugh (pisses me off)). Go a bit further, and look up. There will be some stuff you can break with your head. Stand on the nearest platform and super jump up there. Then you will have the Arm Capsule.

MegaMan X2

For All weapons, and items-6474-6347-6828-7223
Dragon Punch
To reach the Dragon Punch, you must have all Heart Tanks, power ups, and Sub-Tanks. When you reach the two ladders, one unreachable. Lead the bats to the ladder and crystalize them to reach the top ladder. Then use Speed Burner on the first set of spikes and air-dash between the next spikes.Go to another set of spikes. Charge up Speed Burner again and air-dash the first set and drop to second set and Speed Burner to the left to reach the 1-Up. It may take several tries, but you'll make it. Slide down the left wall and you'll find the Dragon Punch capsule. You MUST have a full energy meter to get this capsule.

To execute the Dragon Punch, press Forward, Down, and Down-Forward and the fire button.

Don't Fight Zero
Here's a little tip: If you can find all of Zero's parts,you won't have to fight him before Sigma.A silver Zero aill appear with Sigma,but will soon be destroyed by the real Zero.

Energy Refill
At the second wall of dirt in the Overdrive Ostrich stage, use the Spin Wheel weapon to get through the wall. Go to the end of the wall to find an energy refill.

MegaMan X3

For Everything-5414-6685-6872-3114

Golden Armor
To gain the golden armor you must have all the sub tanks, hearts, and armor. Don't get the four enhancers, as the golden armor will grant you these. When you have everything you need, go to Doppler's first stage and get the first super armor. Move to where the spikes fall into the first pit, then slide to the left until you enter a secret room. Inside will be a pink capsule. Jump on it to gain the golden armor.
Note: you have to make it to the secret place with full life.

Level Passwords
Introduction 3721 1281 3751 4456
Gravity Beetle 5623 4888 5851 4221
Blast Hornet 1745 5231 5441 2486
Neon Tiger 3621 4867 5851 2227
Tunnel Rhino 5728 1263 5754 2458
Blizzard Buffalo 7671 2857 2144 1247
Volt Catfish 1778 5253 2444 3488
Crush Crawfish 5718 1266 2727 7458
Dr. Doppler's Lab 5718 1263 2627 7458

Skip to the End game
To warp to the endgame, go to the stage select screen. Once there, move your cursor to the X logo and quickly press DOWN + SQUARE + X. Super Adaptions
After killing the mid-boss in the first Dr. Doppler stage, go to the first pit you see. Now slide along the left wall until you go throuhh it. If you have all of thee-tanks, weapons, hearts, and full energy you'll find a capsule that will grant you the four Super Adaptions.

The Three Paths to Dr. Vile
To reach Dr. Vile you must kill at least two bosses, then find one of these entrances.

The first entrance is at the beginning of the Volt Catfish stage. A platform will take you to Dr. Vile.
The second entrance is in the Frozen Buffallo stage. It is located in the first pit after you enter the small room with two doors. You will see the entrance on the left side.
The third entrance is in the crab's stage (I forget his name.) The entrance is located next to an energy capsule after you leave the small room where you fought a mid-boss. Before you reach the energy capsule you will fall right through the floor. Here you'll find the capsule that takes you to Vile's secret stage.
Note: These entrances are only there after you kill at least two bosses and BEFORE you kill Bit and Byte (the two mid-bosses who talk to you.)

Zero's Saber
There are two ways to get Zero's Saber. If you're in a hurry you can get it with the password "1454 3535 6162 7162".If you'd rather earn it yourself, do this. On the second stage of Doppler's lab play through the whole level with Megaman only. When you get to the mini-boss's layer, switch to Zero. Play through the entire level and defeat Vile. Zero will be damaged beyond repair and give Megaman his saber.

MegaMan X4

MegaMan's Armor
At the character selection screen highlight MegaMan, then press CIRCLE 2 times, then LEFT 6 times, then press and hold L1 and R2 at the same time and press START (holding L1 and R2 until the game begins.)

Megaman's Ultimate Armor and Nova Strike
First do the MegaMan's Armor code, then play through the first two intro stages. Play the jungle stage. go halfway down the second waterfall and go right. Enter the capsule and you'll get the ultimate armor along with nova strike and the aerial attack!

Zero's Ultimate Armor
At the character selection screen highlight Zero. Hold R1 and press RIGHT six times. Release R1, then hold CIRCLE and press X.

Unlimited Lives for Zero
Here's a great tip for you Zero players if you're ever in trouble with the bosses in the game, especially Sigma! To get this, go to the Cyberspace stage at any point and race through the first stage with a Rank "S". Pick up the extra life, go to your weapons menu, and choose Escape. From here, save without continuing and go to Cyberspace again with the same trick. As soon as you get enough lives, you can save whenever you want or, if your lives are nearly depleted, you can choose to go to Cyberspace again before going to the next stage. Yeah its korny ,but it helps.

Unlimited Lives for MegaMan X
Go to Frost Walrus stage in Area 1.Now go to the part where the ice passages disappear and turn to the left and get the one-up and repeat the process until you have enough lives.

MegaMan X5

X's Super Nova Armor
Highlight X at the character selection screen, then press Up(2), Down(9). A sound will confirm correct code entry. Then, press Circle. Note: You will start with Super Nova Armor from Rockman X4.

Zero's Black armor
Highlight Zero at the character selection screen, then press Down(2), Up(9). A sound will confirm correct code entry. Then, press Circle. Note: Zero's Black armor will reduce damage slightly as compared to his Red armor.

Zero's Supreme Slash
Repeatedly press Forward + Square as quickly as possible. .Note: This is the best to finish some of the Bosses.

Zeros's Slash combo
Press Square(2), Back, Square for a 4 hit combo which works on any Boss

Zero's Sabre Slash on Bosses
Usually you can do up to 3 or 4 hit combo on any Boss. However, the Final Slash will paralyze the Boss for awhile, which prevents you from slashing it during this time. To avoid this, hit the Boss with a 2 or 3 hit combo and do not use the Final Slash. It would be better if you used Zero's Supreme Slash.