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Welcome to My Shop !!!!!

This is where you will be able to purchase a variety of things.If you wish to buy something just E-Mial Me and i'll take care of it. Also if you wish to make something you must be either an item,weapon maker, ect. There are different types of items, weapons, and protections , so the wepons makers make the wepaons part of this page, the item maker make the item part of this page, ect.*NOTE* some of the prices went up a bit. Hope you got the things when they where cheaper. SRY!! Also, this page takes a little bit to load because of all the pics of the things you can buy. Give it a couple of secs to load.


Small Energy Can: Heals HP +30; Cost: $500.

Big Energy Can: Heals HP +50; Cost: $1,000.

Sub-Tank: Holds a max of 3 of any energy can; Cost: $2,000.(you can only have a MAX of 4 "Energy Tanks".)


Buster Gun: This is the weapon you start out with. Attack Name:E-Mail Me the attack name for your "Buster Gun".

Charged Buster Gun: This is a charged version of the buster gun. This adds +20 to your regular buster gun. You can only use this 3 times in each battle and it takes a turn to charge up.; Attack Name: "Charged Buster Gun" (or what ever your butser gun is called)

X-Saber: A saber that is shot out of your buster gun, and is pretty strong; Damage It Does: 40; Attack Name: "X-Saber Shot"; Cost: $4,000.

Z-Saber: Same as the "X-Saber" except you swing it, not shoot it; Damage it does:40; Attack Name: "Z-Saber Slash"; Cost:$4,000.

Flame Saber: This saber is made totaly out of flames. It is extremely strong and can be very usefull. Attack Name: Flame Saber Slash; Damage It Does: 50; Cost: $5,000.

Electro Saber: This saber is made out of pure electric. Damage It Does: 45.; Attack Name: Electro Saber.; Cost: $4,500.

Katana Saber: This is a ninjas saber that is very lite but not that powerfull. Damage It Does: 40.; Attack Name: Katana Slash.; Cost: $4,000.

Axe Saber: This is an axe that is made out of a saber's beam. It is quite powerfull, but then it is also quite heavy. Damage It Does: 60.; Attack Name: Axe Slash.; Cost: $6,000.

Ice Saber:This saber has an extremely sharp blade that can cut through almost anything, and after the attack, the ice blade breaks off in your opponent to cause more pain.(not more damage); Damage It Does: 50.; Attack Name: Ice Saber Slash.; Cost: $5,000.

Z-Saber Enhancement: Same as the "X-Saber" enhancement. Attack Name: "Enhanced Z-Saber Slash"; Cost: $9,000.(must 1st have the regular z-saber)

Upgraded Buster Gun: This enhancement makes your regular buster gun do 40 damage, and your charged blast does +30 instead of +20.; Attack Name: "Upgraded Buster Gun Blast"(or what ever your attack name would be); Cost: $5,000.

Thunder Saber: This saber does an anti-air attack with the use of the element "THUNDER".Damge It Does:70.Attack Name:"Thunder CrasH".;Cost:$8,000.

Z-Buster: This is a buster gun that is twice as strong as the regular buster. This came from Zero's unit himself.Damge It Does: 60. Attack Name:Z-Blast.;Cost:$6,000.

Z-Buster Enhancement: This part modifires the Z-Buster. Damage It Does:70.Attack Name: Enhanced Z-Blast.;Cost: $8,000.(must 1st have the z-buster to get this)

X-Saber Enhancement: This enhancement makes your X-Saber do 60 damage instead of 40, and allows you to charge it with a +30 damage.(takes 1 turn to charge, and can only use it once in each battle) Attack Name: "Enhanced X-Saber Shot"; Cost: $9,000.(must 1st have the regular x-saber)

Proto Blater: This is a powerful buster that came streight from Proto Man's unit. It can become very use in times.Damage It Does: 50,(this blast goes through any armor)Attack Name: "Proto Blast".; Cost: $6,000.

Tiger Claws: This is a type of claw weapon that fires at long or short distances. It is powerfull in it's own way.Damage It Does: 40(goes through any armor)Attack Name: "Claw Slash".; Cost: $5,000.

Peacock Smasher: This weapon is kinda cool seeming that it came from a boss from megaman X4. Damage It Does: 45(goes through ant armor)Attack Name: "Peacock Smash".; Cost: $5,500.

Falcon Buster: This is a powerfull buster that is very fast and has very long range! Damage It Does: 60(goes through every armor except the "Faclon Armor". Attack Name: "Falcon Blast".; Cost: $11,000.

Gaia Buster: This buster shoots a bid green and black shot that is powerfulkl, yet has low range. Damage It Does: 55(goes through every armor except the "Gaia Armor".) Attack Name: "Gaia Blast".; Cost: $10,000.

Force Buster: This is a buster that has the qualities of both the "Falcon and Gaia Busters". It has long range and a powerfull blast as bis as the "Gaia Blast". Damage It Does: 65(goes through every armor except the "force Arnor".) Attack Name: "Force Blast".; Cost: $13,000.

Body Protections :

G-Armor: This is a body armor that when the armor takes in 100 damage, you unleash an"INCREDIBLE" amount of damage. This also blocks "30" damage from your opponents attacks.; Does 100 Damage When The Armor Takes In 100 Damage.; Attack Name:"G-Crush" (only get to use it when your armor takes in 100 damage).; Cost: $10,000.

Silver Armor: This body armor revive your "HP" + 50 every 3 turns.(you can only be revived 5 times in each battle); Move Name:"Silver Armor Revivation"; Cost: $8,000.

Jet Pack Armor: This armor blocks -40 from your opponents attacks, and also makes it so your opponent needs to roll an 8 or higher to hit.(you can only try to dodge the attacks 4 times in each battle with this armor) Move Name: Jet Pack Dodge.; Cost: $5,000.

Falcon Armor: This armor hass great mobility and power! You can use a type of sheild to fly in the air in a dashing position and attack your opponent at the same time, with a horrible distuction.This armor also blocks 50 damage. Damage It Does: 10 damage every turn for 10 turns(During this time you do not recieve ANY damage and the damage goes through ANY armor, but you can only use this ONCE in every battle) Attack Name: "Falcon Strike"; Cost: $20,000.

Gaia Armor: This is a very heavy but destuctive armor!It blocks 50 damage and unleashes an extreme blast of energy.Damage It does: 100. Attack Name:"Gaia Blast"(you can only use this once in each battle and the damage goes through ANY armor).; Cost: $20,000.

Force Armor: This armor is pretty usefull.It blocks 40 damage, and you can do a pretty good amount of damage.Damge It does:100(this damage goes through any armor, but you can only use it once in every battle)Attack Name: "Giga Smash".; Cost:$18,000

Plasma Sheild: This is an energy force feild that is made of nothing BUT plasma. It can black any attack that does 50 damage or lower. This can be VERY handy, but you can only use it 3 times in each battle. Move Name: Plasma Block; Cost: $9,000.

Ice Sheild: This is a sheild that blocks 40 dmage and does a little damage of it's own.Damge It Does: 60(you can only use this attack 3 times in each battle).Attack Name:Ice Breaker.;Cost:$8,000.

Helmet: -10 from your opponents attacks.; Cost: $1,000

Torso Armor: -15 from your opponents attacks.;Cost: $1,500.

Upgraded Leg Part: This makes it so your opponent has to "roll" a 10 or higher to hit you if you decide to try and dodge the attack. It also allows you to attempt to dodge the attacks 6 times instead of 3.; Move Name: "Preparing To Dodge"; Cost: $2,000.

Helmet Enhancement: -20 from your opponents attacks.; Cost: $2,000.

Torso Enhancement: -30 from your opponents attacks.; Cost: $2,500.(must 1st have the torso armor)