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How To Battle

Here you will learn how to battle on my rpg

Step 1: First you IM(instant message) the person you want to battle.

2: Then you both go to the battle room.

3: Now, you both type your stats, Example: Shadow Man: HP:100; Weapons:Buster Gun(30 damage), Charged Buster Gun:(adds 20 damage to buster gun for 1 trun, takes 1 turn to charge, and can onlt use it 3 times in each battle; Occupations: Weapon maker; Money: $2,000.

4: After this, you both type //roll in the chat room, it'll say something like this: Online Host: Trunks21xx rolled: 3 5. Who ever has a higher number(count both numbers togeather) gets to attack first.

5: Finally, when you attack you type, "attack name", then roll. Example: "Shadow Blade".*NOTE*, If you roll doubles and "BOTH" numbers are 3 or HIGHER, you get to attack again. You can also dodge attacks by typing "Preparing to dodge" right before ur opponent rolls, and your opponent HAS to roll a toal of 8 or higher(can only attempt this 3 times in each battle).

Stats Gained From Battling :

Winning A Battle

HP: 30

Money: $2,000

Loosing A Battle But Being Spared

HP: 20

Money: $1,000

Loosing A Battle And Being Killed

HP: 10

Money: $500

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!