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Francis nonato is a 13 year old, who is currently a brown belt in the art of tatsujin. tatsujin is mixed of kung fu, styles of karate, tae kwon doe, judo, jujitsu, etc. Shadow Skill is an art of fighting created by francis. He based it upon himself and his Best friend Benjamin bryan nolasco tan. Who is the same rank as francis and equally skilled in the art of tatsujin. Though Francis and Bryan didnít really go through the adventure of avenging their masters death, but would be vowed to do so, by dropping everything important to them and seek their masters murderer. Other than daydreaming and martial arts, Francisí other hobbies are drawing, playing sports, playing video games, and watching various types anime, and hanging out with friends. Martial arts is francisí life and has made it as his guidelines to life. He has vowed to himself never to be content with the physical shape and his fighting technique that he has and vowed to himself to keep learning to use inner strength to its full extent hoping to one day earn a honorable place in the hall of warriors and to one day be a martial arts legend throughout the world. But for now he is still a young amateur compared to the great martial artists of all time.