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Friday,3/17/01@2:05 PDT
posted by:Zero
I told you guys I am working on a new layout.I got the layout finished but most of the new links you see may be dead the original links still exist.I thought it would take me atleased a week to finish and troublshoot this layout but I managed to cut it down to one night...I did this all night last night with no sleep.Please dont constantly e-mail me asking when the site and links will be up and finished.Well hope you like the new layout I worked so hard upon.
Neo Z Fighters is just a fansite, we did NOT create Dragon Ball, nor did we have any part in the production process.Neo Z Fighters is totally created by Zero and is not a part of the dragonball series There are some items on this website that may be questionable for those under 13 years of age. Dragon Ball was intended for young children in Japan who don't view such material as offensive.

2001, Neo Z Fighters Rpg.All Rights Reserved. This site is not meant to infringe on any copyrights, it is simply here to encourage people to role play together and have a good time

We created Neo Z Fighters the series and take a lot of time to work on this site. Please honor our efforts by not stealing our files/layout from us. Thank you.



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