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Welcome to the Nelriad Pride

The forests of Rhydin house many a great deal of wonders, but none so enchanting as the deep woods that are home to the mysterious race known as wemics. Very few have laid eyes upon them. Those who have were those gifted with a kinship known only to a select number of peoples from all races. Walk the paths and traverse the maze of trees to find them. We are here and we are watching your every move. As the breeze shifts, one can nearly feel the vigilance of cat-slit eyes observing from a safe and silent distance. We watch out of curiousity, a sort of uncertainity as to who you are and why you are in our lands. Have no fear of us, for there is a tenant taught by the great shamaness herself: Everyone is our friend, until they prove themselves our enemies.

As you walk the paths that appear made by the hands of nature, a figure looms out in front of you. The sun glistening in your eyes causes you to lift a hand to shield its luminescence and get a clearer view. A cloud passes its shadow over the sun as if the sky could feel your distress. Once your eyes have adjusted, the creature in your way becomes evident. The beast sits before you, or what appears to be sitting as you glance down and examine its body. At first it could be easily mistaken for a lion resting on its haunches. However, as your eyes travel up its body you see where the head of the lion should be is the torso of a human female covered in that same dusky fur. Upon closer examination, the creatures details show themselves. Its dusky hide is covered from tail tip to russet nose in interlinking patters of whorling multi-colored tattoos. Draped over the creature's humanoid torso is a weavework of beads that modestly cover her human breasts behind their veil. Golden cat-slit eyes scrutinize you just as closely as you do to the beast. Then it speaks in a rough yet effeminate voice, "Broshanti, stranger. Welcome to Nelriad Pride. I being Da'erz Vizozo, shamaness of the Pride and life-mate to Chieftain Nelriad. Come with me, and I shall welcome you to our home." A rumbling purr escapes her throat as she holds her humanoid hand out to you. Once you take it, she leads you through the trees and deeper into the dense forest beyond.

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