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The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Bad Hair Day 4
Created by PerfectGREG

Rated M

Click here for the Sum 41 Midi
LBHD4 is 99.9% Complete (may have bugs)

Download Link's Bad Hair Day 4 (to be used with the public beta, built 104) *bug fixed

The Legend of Link's Bad Hair Day:
Along time ago, in the magical land of Hyrule there lived a hero. His name was Link. He had saved many worlds from evil including Hyrule. The Goddesses saw this and decided to put him up to the ultimate test: Save the lands were the 2nd triforce lay in wait. In the land of Malonia rest the Triforce of Anger, in the land of Alcania rest the Triforce of Greed, and in the land of Oral rest the Triforce of Insanity. These 3 relics make up the 2nd Triforce, the Dark Triforce. Link recovered Anger and was warped back to Hyrule, but this was not meant to happen so a curse was put on Hyrule. When link defeated the curse he was sent to Alcania and recovered Greed. Now, in the land of Oral he has to go on his last quest and recover Insanity. In a world full of sick and twisted humor, can Link finally free himself from a never-ending BAD HAIR DAY?

Game Information:
Same gameplay as The Legend of Zelda for NES!
Nine all new temples! 2 created by some of ZC best Quest Makers: Dark Dude and Plith.
New Tileset based on Classic Zelda and GameBoy Zelda!
Disturbing animated tiles
Contains Mature Languge and highly sexual refrences!
Rated M borderline AO

Level Names:
Level 1: Mario's Pad
Level 2: Gay Pokemon World
Level 3: Dark Dude's Domian
Level 4: JJmaxx's Tree Stump
Level 5: The Goron's Dick
Level 6: Club 69
Level 7: The "Cum" Puddle
Level 8: Plith's School House
Level 9: TEH LAsT LVEL!!!!!11

Screen Shots:
Deku Scrubs!New Tile Colors!Ohh its Rainingthe Title Screenthe start screenthe magic shopWanker Leeversbutt f---ers
Download Zelda Classic here

This is it, the quest every ZC fan has waited for. It uses many of the new features that ZC 1.92 has to offer. Features like the new Magic System, new enimies, animated tiles, and layer effects! It is truly a masterpice. LBHD4 has an almost perfect blend of humor and difficulty, it uses the entire OW map and has some of the coolest levels know to ZC.

Link, Zelda, Ganon, and anything related is a copyright () of Nintendo. Zelda Classic is copyright () of Armageddon Games. I am not affiliated with Nintendo nor Zelda Classic. Shield art, and the title "Link's Bad Hair Day" are trademarks of PerfectGREG. All screen shots on this site are property of PerfectGREG. Thanks to Spencer for making my site look so great.

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