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The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Bad Hair Day 3
Created by PerfectGREG


Game Information:
Same gameplay as The Legend of Zelda for NES!
Nine all new temples!
More puzzles and traps!
New items too obscene to mention
Contains Mature Languge and highly sexual refrences! (makes the game MAD funny)
Rated M borderline A

Screen Shots:

Link's Bad Hair Day Comics:
Link's Bad Hair Day Comic part 1
Link's Bad Hair Day Comic part 2
Link's Bad Hair Day Comic part 3
Link's Bad Hair Day Comic part 4
Link's Bad Hair Day Comic part 5

Download Zelda Classic here
Download Link's Bad Hair Day 3 here (You need Zelda Classic to Play it)
Link's Bad hair Day intro movie

Thats right the 3rd LBHD quest is on its way. This one is even more ofensive then the first. The story is: Once Link returned to his human form after defeating the curse on Hyrule, Link was transpoted to another parallel dimension. You see theres more to the legend of the Triforce: When the 3 Godesess created the world they left behind 2 Triforces! The first one is the one that grants wishes to kind hearted people. The 2nd one was left in the parallel dimensions. If it beocame broken the parallel dimensions would beocome out of line. The people in them would beocome curupt. When Link acidentaly warped to Malonia he broke the 2nd Triforce apart. He restored the Triforce of Anger but there were still 2 more: The Triforce of Insanity and an unkown Triforce. The land Link is in now contains the Trifroce of Insanity. Unforutantly It was shattered into 8 pieces and each piece hidden in a Temple. Link must put it back together to restore peace to the unkown world he is in. Can he do it? Its all up to you in the most Insane Zelda Classic Quest EVER!


Link, Zelda, Ganon, and anything related is a copyright () of Nintendo. Zelda Classic is copyright () of Armageddon Games. I am not affiliated with Nintendo nor Zelda Classic. Shield art, and the title "Link's Bad Hair Day" are trademarks of PerfectGREG. All screen shots on this site are property of PerfectGREG. Thanks to Spencer for making my site look so great.

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