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The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask ZC
Created by PerfectGREG
Quest of the Week Winner

Game Information:
Same gameplay as The Legend of Zelda for NES!
Based on Majora's Mask for N64
Play through 4 Temples with over 5 mini Temples!
New Items (Like blue tunic and Zora Mask)
New Boss: Odolwa's Mask!
36 HC pieces!

Screen Shots:
Over World Map of Termina

Download Zelda Classic here
Download Majora's Mask ZC HERE

I attempted to "port" Majora's Mask to Zelda Classic! It has all the areas in the same place. So if you know were to find the Zora Mask in MM you can find it in the same place for MM zc! The story is the same as the N64 version. Keep in mind due to lack of features in ZC there is no Transformations, Moon, Time, or as many characters. I included the Bombers and the Happy Mask Man. Along with Dekus and the old hags! This is the coolest quest I have done yet!

MM ZC is complete!

Link, Zelda, Ganon, and anything related is a copyright () of Nintendo. Zelda Classic is copyright () of Armageddon Games. I am not affiliated with Nintendo nor Zelda Classic. Shield art is a trademark of PerfectGREG. All screen shots on this site are property of PerfectGREG. Thanks to Spencer for making my site look so great.

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