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The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Bad Hair Day 2: Morning Wood
Created by PerfectGREG


Game Information:
Same gameplay as The Legend of Zelda for NES!
Uses the original temples from LOZ!
Play as Deku Link!
Links Wackiest adventure yet!
New characters like: Halon and Falon, and Sam the Subrosian!
Includes new items like Perfect DARK and the NES controller!
Rated T

Screen Shots:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Map of Hyrule and inventory screen
Official Art, by PerfectGREG

Link's Bad Hair Day Comics:
Link's Bad Hair Day Comic part 1
Link's Bad Hair Day Comic part 2
Link's Bad Hair Day Comic part 3
Link's Bad Hair Day Comic part 4
Link's Bad Hair Day Comic part 5

Download Zelda Classic here
CLICK HERE to download LBHD2: Morning Wood!

Link's Bad Hair Day 2: Morning Wood, is the 2nd chapter of Link's potty mouthed adventure. Created with ZQUEST version 1.9 from The story is: After Link defated Gavin in Malonia he was transported back to Hyrule...unfortunatly he was returned as a Deku Scrub. Not only that but most of the evil in Malonia came with him putting a curse on Hyrule. Link must now collect 8 power orbs, which will strenghten Link so he can defeat the evil that has polluted Hyrule. Along the way he meets Halon and Falon, Malon and Ingo's cousins. They help him out as much as they can. Link must Tred across the five new landsacpes of Hyrule: Octorok Forest, Tektite Mountain, Molblin Plain, Leever Sea, and Darknut Kingdom. Can Link save Hyrule as a Deku Scrub? It's all up yo you...

Its Finished! I hope you enjoy!

Link, Zelda, Ganon, and anything related is a copyright () of Nintendo. Zelda Classic is copyright () of Armageddon Games. I am not affiliated with Nintendo nor Zelda Classic. Shield art, and the title "Morning Wood" are trademarks of PerfectGREG. All screen shots on this site are property of PerfectGREG. Thanks to Spencer for making my site look so great.

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