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The Legend Of Zelda: Quest Of Fear
Created by PerfectGREG


Game Information:
Same gameplay as The Legend of Zelda for NES!
Modified levels from LoZ!
Game mechanics from Ocarina Of Time!
New Items from Ocarina Of Time! (Like the hammer and the Lens Of Truth)
20 heart container pieces spread across Hyrule!
Link's Awakening Graphics!

Screen Shots:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Map of Hyrule and inventory screen

Download Zelda Classic here
Download Quest Of Fear here (You need Zelda Classic to Play it)

This game is for all the people who didn't like the idea of a Zelda game with lame humor. It uses Zelda Classics latest version (1.90), so it has LA/LttP Graphics, new items and more! The story is: Right after Links adventure in Termina he came back to Hyrule to find out something terrible had happened. Inside the sacred realm Ganondwarf created a mirror image of himself that was able to penetrate the seal between realms. He did this because he new more about the triforce then any other person in the land...there was a fourth piece! This middle piece of the sacred relic was know as the triforce of fear. Legend tells if the entire triforce is together then whoever touches it will have there wishes come true. Until this moment the entire triforce was never together so it always had a negative side affect. Zelda learned about Ganondwarfs plan, so she hunted down the fourth piece, shattered it into 8 pieces and spread them out into 8 temples. Ganondwarf was filled with rage so he sent his shadow image to capture her. It is Links heroic duty to put the mysterious triforce of fear back together, defeat Shadow Ganon and save princess Zelda...

The game is complete!

Link, Zelda, Ganon, and anything related is a copyright () of Nintendo. Zelda Classic is copyright () of Armageddon Games. I am not affiliated with Nintendo nor Zelda Classic. Shield art, and the title "Quest of Fear" are trademarks of PerfectGREG. All screen shots on this site are property of PerfectGREG. Thanks to Spencer for making my site look so great.

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