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The HellBringers Guild
Chapter II Nightfallen

Good afternoon all, First and for most i would like to welcome all new members into the ranks of the Might HellBringers Guild. All of you that are veteran ThB'ers know the value of our brotherhood, and you all know the price for glory.

Let me explain just what the HellBringers stand for.ThB was founded with one objective. To serve and protect all forms of life, serving together as brothers knowing only then will we remain free, free from opression, free from slavery and free from tiranical laws. On this not the HellBringers have come back badder then ever once again taking the oath to kick ass and party hard.
"United we will stand and devided we shall fall."

Its good to see you all again, ive been gone from the realm for some time now, But alas Dalton Creed is home to retake the throne of Alenstad and as your friend.
Alot has changed since my return, myself and a few other members and council members have altered the guild design , and format as well as built a hole new forum "Realm of Alenstad".I invite you all to visit the halls and archives of our realm to learn more about it.

OOC opening statement

Good morning kiddies. Alrite the forum is still under a little bit of construction as we add some of the new additions to it, But all and all its up and running and bigger then most forums in the realm. So bare with the forum if its loading slow its only because we are working on it at that time. We just added the Enhancer registration and creation page as well as the Clan Lit Blacksmiths weapon and enhancer store to the forum, so feel free to poke around and see if you can find a weapon suitable for you, if not there is a custom enhancer order form on the bottom for you to make your own weapon design.
Email me if you have any questions.

Well let the games begin. I am going to be setting up a tournament of games within the next week, the dates and times of the tournament will be sent at a later date, if you are interested in joining in the tourny RSVP to XVvi Diablo ivVX and let him know you want to enter the brawl. The Grand prize is 5,000 gp.
Second prize-2,500 gp
Plus any additional exp earned from the fight.


This shoud be simple to explain, we are hosting a recruiting permotion. Anyone may participate, We are just rebuilding the ThB so our roster number is very low compared to normal, so everyone get out their and recruit somone. Ill award bonus 500 gp ( and 100 exp ) for each member you recruit into the ThB.

Winner of this weeks Recruiting contest goes to I jaded mind I for recruiting 9 members, Jaded mind won 2,000 bonus GP for recruiting
Second prize winner goes to I Lukemcbeth I for recruiting 5 members,Luke McBeth won 1,000 bonus GP for recruiting

We are hosting yet another recruiting contest this week and of the same calibur so get out there and bring in those peeps

The HellBringers Guild Roster

The roster will be posted on the ThB web site on the "Members Area" page every two weeks along with a new news letter, make sure to check the roster every week and make sure your dice are in order along with your name listed. If by chance theirs a mistake email me rite away so tha i can make the correction.
The Rank system has also changed tremedously to better fit the new command,Alot of big positions are open and will remain open until myself and the Royal council selects those dedicated members who we know will do there part in the guild work.The pay is good
and with many hands the work will be light.

Although our numbers are low rite now , keep in mind and in good spirits that one man deffending his home, will always be stronger then ten mounted knights.Each week our numbers will double, until once again the HellBringers have reached the top, not only in numbers but also in morale and in the eyes of our peers.

How to get into the members area on the HellBringers Web page

The HellBringers

Alrite members and members only of the HellBringers Guildare given a password to get into the ThB members area. In the members area the news letter will be posted bi weekly for you to view along with the HellBringersd guild news letter and new guild information.Below is the passwords and user names to enter. Make sure you type them in lower case only and do not give them to anyone.I really could give a rats arse if anyone else seen our list of names but its the honor and loyalty in the principle if you give it to somone else, thats betrayel.
Username: thb1
Password: griffin
This page goes to Rosta part 1

Username: thb2
Password: pheonix
This page goes to Rosta part2

Username: thb3
Password: rampet
This page goes to News letter

This news letter
This news letter is accepting posts from guild members, every week i will post a letter from a new guild member that wishes to make an announcment or advertisment of some sort, so if you are interested please write an email to IiDaltoniI subject must be marked "News letter".
Also, im going to post poems in the news letter, every week the best written poem will recieve 2,500 gp as a prize. So get writing ::winks::..

This weeks new member Post.

My name is Jasper Nitewing...
Some of you may know the Nitewing Family...
(I ask for you to not hold anything against my char because of past problems caused by another member of the clan)
My nickname is rather strange but unique to my personality...
It is "Whitey"...
Some people think I am a good artist...Some people think Im not...
But as a token of my apperciation in being excepted into The Hellbringers I drew this...

Poets Cornor.
Nobody submitted a poem this week ::blinks and chuckles:: so umm... ::tosses a missive off his personal this i guess.. heh

Some Called him a Legend....

Others a myth

Some a nightmare that haunted there sleep

Most thought him a hero

But all know him as the Big Bad Wolf


In closing i wish you all safe journys and happy eve's, peace be with you all.
Just remember if you ever need me ... Drop me a line and ill be there.

King of Alenstad
GC of ThB
Creater of RoA forum

Dalton "Wolf" Creed

Dalton Creed

(Disclaimer...The HellBringers Guild and the realms of Alenstad along with its afiliates I.e. Ii Dalton iI and the division commanders of ThB are not responsable for any damages or losses. By applying for membership and accepting membership into the ThB and RoA you understood that you would be placed on the ThB mailing list to recieve game / RP mail. If at anytime you wish to be removed from this string and RP please contact me Ii Dalton and let me know.)