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Bank Of Alenstad

The bank of alenstad was established to help better manage our money.It has all of the same fun festures as most banks like. Free checking free savings.. credit debit cards ATM's all over the realm of Alenstad.
Its totaly free and totaly safe. Why keep your gold where just anyone can have at it when you can put it in the Bank of Alenstad.

Account numbers

Each new account will recieve an account number that you must keep saved in order to retrieve any gold from your account.So dont lose it.When withdrawling or depositing funds make sure you enter the correct dollar ammount and the correct account number this way it can be kept filled on our system for audits.

Checking Account

Checking accounts must be booked carfully by you, you are responsable for keeping track of your own funds and accounts. we will hold all transactions on back up but there will be a fee for us to release any of this information to you , if infact you lose your transactions.In the RoA any account will recieve a 4% interest rate every month.If you overdraw your account there will be a 200 gp fee for each overdraft.

Opening a new account

To open a new account whether is for you personaly, your buisiness or your guild, email ii Dalton for more details. He will get you set up and started on your way to free banking in Alenstad.


Enter Account users name:

Enter Account number:


Click your selection


Your transaction has been recieved..thank you and have a nice day...

(Disclaimer...remember this is not real, this is only a Role playing game, so dont screw around by sending me real bank info lol .. )