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Chapter II NightFallen

The Mighty HellBringers Guild (ThB) of Alenstad
Realms of Alenstad Forum

Guild Commander ~ Ii Dalton iI
Second in Command~Bethanna2
Third in Command ~Belegdaug
First Knight of Alenstad~ I Luke McBeth I
Lord Commander at Arms~Riggs Devlyn

Alignment: Light
(but first guild Grand opening was 7 years ago)


Your Guild/Clan/Family Name:
Guild Acronym:
Guild Commander:
Second in Command:
Third in Command:
Member Count:

During this alliance, each; ThB & ____ will adhere to the rules and stature of discipline and friendship.. Even in the event of a MockWar with agreed upon terms by both ThB & ___ and will do so in an orderly fashion..
Weekly updates will be submitted to and from ThB & ___ showing accurate, up to date and current information.. This is not saying that a roster must be sent.. But the same information that has been presented for this alliance..
Guild leaders and members of ThB & ___ will honor the terms of alliance.. At no time will either commit treason against the other..
Guild Commanders must take responsibility for the actions of it's members and take any action necessary to discipline them.. When "relaxing" in an allies establishment, the visiting guild is to be on best behavior..
If at any time ThB or ___ would like for the alliance to be "null and void" a simple letter stating so is all that is necessary..
If at any time there is a war involving ThB or ___ it is up to the leaders of the other to decide if they would like to step in and assist.. IF ThB or ___ either one decides against "assisting" neither will be viewed as an act of treason, war, or neglect, but merely as it not being good for that guild.. However, if ThB or ___ deem it appropriate, they will not "step in" and take over, but merely stand by and wait till called upon, and then assist as asked to do so..

Vow of Alliance

I, (GC name), Guild Commander of (Your guild name), hereby swear to an alliance with the members of ThB.

(Your Name and your screen name sign here)

I, Dalton "Wolf" Creed (ThB), Guild Commander of The HellBringers Guild (ThB), hereby swear to an alliance with the members of __________ (____).