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This is a Guild founded on a vow...
A vow condemning those that follow it
The vow to fight
To fight against evil

Darkness dwells all around us
You cannot have light without dark
The battle between good and evil
Light and darkness
Lives on
.. a never ending war..

A side must be chosen
For it is your time to chose your side

The HellBringers Guild was founded seven mun years ago. The HellBringers were formed on a single vow. To protect and honor one another, to unite together under the banner of light and fight against evil. To protect innocence and with this vow.. In serving one another.. all mankind would remain free.
ThB has lived strong at the top of the ladder in honor respect and tradition in the eyes of fellow guilds as well as our peers. We pride ourselves on our skill in battle but as well as our traditional closing of the local taverns.

ThB has seen eleven wars and has fought many minor battles to protect others. We are currently under a large alliance.The NightFallen alliance has allied twenty-eight guilds and six forums. This alliance gives us the flexibility to protect one another as well as lend a helping hand to those in need.
Our military stats are like no other, ranking the highest in combative unit performance then any other known. Our assassins endure the highest training academy to date. Our knights train day and night to uphold the honor they have achieved in battle.

Although we are one hell of a military force to be recorded with.. That is only the outside of the HellBringers Guild. The heart of ThB is in all of us. The Kingdom The HellBringers dwell upon, is the Kingdom of Alenstad. Alenstad spans miles and miles of green grass, thick forest and deep blue lakes and rivers for as far as the eye can see.
The possibilities are endless.. I invite you to wander our halls and see for yourself, Just what being a HellBringer means.
//The Guild The HellBringers //The Forum Realm of Alenstad //

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Loyalty is the bond between people. The bond in which we as a family take very seriously. Each member willing to give their life in service and to protect one another as well as the innocence of light.

Define Loyalty in your words:

Honor is only as strong as the man. Not in physical form but in spiritual form. There is nothing more valuable in a person then his honor, without honor you are nothing.

Define Honor in your words:

With each member recruited into our family, a new brick is added to the foundation of our mighty kingdom. It is important to us that we know how you heard of us and who recruited you so that we can recognize and honor your recruiter for a job well done. After all, Your membership reflects upon him.

How did you hear about the HellBrigers?
Who recruited you?

"Brother to Brother, Yours in life and Death"

Define the following:


Roll dice string 4d20

Each new member is asked to take a vow. A vow to God and the kingdom. This vow is the heart of the HellBringers guild, its the code of honor that we fight, bleed and die for. Without it we are no different from any other guild.
Most guilds are built for one of two reasons. One reason is they have a GC that has a big mouth and needs its members to hide behind and fight the battles for him. The second reason a GC who is blood thirsty and thrives on making others suffer so he picks on those weaker then him using his guild as his sword and shield.
And then their is the HellBringers, their are very few guilds like it. We are united on the vow to protect others in need, whether they are members or not, it doesnt matter, Without innocense darkness will fall over all mankind.
Our society is based on only honor and loyalty, yet we still pay higher gold to members then most guilds do because of the risk some of our divisions take.The choice is yours, I will never ask you to do something i wouldnt do myself.

The Vow

Honor those who honor you, Be loyal to the kingdom and its members, treat others the way that they treat you. Always protect those in need,Never turn your back on your brother, Never spill blood in vein and Always do whats rite and good and true for all mankind.With this vow and in Serviing eachother we will become free.

Sign Your name here if you accept this Vow

Legions of The HellBringers Guild

Legion of Valanice-() The Legion of Valanice was the first of the Kings armies, Tradition honor, glorry and fame.. formed by the history of these brave Knights of the Legion of Valanice.
-All new applicants must first be squires to a Knight, learning the arts of chivalry and the ways of the Knights, until they are deamed ready to be knighted.

Legion of Ra'Keep-() The Legion of Ra'Keep.. first a battalion in the Queen of Rhy'Dins armies.. were once responsable for protecting the honor of the royal family and the safety of the Kingdom.After the fall of Rhy'dins royal court the Legion of Ra'Keep deffected to Alenstad to fight a new battle.
-This is the Body gaurds of ThB, new applicants are required to be tested by the legion commander on BG skills and abilities before recieving registration numbers.

Legion of Torladis-() Torladis, once a small farm village in the west planes of Alenstad, has now grown to become the great warrior city of the west planes since the colliseum was built. Torladis has turned out the finest of warriors and adventurers.Warriors of great power and glory seeking adventurers bear this banner boldly.
-The warriors of ThB, new applicants serve a 30 day period as prodigy's to a master warrior until they are trained. then after 30 days they recieve registeration and tittle if they are found to be worthy of such an honor by there master warrior.

Legion of Arborlon-() The Wizzards of Arborlon, the dark mystic robed mages of the lands, gsthering knowledge and power with words and foresight have gathered under this banner, to unite together to battle the evils and unjust of the lands as one.
-The wizards and Mages of ThB,All wizards and mages will be tested by the legion commander to recieve there registeration.

Legion of Ra'Chette-() Ra'Chette the home of the great holy wars of Alenstad, with a new found peace Ra'chette continues its dutties to god and too man training and turning on the realms best andmost respected regligious leaders and displayer of religious relics and arts of healing.
-All new priests and healers must work through the legion commander of Ra'Chette to recieve there reg#'s. No priest or healer is legal to heal or rezz or perform any other dutties until they recieve that reg#.

Legion of DavinTrea-()-The Legion of Davintrea dwells in the county of Davintrea within the kingdom of Alenstad, Davintrea is the military training grounds for the realms best assassins. Training in wits speed and puncture as well as the silent stalking of prey these assassins are graduates of the Valor accademy.
-The assassins of ThB, highly trained assassins will recieve reg#'s when the legion commander and the master assassin deems that the new assassin is ready willing and knowledgable.

"In Serving Each other we will become free"

After Choosing the division you would like to be a member of,
please send this application to
I Dalton CreedI for aproval.
Thank you fer your time and safe journeys.

I Dalton Creed I