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~The Senate of the HellBringers~

The Recruiting Council

Senator of New members-(MandaAngei ) This senator will be in charge of not only assisting in recruiting but also to do back ground checks on applicants and profile checks as well as to set up meetings with applicants and then either accept or denie the applicant membership into the HellBringers Guild.
-If they chose to accept the member they must send the applicant an acceptance letter and then send the applicants screen name, legion they wish to apply for as well as any other vital information to the GC of ThB and the Dice master sothat the applicant may be placed amongst the ranks.

Guild Recruiter-(CAL2288)-)Guild recruiters are payed heavily to recruit new members. good members that will prove to be profitable not only to the guild, but that the guild will help as well.

Foreign Affairs Council

Senator of Alliances-(Open) This senator will be in-charge of all ThB Alliances. to Insure that the allies recieve updated data from the ThB on member count and status as well as the ThB recieves updated intformation on the allies.And to assist in preparring allied functions and activities.. to share and share alike.

Senator of War-( RiggsDevlyn)The senator of war is in charge of insuring peace and safety in ThB to all members. But in the case of War the senator of war will creat the decleration of war and form a council of advisors to assist him in commanding the Ranks of ThB in battle as delagated from the King.
If it is found that a member of ThB or group of members are being harrassed threatend or attacked from forgien guilds or people. the Senator of war will bring the issue to the GC and action will be taken from his office.

Administration Council

Senator of the People-(PhoenixMW033) This senator will be in charge of over seeing all memebers of the Guild, if they should have a complaint. Be it from their Legion Commander or of something else. They may direct the problem to this senator for resolution and direction.

Guild Registerer-(XxChaseCreedxX)The registerer will recieve Registeration requests from legion commanders when the legion commander feels that the member has been trained propperly and is ready to be legaly registered in that field. Then the register sends the member , the legion commander and the King a letter with the new reg# for that member, the registerer is also required to keep a roster/log of members and reg#'s that have been issued.

Dice Master-(Bethanna2)The dice master is in charge if scorring spar logs and other battle logs, validating them and sending xp voucher reciepts back to the member who sent them the log. Then the dice master must send a master log for that week to the Master of Archives to place the updates on the roster.

Master of Archives-(Adriannare) The Master of Archives is in charge of the roster, To remove or add members as need be as well as update the xp to current members as he/she recieves the master log from the dice master weekly.

Guild Auditors-(XDahliax247)Guild auditors will recieve a list of members who are ready to be audited weekly from the King of ThB, upon recieving this list the auditor must write a letter to the member explaining how the audit works and what he/she needs to do. then the auditor will audit/score. all the logs and reciepts for that member and send the validation of the finnal score to the King and the Master of archives as well as the memberwho was audited so that the apropriate changes can be made if any are needed.

The Guild Scribe-(Open) Writers and editors for the HellBringers Guild news letter. someone who doesnt mind get there hands dirty and doing some investigating and reporting.Will be required to write and turn out a news letter every two weeks.

Internal Affairs Council

Senator of Training
-(Open) The senator of training main job is to insure that All new members are contacted imediatly by him personaly and to insure that they are trained in the field they have chosen to work in so that they may recieve there registeration.
The trainor will recieve a list of new members weekly from the king so that he/she may get right to work.

Senator of Guild avtivities
-(ACureforBordom)The senator of guild activities is required to write a column in the guild news letter. and to permote guild activity by either making contests or meetings or by creating games or tournaments for members to compete and participate in.This must be done on a Bi-weekly basis.

Senator of Transitions-( Honey LeeRose)-The senator of Transitions will recieve a list from the GC weekly that displays all of ThB's new members. the senator will then contact the Legion commander for each new member and introduce the legion command to the new member, he will also assist in making sure the new member settles in with everything he/she needs.

Legion Commanders-Legion commanders. are responsable for the actions of all members in there legion. they are to assist in training them and helping them earn xp by permoting guild activities, by calling together legion meetings and also by requesting reg#'s from the guild registerer when they feel the member is ready.Legion commanders will recieve a list of new members in there division weekly from the king, they then must contact each new member and help them settle in.

Legions of The HellBringers Guild

Legion of Valanice-( SirWolfieofMyrrh) The Legion of Valanice was the first of the Kings armies, Tradition honor, glorry and fame.. formed by the history of these brave Knights of the Legion of Valanice.
-All new applicants must first be squires to a Knight, learning the arts of chivalry and the ways of the Knights, until they are deamed ready to be knighted.

Legion of Ra'Keep-(Rumor VonKrieg ) The Legion of Ra'Keep.. first a battalion in the Queen of Rhy'Dins armies.. were once responsable for protecting the honor of the royal family and the safety of the Kingdom.After the fall of Rhy'dins royal court the Legion of Ra'Keep deffected to Alenstad to fight a new battle.
-This is the Body gaurds of ThB, new applicants are required to be tested by the legion commander on BG skills and abilities before recieving registration numbers.

Legion of Torladis-(ShondaMonroe) Torladis, once a small farm village in the west planes of Alenstad, has now grown to become the great warrior city of the west planes since the colliseum was built. Torladis has turned out the finest of warriors and adventurers.Warriors of great power and glory seeking adventurers bear this banner boldly.
-The warriors of ThB, new applicants serve a 30 day period as prodigy's to a master warrior until they are trained. then after 30 days they recieve registeration and tittle if they are found to be worthy of such an honor by there master warrior.

Legion of Arborlon-( PhoenixMW033) The Wizzards of Arborlon, the dark mystic robed mages of the lands, gsthering knowledge and power with words and foresight have gathered under this banner, to unite together to battle the evils and unjust of the lands as one.
-The wizards and Mages of ThB,All wizards and mages will be tested by the legion commander to recieve there registeration.

Legion of Ra'Chette-( Bethanna2 ) Ra'Chette the home of the great holy wars of Alenstad, with a new found peace Ra'chette continues its dutties to god and too man training and turning on the realms best andmost respected regligious leaders and displayer of religious relics and arts of healing.
-All new priests and healers must work through the legion commander of Ra'Chette to recieve there reg#'s. No priest or healer is legal to heal or rezz or perform any other dutties until they recieve that reg#.

Legion of DavinTrea-( TyraBVonkrieg )-The Legion of Davintrea dwells in the county of Davintrea within the kingdom of Alenstad, Davintrea is the military training grounds for the realms best assassins. Training in wits speed and puncture as well as the silent stalking of prey these assassins are graduates of the Valor accademy.
-The assassins of ThB, highly trained assassins will recieve reg#'s when the legion commander and the master assassin deems that the new assassin is ready willing and knowledgable.