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PSX-PC: Combining PC and Playstation Tips

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Welcome to PSX-PC. This site has been slightly revamped to harbor some Windows tips and techniques I and many close computer individuals have slelected that are the easiest to remedy. I will add webpages where you are able to downloaded referenced items i have suggested to help and tips along the way to keep your PC running smoothly. The original PSX-XP material will still be running in the background to expose my knowledge of games. Hence, I have renamed the site to fit both worlds: PSX-PC.

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You may also sign my guestbook and leave any suggestions or questions that you may have. If they are relevent enough I will add them to the site.

*PSX-PC News*

The new layout seems to be in working order. It is more organized and spaced out as you can tell. From this new perspective I will add the following:
  • Windows Tips
  • Help Software Resources
  • Avatar Page
  • GIF and JPEG Image Gallery
  • Websites of Major Companies that Make games/hardware

  • Email: