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NOTE TO PARENTS: You are responsable for the content your children view so do not come after us. I will delete all Guest book entries with Flames/Hate mail I will as well Delete all E-mails containing the same stuff. I'm sorry if I sound crude but in all truth I just want to have a place where Furries, Humans, Dragons, Birds, Gryphons and everyone gets along, REGUARDLESS of Sex, Color or Religion.(Sorry Kids due to U.S.A. Laws and my own personal Ethics I can't let you into this Utopia)

UPDATE: 5/31/03*Sighs* Sorry it's been SO long since I had an update, but unfortunitly School and work jumped into RL Life, but there's a new story in the MFF section. Roxy & Allester Part 2, and Daddy and Daughter in the incest section

Stars to thy love,
Allester Elishia Darkflame

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Furry Story Submisions:If you have a story you'd like to submit, E-mail it to me at Allester E. Darkflame I'll read it over and if I like what I see I'll add it on and give you notice.

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