SilverFox & Keantha- Rommance

Silver & Keantha: Romantic Encounters

Through the night sky, the moon blazes across the sky with a brilliant silvery glow. The dew on his jet black fur dripped slowly off his nude body. A large buck in the distance, feeding in the grass. The feel of the hunt brought out the built up carnal urges inside of him, the muscles of his shoulders flexed as he started to move. A sudden jump of movement blazes out the corner of his eye as another figure tackles the buck sinking her fangs into its neck, a wicked grin on her furry face.

He sits on his haunches laughing at her "Keantha me love, you must learn patience." He speaks watching her drink the buck's blood slowly quenching her thirst and hunger. Her lips remove themselves from the neck of the buck and her rough long tongue flicks out cleaning her lips. "I was starving Silver." Keantha looked at him pouting and nudging the kill towards him.

Silver just sat there looking at the dead buck and smirked then suddenly pounces her and locks his lips around hers, rubbing his rough tongue along hers softly. Her breath was caught in the sudden jump, but came back to her just as suddenly as her eyes closed tightly and her paws moved up his sides her tongue moving back along his as she returns the kiss he so affectionately placed onto her.

Slowly his lips parted with hers moving down along her neck down to her supple breast, gently cupping each in his paws, the pads on the palms of his paws rubbing over her nipples as his lips passed over the center of her breast. His hot breath blowing over her sweat covered fur, sending shivers through her body. Slowly his paws follow his lips, caressing the soft areas his lips kiss. She didn't realize her body was shaking with want and need.

As his lips softly felt the warmth of her sex, he turned moving down the sides of her inners thighs. He could hear her growling at him for dodging her pleasure, but allowed him to tease her. Her tail was wagging frantically wanting to feel his lips on hers, his tongue rubbing against her insides. Her body was crunched and complaining wanting him inside of her. His tongue was working loops and lines through her fur leaving trails of moist saliva on her legs.

She couldn't handle it anymore and she felt her legs spreading on their own, her scent erupting from her moist fur hitting his sensitive nose. Instantly his lips where sucking on one of hers, a gasp from her mouth echoed at the sudden shift of his body. His tongue began simply by licking between her wet lips rubbing right over her pussy's center. Slowly his tongue began to work its way inside of her hole gently massaging her inner muscles opening her body to his tongue.

His fingers softly glided along her exposed lips stroking her erect clit softly, ignoring her plea's for him to stop teasing her. He simply continued to lap at her juices, probing her insides slowly driving her nuts and enjoying how her body just writhed in pleasure. Suddenly movement from a nearby bush echoed through their ears and they where up. Keantha pressed closely behind Silver as he watched the bush.

Two elves emerged from the bush, their eyes looking at them warily. Silver growled at them harshly "What the hell do you two want?" he said, a spell ready simply because he hated elves. "King Riverleaf wishes to see the bitch named Keantha." One spoke and was promptly butchered by Razor edge spell. The other elf looked on horrified and turned to Silver shaking clearly afraid "H...He...He seek...seeks...Lady Keantha..." the elf managed to stutter out.

Keantha slowly emerged from behind Silver covering her nude body with her tail and hands. He skin soft and milky, her hair was loss wan flowing around her shoulders. Silver turned and held her close kissing her cheek with his wet nose and lips. Clothing now covering her body. A sleek light blue dress covering her figure softly. Slowly she walked with the elf that was still terrified of her and Silver walking a good distance from her. As the vanished from a gateway spell, he turned looking at the buck and summoned Tara to finish off the kill and turned walking away.

Keantha sat up in her room still bothered that she didn't have what she wanted from Silver. All the king wanted was a pleasure slave for hisguest. She felt disgusted and just wanted to be back in the forest with Silver feeling him on top of her and inside of her, the warmth of his body feeding her urges of lust and love for him. A knock on her door signaled that her new 'master' wanted her in bed now.

Slowly she opened the door and screamed backing away at the freshly killed elf. The King standing behind him with a Blade made of an odd black metal pressed against his throat. The adorable ears of Silver perked themselves over the King's shoulders before the black facial fur of Silver popped over his shoulder and smiled at her. Her heart lifted as she could see the King was clearly willing to live with his guest being dead as it was the King's dagger that killed him.

As the king walked off Silver stood there, her eyes opened widely as her lips grind, he was still nude and clearly ready to return to their fun from the forest. But he wasn't entering or even asking to, and it pissed her off too. Then she saw his arm waiting for hers and she smiled taking his arm walking with him to the stables.

A large white Stallion stood waiting for them. She gulped and cringed seeing it was a Unicorn, with wings?! Silver slowly picked her up and put her in the saddle watching her skin be replaced by fur. He mounted behind her and kisses and nibbled her neck nudging the Unicorn in the sides starting a steady trot out of the castle courtyard.

She could feel his paws rubbing against the outer part of her moist lips and inner thighs. She practically ripped the dress from her body and turned in the saddle sitting on his erect length "No fore play this time Dark wolf. Just fuck me." Is all she said before she loosened her grip on his hips letting the trot of the Unicorn Bounce her up and down in his lap.

His lips bite down softly on her nipples and began suckling on the soft bulb of flesh causing a moan to escape her lips as she grinded her hips into his. His large cock sinking noisily inside of her pussy as the wet lips parted for his length. His paws roamed softly over her curved hips and cooed kissing her lips warmly hungrily searching out her tongue to caress. Both of them could feel the head of his cock pushing far inside of her body adding pressure against her womb filling her fully.

The Unicorn was clearly unbothered by this action as Keantha bucked her hips against Silver's, his large cock pushing in and out of her pussy. Her paws where wrapped firmly around the saddles edges giving her the leverage to move up and down in his lap allowing the bouncing motions to push him upwards against her. His nose was buried against her flat belly while his long tongue flicked across the tip of her clit softly as she moaned deeply allowing her impaling to continue.

Her body began convulsing and her hips froze pressing down against his lap grinding her hips into his as her body racked with pleasure. She could feel his cum heating her insides as they shared a strong orgasm with each other. Her chest heaved weakly as she curled up in his arms smiling and teasing his nipples. "I have something to tell you Silver...or should I say Daddy?" she says and suddenly feels the world spin as she lands on Silver's chest under the fainted Dragon.

As the sun rose up over the horizon so did Silver. Keantha was smiling to herself petting the Unicorn's mane. "Did I hear you correctly?" he spoke up shocking the two of them. Keantha smiled and stood up in her nudity and smiled cupping her belly "YOU got me pregnant. And YOU are going to be a father." She said smiling knowing Silver was the father. He just smiled and hugged her tightly "I'm happy for us now." He said and kisses her cheek softly.

As the day passed the found themselves outside of his den cuddled close to her. "So what are we going to do now?" Keantha asked in a quite voice. "I'm going to pay for your freedom, like I've been trying to do the past two years. I think the king is tired of seeing every male trying to take you dead before the step into the door." He grind looking at her as she just smiled licking her lips softly "They where delicious as food though." She whispered chuckling.

~~ The End, for now.

Stars to thy love,
Prince Silverfox Elishia Darkflame

~*Fluffy Wolf*~
~*Dark Phoenix*~
~*Shadow Dragon Prince*~
~*Co-Owner of Silverfox & Flamedra's Dragon Tavern*~

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