Silverfox & Keantha: New Playmate

Silverfox And Keantha New Play Mate

In the early morning, Keantha could hear the birds chirp as she woke up from her night of silence. She was given two months rest after her ordeal with Silverfox, the Shadow dragon. He left pleased with her and her master was thankful for it. She got up slowly and got dressed smiling after washing her face. She walked outside to be greeted with questions from her sisters within the harem. Questions concerning silverfox, what he was like, and was he painful to take. She just smiled at them and walked away not uttering a word about him or any of the pleasant things they had done together. She loved him and she could feel he loved her. He was the first never to smack her, beat her or be utterly cruel to her for doing the smallest thing wrong. She was upset when he had to leave, the Caravan had been fixed and they were on their way back home to the Elven Cities. For now the Caravan was settled, nestled down in a nice clearing in the forest so she walked along the border knowing she'd get in trouble if she left the area. She wanted so badly to run off with Silverfox, her Dark wolf. A twig broke behind her and she turned quickly looking at the ugly mug of one of the guards.

Her fear rose and she screamed out, but nothing escaped her lips. Collecting herself she turned fully around to face him and spoke "It's only been a month. I'm still on cool down. Now leave me be or I'll..." she was cut off by the guard grabbing her by the shoulders and ripping her dress off. She tried screaming but nothing came out. Then the blackness came over her, but she hadn't fainted, no she could feel the limp body of the guard on top of her. Pushing the Guard off her she could make out the figure of a Six-foot tall woman clad in fine plate mail. Glistening in the sun she stood there with fiery red hair and eyes to match. Her sword was drawn covered in the guard's blood and behind the woman stood her master, staring on in disbelief. The woman swiftly plucked up the guard and ducked into the woods sheathing her blade vanishing quickly. Keantha's master walked over throwing a robe at her "Get dressed." He snapped distasted with her. She did as she was told and ran back swiftly to the safety of her tent, knowing no one but her master or another concubine female could enter. She sat down on her bed staring at the Picture of herself and Silverfox painted by the magic he weaved so easily. She smiled slyly remembering the bit of magic he had taught her.

Her smiling faded when she heard the rustling of her tent flap open. A young Elf stood in her doorway, she knew him well. He wasn't very old just turned page, which put him at nine to ten years of age. He looked at her and smiled waving hello "His Lord ship says we are moving again. Pack up your tent and be ready to go by noon today." He spoke then ducked out of the tent. She thought for a moment, thinking of the woman she had seen, tall, masculine and in a way she thought. She was purring without realizing it picturing the female silently. She began taking her tent down and stowed it away in the caravan and then laid against the wheel day dreaming of Silverfox again...

It was early morning when she saw Keantha leave her tent. "The master said she was beautiful, but nothing such as she." She purred out loud to herself, her whiskers twitching a bit of dew from them. She followed Keantha closely paying attention to her every movement smiling at the way Keantha swayed her hips in a manner that made her wet beyond belief. When Keantha stopped so did she. Her paw went quickly between her legs to massage herself pleasantly thinking about what she wanted to do with Keantha. Then she heard Keantha speaking to someone and she thought it was her, and she looked up. Spotting the guard just in time as her dress went flying. She quickly drew her sword and rushed over as the guard pushed her to the ground. She moved silently as all Catwomen do her paws treading lightly across the soft sand. Before the guard knew what hit him her sword flashed an eerie gold light as it cut easily through his throat. She smiled at her handy work then looked at Keantha and realized "I've been seen." Squalling inside for what to do she grabbed the guard and rushed for the safety of the forest knowing no one would follow her. She had to tell her Master, inform him of what had happened.

Then she heard the call go up "MOVING OUT! ALL TENTS PACKED AWAY!" one of the Elves cried out to the encampment. She dropped the load in her arms and rushed to follow Keantha's scent purring loudly at the glimpse of the Werewolf she had seen nude on the ground. She got back to the Camp just as Keantha had lain back against a nearby cart. She knew she couldn't follow them quietly once they got onto the plains. Thinking quickly she remembered, "I'm a catwoman, why not do it the Cat way?" she meowed to herself finding her cat body more fitting. Silently she walked over to Keantha who was asleep in a dream. She nuzzled Keantha's hand purring softly her red fur blazing like the sun. Keantha woke up and smiled at the cat picking her up "My aren't you a beautiful little kitty cat." She cooed. Had her fur not already been red she would have blushed red on the spot for that comment.

Once on the open fields Keantha's time off had run out and she was back into her old dresses waiting to be used as a toy. But ever since the cat had come to her, none of the males wanted anything to do with her and she was confused by it. They reached the Elven cites in a few days after that and she was returned to her rightful master, Lord Galveron. Not to pleased to hear about the run in with Silverfox Keantha was sentenced for "Her" stupidity on letting Silverfox find them and she was beaten on the spot. When the cat was found in Keantha's carriage case, the cat was tossed into a bucket of hot water then tossed into the streets. "Treat me like a common cat will you?!" she hissed at the guards in cat, but they ignored her meow's and hissing. She glared at the gates and set swiftly to mapping out the city. Once she left the gates she made sure to mark her path so she could bring her Master back to the city. Keantha sat in her room silently holding herself closely after her punishment. Her lip ached badly and she wanted so much to feel Silverfox there with her comforting her with his warm fur. She smiled at the thought of him, the way his fur gave off more heat then it should, how his body felt when she was enjoying him in bed. She giggled suddenly remembering the keening sounds he would make before peeking. She loved hearing it, it made her body shake with pleasure, especially in her wolf form. Smiling she decided to pleasure herself for a change and stripped down and lay on her cot her belly facing upward. She started slowly working her fingers over her nipples, placing them gently on top then rubbing them softly pinching them from time to time when they got hard. Slowly she worked her hands down her body, letting her fingers tickle her as she went feeling her juices starting to flow. She felt like peeking right there but held back taking her hands off her body and letting her body rest. After a few minutes she resumed her rubbing, letting her fingers pinch her clit softly, dipping her fingers gingerly inside of herself. She was still sore from her nights with Silverfox. His Elven and a half inches was to much for her to take all at once, even if she wanted to, but she enjoyed feeling him she loved the feel of him. The second her fingers dug deeper she dreamed of him pumping fast and hard into her body.

Her fingers working to fast for her she arched her back moaning as low as possible so she didn't alert anyone. She bucked her hips against her hands smiling after the spasms stopped and began purring to herself wishing he was next to her, she drifted off to sleep silently purring....

The city shook with every stomp he took his massive body covered in jet-black feathers, his eyes Golden circles with red slits in the center. His wings flapped gently in the wind making his size seem even bigger then he was. Silverfox was in a battle rage hearing what happened to Keantha. Three elven cities had been laid to waist in his rage, Men, women, children and even their pets all laid slain in his rage. His message of the elves on his lands obviously did not reach Lord Galveron. Growling loudly he made his way to where Keantha was, following the scent of her bodyguard. Once he reached the city, he remained in his dragon form not caring who saw him; he knew in their minds they were afraid. No army had ever beaten his, let alone him. Lord Galveron showed himself to Silverfox and what seemed to be a political battle, Silverfox had won. Shifting to his Wolf form quickly he was led inside the castle and shown to a room. Lord Galveron ordered Keantha to be scrubbed clean, perfumed and dressed properly. The guards where baffled when they looked in on Keantha, her nude flesh staring up at them and the conversed with themselves on weather to take advantage of her and risk Lord Galveron and Prince Darkflame's rage, or do as they where told...

She heard them talking about her, she was awake, just not moving much. She wondered who had paid Lord Galveron enough money to have her for the night and shuddered at the though "Keep your mind blank Keantha, never let them know you feel it." She told herself, then got up and dressed herself walking to the guards outside her door. They grabbed her quickly and pulled her to a washroom kicking and screaming. Once there she was stripped by ex concubines and pulled into a tub of hot scented water. "Perfume." She remembered the name well. She had smelled it once on a Noble lady who had wanted to 'experiment' with a female. "Why am I being given perfume?" she though out loud and one of the ex concubines muttered simply "Your to be screwed by a very powerful Prince girl." She shivered at the though and remembered these where concubines in her, or they where before they where used too much and left to rot. She shivered again at the thought of being pushed aside and thrown down here with them. All concubines wore white cotton, as it was easy to clean, none of them wanted to end up having to clean satin or silks. But Keantha enjoyed the feel of Satins and silks and wore them because she could. After her rough scrubbing in her bath. She was dressed in a pink satin dress that she despised. A large "V" was cut into the back of the dress and the top of her butt could bee seen at the base. She liked that detail of the dress, she wanted Silverfox to see that part of it too. Again she lost herself smiling in a daydream.

She was lead to a Royal suit and left at the door promptly as it opened. Keantha's eyes grew wide at the site of the fiery red haired female in front of her, completely nude. She blushed softly and walked in when the female made a simple hand gesture. As soon as she was inside, the door shut and was locked inside. Keantha spun around shocked and instead of seeing the female standing there she was staring in to a pair of ice blue eyes set into a black furry face that she could never forget. She left out a sharp squeal and jumped on Silverfox kissing his face rapidly. "You where right Master. She is vocal." purred the female. Keantha blushed and looked at her "And who might you be?" It was Silverfox's turn to blush and he set Keantha down smiling "This is Tara. She's a catwoman." He grins at Keantha showing his teeth "She's a vicious one in bed at that." He cooed. Tara's face molded into a broad grin "So are we going to begin master?" she purred to them both pulling Keantha's dress off of her and catching scent of the perfume promptly sniffled. "What's she talking about Dark wolf?" Keantha spoke slightly frightened "I thought you'd enjoy a sweet treat with me and Tara in bed with you Nessa." His voice was low and purring as his muzzle rubbed against her cheek "Why not slip from that skin dear? Tis a full moon tonight." She did so letting her mind draw away from her body, black fur replaced skin along her back and sides, white fur replaced the flesh under her belly, her ears turning to pointy black tips and her face expanding into a wolfs muzzle.

Purring loudly Tara lay on the bed rubbing her nibbles roughly trying to sooth them. Keantha just smiled at her and climbed up on top of Tara letting her lips lock with her own, both women let out a slight moan at the motion and Keantha set into a rocking motion growling lightly letting the clits be teased by their lips rubbing together, Silverfox side stepped between Tara's spread legs and smoothly placed his head at her hole roughly pushing himself into her pussy every inch sinking deeper inside of her body. Tara's back quickly arched into a hump, her full round breast coming upward her mouth open but no sound escaping her lips. As soon as her body was used to her master she began purring loudly and quickly. As he trusted himself into her body Keantha's body starts to rock in time with his. Tara had no choice but to begin Yowling in pleasure her paws gliding over parts of her body she never thought to touch. Her tail began flicking wildly between her legs and suddenly she just froze her face clenched tightly as her chest heaved quickly as if panting Silverfox could feel her lips soaking his fur as her cum seeped out onto the bed and floor. He could feel his own orgasm coming on and follow in suit at this Tara let out a scream of pleasure and pain as his cum filled her insides burning her tender flesh. Keantha just purred the whole time continuing her rocking motion on top of Tara massaging her own breast pleasantly. Until Tara wiggled from under her dropping her to all fours where Silverfox promptly took hold of her waist and drove his entire shaft straight into her body. Keantha Barked with pain at the intrusion no where near ready nor lose enough for him, but she could feel the pain die quickly as the feel of his fire filled her body, her paws left her breast and braced her on the bed, her nose so close to Tara's drenched lips she licked softly at them tasting her hungrily, then diving in like a savage licking the droplets of Silverfox's cum from Tara's cum eager to hear Tara scream again.

Silver's length pulsed within Keantha and she could feel herself reaching her climax and without thinking shoved her muzzle into Tara's sore body listening to the air escape her lips at the feeling. Keantha let out a low growl then shook violently as her body rocked with her orgasm, her tight muscles milking Silverfox's cock. Continuing to dig himself into her pussy he could feel her wet fur get even wetter as her orgasm tightened her insides around him, a low keening sound finally escaped his lips into her Ear the scent of Tara's wet lips set his own tongue working with Keantha's muzzle as his body gave one final thrust upward into Keantha's warm body, she to tried yelping but instead whimpered knowing the pleasant feeling of his cum. Laying atop each other Tara cleaning Silver and Silver cleaning Keantha. Keantha cleaning Tara each lay there in bliss licking one another's bodies clean till they reached each other's warmth. Each smiling at the other insisted on making the other cum once more....

The End....or... is it?

Stars to thy love,
Prince Silverfox Elishia Darkflame

~*Fluffy Wolf*~
~*Dark Phoenix*~
~*Shadow Dragon Prince*~
~*Keantha's Rightful Mate*~

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