Silverfox & Keantha

Upon a stormy night a fire breaks through the darkness of night and the veil of rain. A camp sits in the middle of a clearing in the forest. In the peaceful scene the light is calm untouched, until the silence is broken by a loud yell "WHO'S COMING HERE?!" the voice of the Elven Lord bellowed loudly. "Lo..Lord Silverfox..sss...sir." a nervous guard spoke allowed at his lords demand. "This can't be happening, WHY my camp? WHY?!" the lord spoke almost uncontrollably with fear. "It's because we.. we're on his land sir." "HIS land? This is Elf land not some over grown half breed dragons." "I, beg to differ M'lord." The new voice was calm and soothing at the same time, deep yet smooth as flesh. Standing 5' tall with Pitch black fur as dark as coal two streaks of white blazed their way through his hair leading from one ear down to his tail. His broad chest heaving in the dull light of the candles, his Blue eyes reflecting the light in an eerie glow. "I, and I alone rule this land. Not elves not humans not you. ME." he looks around his ears pricked for the slightest motion for a blade, and within a split second a guard reaching for a dagger hangs from the wall, a shaft of black arrow glowing with the same eerie glow as his fur, hangs from the elves chest.

"Now M'lord I don't think you where actually TRYING to hurt me." His words spoke coldly with sarcasm. "Please M'lord Silverfox....stay with us awhile.Wha...what brings you here?"The Elf lords words showed his nervous tension and Silverfox could tell as he grinned rows of white sharp tooth shone brightly in his mouth. As he turned to leave his eyes caught something in the shadows, a girl no older then 20 or so years and smiled brightly "Perhaps I will stay, on one condition."

"Anything M'lord." "That female." His paw raised pointing to her, his body reshaped to that of a Human male as not to scare her. "But that is M'lord personal Mlyesta." A guard boasted and ended, as his neck lay snapped in half with the hand of Silverfox on his throat. "Anyone else wish to disagree with my demands?" his eyes scanned the room looking for more volunteers to challenge his authority here. "Good then have a tent set up for me...with the finest Silk and satin you have and have the girl properly dressed for me.ohh and if she is bruised in any way, the one that hurt her will pay with an eternity of torcher. Understood?" his gaze goes to the Lord, "You heard Lord Silverfox, DO IT."


She could hear them talking, about the land, and about her. Her breastheaved from last nights painful beating and silently cried to herself. She knew she was in for a painful night, a 'Dragon' wanted her in his tent. She had heard stories of Dragon's raping fair maidens and killing them if they weren't pleased. Her heart pounded with the thought of her body being ripped open by the size of a dragon's cock, but in a way her lips wet themselves and the pleasure it would intone. Her breast where soft and silky, milk white mixed with peach color, her face clear, not a freckle on it she stood about 4'8"-5' she was wearing a thin blue nightgown getting ready for her night with her master. She clawed at the collar around her neck, its irritating touch made her skin crawl.

Just as her master was ready to bed her, the guards barged in and upset him so much she was punished for the guards stupidity. Sometimes she thought the guards did it on purpose just to see her be hit. She'd heard rumors about this 'Silverfox'. He was known as the conqueror of many Human and Elven cites. Everyone, slaughtered or butchered. Men, women, even children. She also heard the stories of the women who served as his army, the Catwomen. They where supposed to have been summoned from the depths of hell itself by Silverfox. Her heart was racing quickly now, fear building her to a cringing heap, even as the guards stripped her and dressed her in a gown made of fine silk and satin. As she was escorted to her new master's tent she could feel the heat radiating from it, her Emerald eyes caught the light just right as she was shoved through the tent. She could hear the screams of the two guards who shoved her in as a brilliant flash stained the tents outside. "I warned them not to force you." The same voice she heard earlier echoed through her mind and her breast began heaving again from fear. "I.. I... I'm called Keantha." Her voice soft and mellow sweet yet bitter. "I'm your pleasure servant Master." She curtseys politely.

Seeing the distaste on his face she braced herself to be smacked, instead a gentle hand touched her shoulder and brought her to his chest, it was warm and homey almost nothing like the men that had used her before. She heard the sound of purring coming from some place but she saw no cats around and then turned her face to his looking him in his ice blue eyes "You're the one making that sound?" he laughed lightly at her question "Aye tis me. I do more you know." The purring ceased and a light growl replaced it and she screeched loudly stopping the growls. "Something wrong my dear?" Silverfox asked calmly "Nay, nay M'lord." She managed to smile before removing some of her clothing and laying on the bed. At this time she realized he was already undressed and very large, her eyes couldn't shut as he turned and laid on top of her pressing the bulk of his cock against her wet lips. She could feel it coming, the pain, but oddly she felt a wave of pleasure wash over her as his length pushed inside of her body between her lips, her back arched as her body spasmed from her earlier thinking. Keantha heard him chuckling and mumble "Cumming already female?" and chuckled again. She felt his length slid in and out of her body her lips and pussy gripping his thickness tightly sending pleasure through her body. With every thrust of his body her lips let go with a loud moan, deep and vocal, his lips skillfully traced her nipples each one in turn suckling them roughly, then softly.

She could feel the warmth of his body rush over her like an orgasm. Her mind raced with the thoughts of passion and pleasure coming from him, once more with one final thrust she could feel his cock thicken suddenly and her own body spasm in return a scream of pleasure escaping her lips as she felt the steaming liquid enter her body, and it was just that steaming, she could feel it burn her insides but it was so pleasant as if warm water dripping over her flesh but this was different, it hit her so fast and so thickly she could feel his cum dripping out of her burning her flesh. The second his cock was clear of her lips she quickly wiped the cum up with a few swift fingers and licked it from them the same burning sensation filled her mouth. "Keantha....hmmm that's a pretty name." He said smiling at her his fingers running across her shoulders as his lips touched hers, the fire of his passion igniting hers and she wrapped her legs around his waist letting him penetrate her a second time, her lips sticky from her cum and his, allowed him easier passage this time, allowing him to pound her pussy with as much of his might as he could, setting her off like wild fire, till the familiar sensation of fire within her matched her waves of pleasure. As they lay there bathing in the after glow, both their chest heaving from the pleasure she was rewarded with the soft touch of his fingers gliding across her lips, then down her breast across her belly and through her inner thigh. He stopped suddenly and her heart skipped a beat, "I'm dead." She screamed to herself in her head. But instead of being killed he vanished under the sheets and his hot rough tongue stung her wet lips and she let out a scream as his tongue skillfully creased and probed each fold and crevasse of her tender flesh. Her body racked once more with pleasure and her screams where heard again throughout the camp.


"How much do you want for her?" Silverfox demanded of the Lord in his chamber tent. "She's not for sell." The Lord responded coldly. "She's special to me, so she's not for sell. Live with it. There's plenty of bitches running the woods go rape and kill one of them." Silverfox let out a low growl "Are you calling me a common thug?" his voice scornful and lined with fire. "No I'm calling a Dragon with taste." The Lord quickly recovered himself with that complement. "If you want to play that way then get off my land, and take your human with you if you want. But as long as you're on my land she belongs to me. Understood?" Silverfox retorted knowing the Lord wouldn't deny him that right of land ownership "Fine. For the next month she's yours." The Lord growled at the nearest guard and went to the bed instinctively and smacked the pillow, but for once no whimpering scream echoed from it. He then turned on the guard, drew his blade and opened his throat. Content with what rights he was allowed Silverfox left the tent and found Keantha dancing in a circle with some of her friends, a few of the guards dancing with them. He walked over to her picked her up and started dancing with her, smiling as she laid her head against his chest. He knew why she enjoyed touching him, he was warm and he knew it. She was used to cold Elven flesh and now she had the flesh of a warm human on her body and she wanted it. Or so he hoped. "Tonight's a full moon."

She said rolling the word on her lips as if it was a great melody for her. "I have a surprise for you tonight. You'll love it." She said smiling as he grabbed her rear squeezing gently. He smiled at her and gave her a soft kiss enjoying the tang and taste of her lips coated in a new wax women used on their lips to make them more appealing to their males.


Keantha sat in his lap straddling him her legs holding fast to his thighs smiling down at him. "Is this my surprise?" he questioned her. She shook her head no and smiled almost evilly at him opening the tent window. The tent was flooded with moonlight as the full moon shone brightly down on them in a clear night sky. She placed her hands on his chest and closed her eyes, she felt her center of balance change as her tail appeared and fur covered her body her muzzle protruding from her face arched in a smile. When she opened her eyes she saw she was looking at a Black wolf below her and she yelped terrified but his paw held her paw fast keeping her on top of him. "Don't be afraid child. This is my true form.... Well one of them. I have two. I'm half Dragon and half timber wolf. Her heart skipped a beat and she smiled kissing him deeply, but to her surprise she found herself kissing a pillow seconds later. She looked behind herself and saw him staring at her inner thigh "I thought I saw a tattoo on your body last night." She blushed a bit and smiled turning to him "Aye, ye like it." He smiled at her and purred placing her feet on the floor and her paws on the bed and stroked her tail, she let out a moan and a sharp whimper at his touch and he grinned "That pleases you?" he did it again using his tongue to trace the bone within the tail listening to her whimper grow louder. With that he took his position and mounted her, his whole cock sinking into her wet lips the white under belly of her body clashed with the black furred cock digging into her body releasing juices from her body setting her off in sharp yips and barks, as she began to climax she let lose with a long howl and upon the pleasure rippling through her body she turned as if to try and bite at him dropping her body to the bed his cock bouncing thickly in the air above her covered in her sweet nectar. She pulled him close and laid him down on the bed and once again straddled him this time letting his cock penetrate deep into her pussy, feeling the warmth of her body his waist began to pump up wards into her making her arch her back pushing her breast towards him, his paws lightly roaming over them the tips of his claws catching hold of the soft flesh then releasing letting the nipples dangle back into place on her chest. She pushed her thighs tight around his and began to pump upward on his cock then sliding down gently adapting herself to his length and thickness. She could feel his warmth stronger now as if his body was on fire from her passion, the two embraced kissing fiercely as her body pumped up and down along his shaft her cum soaking his fur and her own, and as if on cue, both of them let lose a long loud howl as the tension of her pussy tightening around his cock, and his cock thickening within her pussy set them both off harder as orgasm after orgasm rippled through their bodies, the fire not dieing within either of them." How old are you by chance Lady Keantha? You make love so skillfully that's it's unnatural for a girl to know this much as young as you look."

"I'm 300years old., yourself? I hear your over 5000 years." "Aye that I am, 5, 680 years old." He chuckles and lays her on his chest sighing and purring to her, tracing her back bone with his claw lightly......

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~700 Hundred Years Later~~~~~~~~~~~~~

They meet yet again 300years after enjoying blissful flirting for anther 100years before finally settling down together enjoying each others embrace, some say the fire they make during sex is the fire that burns in each fireplace. Can a Wet Wolfpire quench the fire of a Dragon?

Stars to thy love,
Prince Silverfox Elishia Darkflame
~*Dark Phoenix*~
~*Shadow Dragon Prince*~

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