The Misadventure's of Allester

~The Misadventure's of Allester~
Chapter 3: Roxy's Teaching

Location: Master Bedroom- Upstairs

While the night was young, a storm ragged outside in bright sparkling lights. Every flicker of lightning streaking the sky, caused a jump in the male wolf's dark furred body. Poor Allester, tied to a bed, nude as the day he was born, and carrying a very horny old bat in his lap. The thick ebon meat of his wolfhood burrowed deep into her well stuffed slit, throbing from every pulse of his heartbeat.

Okay, so Allester may have been a big bad wolf, but when it comes to have a fourty-two year old bat tying him down during a storm...even he can get abit frazzled. Roxy stired, waking up and petting her partner between the ears, young, stiff, veral and soon to be a killer bed partner if she could just get him to open up. The sex was good, but it could be better if he would just sit, listen and learn from her experiance.

"Morning..." Allester spoke up, wagging his tail between his spread legs and looking up at Roxy with a panting smile. Roxy just blushed and slowly side his shaft from her warm confines, grunting abit as the knot pops free. That was one of the many things she just couldn't get enough of from Allester, that knot of his, thicker then her legs and stretched her out so wide she couldn't handle holding orgasim's back.

"Mmm, morning ya'self suga'." Roxy stated as she rubber her sore sex, she may love his knot and cock size, but she always ended up sore between her legs for days on end...maybe she should stop sleeping with him nightly? Naaaah! She enjoyed this to much after her long life of celebacey.

She slowly, very slowly, leaned over to untie her wolfish lover. Making sure her sagging breast bumped and pushed against his face and muzzle. She knew very well this got him stiff with ease, but it also made her wet just from his reactions to it. Nuzzling and biting at her breast playfully with those sharp teeth always sent chills down her spin.

"Mmm Thanks Miss Roxy." Allester said, but ended up getting the feel of a swat on his left ass cheek, ellicting a sharp bark from his muzzle.

"I told you, don't call me "miss" Roxy. It's just Roxy shug." Roxy corrected, making sure Allester knew his place. "And when are ya'll gonna start paying attention to me? I been tryin' mah hardest to get ya'll to be so much bettah in bed." she chuckles with a grin.

Roxy's body was as attractive as the day he met her. Her warm chocolate brown fur glistening from sweat after their fun in the middle of the night. Her warm soft breast still sagging from old age and her child rearing days. Her ass nice and plump...dripping abit of cum, funny did they really try anal sex last night??

Slowly turning around to get up, Roxy's nice wet pussy came into the wolf's carniverous gaze, imediately his muzzle was drooling as he eyed her sex. Her pussy was perfect in his eyes, the lips stretched out baddly from the ammount they played together in bed, all her pubic fur bushy and trimmed in a nice confining 'triangle' shape around her groin. Her inner thighs coated in her own pussy necter and his seed. Ahh how he loved her.


Location: Kitchen/Front Room- Downstairs

"So what's for Breakfast?" came Allester's barking question, his body drenched as he moved into the front room, covered only by a blue towle that was specially fluffed just for his fur thickness.

"It's grits, eggs, and steak. Ya'll don't mind if I just have mah usual fruit's do ya?"

"Not at all Mi....Roxy."

"Good boy." came Roxy's smirking grin, those small teeth of her's glittering from a flash of lightning. Her own body covered in a buisness dress blouse with a navy blue vest over it. A broach clasping between her breast to conceal some of her clevage. Her hips sporting only a pair of thin pink floral print panties at the time.

She moved slowly, swaying her hips towards the wet wolf, thankfully for her sensative nose the story of 'smelling like a wet dog' went away during the Great Shift when animals became morphic like Humans. The scent coming from his wet fur was a wonderful lilac and lavender smell that just made her tingle all over.

She set the wolf's food down in front of him, leaning in close to breath his scent in as deeply as she could. But she was stopped, a firm kiss forced against her muzzle, melting her into those big musscled arms of her young lovers chest. Ohh she just couldn't get over that skilled thick canine tongue, especially when it was -between- her legs.

Saddly she had to pull back from him, giving his nose a lingering kiss before she went to the laz-e-boy and picked up her long pleated navy blue skirt. Slipping it around her hips, reaching beyond her knees, then slowly slipping her nylon's up her long voluptious legs. Her shoes where last, simple slippers as animal paws wheren't the same as humans feet.

"I'm sorry dear, but ah Have ta go ta work, take care of the house now." she gave him a wink, licking her muzzle playfully as a 'reminder' of his first job for her. Allester's body just shivered, causing the towle to drop away from his body, his ebon sheath showing off a good deal of his stiff prick. But Roxy was already walking out the door, her hips swaying left and right seductively, she was conservative before she met Allester normally opting just for a casual walk, but now...she just couldn't help but being saucey.


Location: Del'core Hair-salon

"ROXY!!!!!" came a scream that could shatter glass, poor Roxy's ears folded back in pain as she screamed right back "LINDA DON'T DO THAT DAMN IT!" the poor cream colored bunny's own ears pinning themselves down from a high pitched screech. "sorrrry Roxy." was all Linda could reply with before her perkyness came right back.

Linda was still young, roughly thirty seven years old, large 38DD breast that bounced in her tank top with every movement she made or breath she took. Her long ears commonly seen dipped over themselves or pulled back down her hair with a large pink bow. Her belly exposed and flat with a big ass. Soft and plush meant for pushing against like most rabbits had, a pair of tight biking shorts around her hips.

"Linda, why are you here today?"

"I'm getting my hair trimmed."

"WHAT hair?"

Linda just looked at Roxy with a coy grin, pulling her biking shorts down to expose a thick patch of blond fur growing over her groin. Roxy blushed bright red and turned her head "Linda, put that thing away before I rip it all out." Linda giggled and made sure her shorts 'snapped' back into place, groaning thickly at the feel before she pulled herselg into the chair next to Roxy "So why are you hair Bat-Girl?"

"Because I'm getting my fur groomed, that's why."


"Because I AM!" came the angery reply, Roxy never could stand Linda's obsesive questions.

"Why Roxy? Not like you have a husband or boy friend." was Linda's giggling reply, which got her a firm slap across the right cheek "I'll have you know, I have a lover, and it's for him as MUCH as it is for ME. Now be quiet."

"Ohhh that time of Month?"

SMACK!!! The sound alone was enough to get the entire salon turned in Roxy and Linda's direction. Linda staring blankly at Roxy with a shocked look on her muzzle, and a large red welt on her right cheek. By this time one of the workers lead Roxy back to a private room so she could strip and get her fur groomed. Leaving Linda thinking of who Roxy could be dating...


Location: "Play Room" - Second Floor

The room was set up like a class room, ten desk, ten chairs, book shelves, a black board, teachers desk and chair, and of course a teachers favorite thing their spanking stick.

Roxy was in her teacher outfit sitting behind her desk. A simple pastel white button up blouse with frilled sleeves going to her wrist, a cream colored lacey silk bra, a long flowing black pleated skirt with rather conservative white cotton panties...however her panties where just abit to -small- for her, showing off the curves of each of her labia lips, even the deep slit between them.

When she heard the door open, she smiled from her desk, both paws under her chin with a sadistic smirk on her muzzle. Staring at a dumbfounded timber wolf looking around the room, his eyes skiming the area before falling onto his fruit bat. he couldn't make out any of her sexiest features, but in a way...that turned him on more. Just knowing what she looked like nude, and not being able to see her physically nude was allowing his immagination to run wild as he stumbbled into the room.

Allester quickly took a seat at a desk closestest to hers, his long bushy tail wagging behind him hyperly with a wide smile on his muzzle. His tongue hanging out the front of his muzzle, panting heavily while staring at Roxy. "Welcome to Sexual History, Mr. Darkflame." was Roxy's hello to Allester, 'ohh boy Role play!' was Allester's mental thoughts.

Roxy slipped from behind her desk and around to the front of it, leaning her plush rump against the edge of the desk, smiling at her 'student'. "I figgured if you wouldn't pay attention to me in bed during sex, you're going to learn from a "Teacher" got it puppy?"

Allester just blinked at her, his sexual mood going -poof- in a second as he heard the words 'learn'. His eyes slowly lowered over her hips, that's where he noticed his present. Roxy always wore a special perfume that made her smell like a wolf bitch in heat. This time she was wearing it in a more 'literal' sense, the bottle of perfume strapped to her hips by a simple string.

Carefully he stood up, but then quickly sat down at the loud 'crack' and sting on his rump, the spanking stick in Roxy's fingers. "Every time you perform correctly, you get a sniff. Perform wrong, you get a spanking puppy." she gave a sly grin to Allester and winked. "Now then, on your knees and get your muzzle under my skirt, do NOT touch my panties."

Allester quickly dropped to his knees, pushing his long, thin muzzle under Roxy's skirt. Causing the hem to lift up over his eyes, his black nose pad jammed firmly against the middle point of her sex mound. The scent of her sex so close causing his pants to bulge at the groin, his tail flicking wildly behind him.

His nose was rewarded with a very faint scent of that perfume, making him shiver all over and force his tongue to rub over her mound. Even though she let out a soft groan and shiver, he was given a spanking for disobeying. "Bad boy...such a naughty puppy." she chuckled, pulling her skirt up some so she could arrange her panties so the crotch was moved and wedged between her inner thigh and left sex lip. "Now lick, and go slowly." she coo's.

Allester's tongue started to lash out, but he caught himself. Licking over her cleft slowly, drawing his long thick tongue over her sex mound firmly and deeply, not spliting her pussy folds one bit. All of her pubic fur masking his muzzle from view from dark fur on dark fur, the scent of that perfume filling his nose again, nearly sending him into a licking fury but controling himself.

Her hips shifted just abit, giving him better access to her snatch and smiling down at him "Go at it puppy dog. Get me all nice and wet." she coo's to him, feeling his tongue imediately slide between her plump well used cunt lips. That thick tongue of hers making her lean on the desk for more support as it slides through her slit, cleaning up her wet necter with every lap. Each movement of his tongue sending a long shiver through her body and pulling a deep grutorial moan from her muzzle.

She was just about to give him a second command when all she could get out was a grabled chocking "GERRRRRRP!" Allester's muzzle pushing into her fuck hole in one deep movement, his tongue licking over her cervix in firm pushed licks. His nose grinding against her g-spot so perfectly that she couldn't stop herself from just exploding all over his face. The poor wolf's black fur taking a crysital clear liquidy smooth color. Her necter scented all over his face, but not once does he stop, even while she squeled and and moaned delightfully.

Eventually Allester's muzzle slowly pulled back, licking his chops clean while Roxy flumped down on her rump. Her pussy a sopping mess of liquid and phermones, scented enough that even she was startign to get abit into that drunken stupor phase. Her body aching to feel a dick, dildo, fingers or even a TAIL in her. "Dick, NOW!' where the only coherant words she could get out of her muzzle before her lips where full of half hard wolf prick.

Roxy's mouth was quicky to work up and down the black legnth of her wolfish lover, both paws wrapping around the sheath and base of Allester's cock. She never could take his entire shaft, to affraid to try and deep throat him and get that knot stuck between her teeth. her tongue would have to suffice, licking over his piss slit to stimulate his shaft and get harder and harder. Her muzzle starting to force itself as wide as possible just to accept his shaft.

The slow movements of her mouth on his shaft, was forcing him to push his hips firmly against her throat. When she started to gag he quickly pulled back some, letting thick globs of pre cum paint her thin tongue and allow her to moan around his heavy dick, sending more pleasure through his shaft to his brain.

It only took afew moments before his cock was exploding, her muzzle ripping from his dick before she choked on the cum pumped down her throat, the rest of his seed painting her face, muzzle and blouse in his juices, making her smell like him, and she loved it.

She couldn't react fast enough to stop him, his arms wrapping around her waist and picking her up to toss her onto the desk uncurtly. She didn't give a damn though when she saw his stiff needy dick still rock hard and moving under her skirt towards her exposed sex mound. She let out a soft moan, shivering as his cock head peirced her wet mound.

Allester's thick black dick always filled her in to much, much more then her husband's shaft ever could. The sheer girth made her drench her pussy more with need, trying to get herself slick enough that his cock could plow her fuck field as hard or as fast as he wanted to go. His paws starting to unbutton her cum covered bloud, then pulling her bra up and over her breast watching as the sagged down in a pear shape, only to begin bounce and jerking up and down on her chest as his hips started a firm beating against her own hips.

Neither lover noticing that the window had a certain horny bunny watching through with a video camera in paw. Her other paw in her shorts while moving enough you could tell she was fingering herself. The camera's gaze locked on the wolf's thick cock flesh sliding between her batty friends legs and into the warm hot dark furred twat in long hard strokes.

Every movement he made, Roxy countered with her own grinding movements, moaning out lustfully. Losing her grip on the desk and hitting her back on the top, her entire frame jerking and rocking with the pistoning thrust of her young lover's body. 'Maybe he was learning...he's actually twisting his hips like I taught him' was Roxy's moaning thought to herself, her entire body suddenly locking up, arching her back and letting out a sharp high pitched screeching noise.

Allester's own body was just starting to pound harder against her hips, his knot having slid into her cock socket long ago. His body curved perfectly over her own arched body, her pear shapped tits squished against his chest while her snatch was completely filled by the wolf's seed. His pent up need from the day, leaking out of her pussy in perfect view of the bunny's camera.

After the play, and a short cool down, Roxy opened her eyes and noticed the rabbit. She just smirked with an evil grin, as if to say "You wish you had this big wolf in you slut." and with that, she threw a book at the window, hitting the release button on the blinds so they closed, blocking the bunny's view...

~The End,
Or is it???
Allester & Linda are Copy Righted to ME
Roxy is Copy right to her player "RoxyPrince"

Star's to thy love,
Allester E. Darkflame

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