Your Wildest Fantasy

Your Wildest Fantasy:
The Kinky Adventure's of Allester & Roxy

Roxy couldn't belive her eye's when she opened her front door at 9pm at night. There stood one of the cutest furs she'd ever seen since her late husband. He stood around eleven feet at the least and was muscled in all the right places. His chest was broad and covered by a black vest accompanied by a interesting paid of black leather gloves on his paws. His legs where covered in an interesting thing, a pair of Japanese slacks that where loose around his ankles and shins but extreemly tight around his hips, she didn't mind the nice outline of his crotch either.

As she came back to look over him, she finally noticed the dark black trench coat he was wearing. He was very well dressed for a house sitter. She sighed looking at his face and finding he was a wolf and not a bat. She was abit disappointed as well noticing how young he was. He was about twenty-two to twenty-five. She smiled and offered her wing-paw and spoke "Name's Roxy." , he smiled to her and taking her paw did a rather regal bow and kissed the back of her paw with a smile "Allester, Allester Elishia Razorwing." he said softly.

Roxy couldn't help but smile getting a look at his back side and noticing the large feathered wings on his back. His butt wasn't so bad from her view either, nice and tight in those pants with his long furry tail swishing behind him from under the trench coat. As he came back up to smile at her she moved aside and let him in to her home.

The night was rather warm for a Texas night. She had the airconditioner going, but the wolf seemed uneffected by the heat. He looked around and smiled to her "So it's two weeks I'm watching your home for you ma'am?" he questioned her, showing off those sharp white teeth of his. She coo'd and showed him around the house, explaining how to work everything and what to be careful of, even pointing out she was sorry she only had fruit as food. He didn't seem bothered by this at all.

As Roxy left her home in the care of a total stranger, she couldn't help but dream on the plane of a large black furred wolf massaging her nude back side while plunging his wolfish meat deep into her warm sex. She was so wet that when she woke up on the plane she had a couple male onlookers sniffing the air, all she could do was cross her legs and blush deep crimson as she looked out the window.


When she came home she found it in top condition, even afew of the things broken, like the shingles on her roof, had been repaired. She couldn't belive her eyes when she walked inside and found the place spotless and even fresh fruits stocked in her refrigorator. When she found Allester asleep on the floor of the guest room, she couldn't help but drape a blanket over him and kisses his forehead.

About three hours later she was down stairs watching T.V. when he came down and smiled "Hello ma'am, glad to see you're home." he smiled to her. She nodded her hello, noticing his lingering stare on her body. She was fourty-three years old, and hadn't had a man in over ten years. She could feel his eyes gazing at her emerald peepers, down her short muzzle and over her neck to her nicely sized breast, tucked away in her shirt. Even his eyes went further down over her belly, keeping a careful glance at her pant crotch before continuing down her thin long legs.

She smilled at him as he looked over her arms, noticing her wings where attached to them. Returning to her face she looked away coyly trying to avoid the fact she was aroused at him staring at her. Her day dreaming was broken up when he said somthing, "Mmm?Wha'was that dear?" she questions him. "I asked how did you like your home?" he replied.

She blushed red and nod "Thank ya kindly sir. It's wonderful." she said before finishing "How much do I owe ya?" she questioned him. "Not a thing miss, just my pay for babysitting." he smiles to her. She chuckled and murred softly getting her purse. A look of fear crossed her face as she rummaged through her purse. "Where is it?" she whispered to herself.

She looked horrified as she couldn't find the money she'd pulled from the ATM just for this payment. She turned and with a flushed look on her muzzle. "I..I'm sorry, I...I dun have you're mon'y." she looks around abit then lowers her ears and smiles abit "But, I could give ya somthin' in raturn." she coo'd.

Allester just blinked at her, abit confused but followed her eyes down to her hind paws. He smiled and nodded "Well trade is okay. What did you have in mind ma'am?" he asked her, just as she dropped to her knee's, shocking the heck out of him as she undid his pants and grabbed his flacid sheath. His grunting from his muzzle getting abit heated as her muzzle slipped over his sheath and started suckling his cock to life.

His hips jerked involentarily, shivering as he whimpers "'am.." he chokes out grunting "Wha'...what're ya doin'?" he whines groaning as her thin tongue slipped over his cum slit, teasing his cock awake. Her lips where succulant and experianced, all he knew was this felt good, better then chocolate in warm milk. His body convulsed as her lips wrapped around the head of his cock, and he shot his seed. "The poor wolf." she thought to herself as he got off rather quickly, letting him fill her cheeks with his seed before padding to the sink and spitting it out, it'd been to long since she'd done that, the taste to much for her.

She looked over at him and noticed he was still standing with his pants around his legs, and his cock still rock hard. Suddenly it dawned on her what she just did. She'd robbed a craddle, in all her life she'd never done somthing like this, and she suddenly had a gut wrenching pain in her stomach. When he snapped out of it, he thanked her for the payment and was quick to leave, with a slightly frightend look on his muzzle. She could barely sleep that night as more images of Allester bending her over a counter top and ravishing her body seared her mind with pleasure.


Allester had spent abit of time studying what had happand that night with Roxy, realizing somthing had clicked in him when she'd gone down on him. He just couldn't get it out of his head...that is, until he ran into a door that had suddenly opened infront of him. A cute vixen half naked with large tits bounced around to help him up, appalogising rapidly at a speed his clouded mind could barely processes.

As his mind cleared he could make out the words finally "I'm, so sorry sir. I didn't see you there." the vixen coo'd dusting him off, her paw not minding where it brushed as she struck his crotch afew times, a quiet murr of approval from what she felt down there. She lead him inside to get some ice for his head, which by now was starting to come back to reality. Looking around his black fur seemed to go the palest white as he realized where he was. Women and men touching and rubbing each other in sexual bliss, some even nude and rutting together.

He got up to leave but was haulted by a large badger woman dressed in nice silks, very clean and smiling "'Ello deary." she said with a smile "What'll be your pleasure hon?" she questioned him. He started to back away but then stopped seeing a bat walk by, a smile crossing his lips "Umm, a ba.." she stopped him short by putting a finger to his lips and smiled "This way precious." she coo'd leading him by the paw up stairs.

She lead him to a large room that was decorated in silks along the wall. A large bed in the middle cleaned and made ready for any activity. She pointed to a computer and smiled "Type in exactly what you want here, even a name and address of the fur you wish to have sex with." she smiled "The computer will do the rest." she smiled and left him staring confused abit.

He sighed and looked around, noticing a capsule of odd make hooked up to the computer. He shrugged abit and started typing in the address of Roxy Prince, the bat that captured his eye, and made his body shiver in delight. The moment he hit 'enter', the capsule came to life and after a moment of making noises and flashing lights, there she was, steeping out of the capsule.

She was just as beautiful as he remembered from the week before. Her breast where sagging abit, showing the signs of gravety but the where beautiful to him, a wonderful c-cup with the pinkest nipples. Her sex was bushy with her pubic fur, glistening with arousal as she smirked at him coyly. Her hips swayed as she walked to the bed, showing off her nice rear end and short tail. Her wing-paws opening up as she turned and laid down on the bed, her left leg slowly moving up her right before spreading and showing off her puffy labia lips, red and pouty with need.

He quickly removed his clothes...kinda, he stumbled like any virgin would, buttons just wouldn't come open until her skilled paws moved to open them for him. He groaned thickly as she grabbed his errect cock sucking the tip and this time drinking down his pre cum. She gave a wicked smirk, those green eyes of hers sparkling with lust, need and passion as she let go of his cock, spread her legs and laid out on the bed. Waiting for her ravishing to begin.

Allester slowly pushed his cock against her warm slit, putting his hind paws in a stance to give a firm thrust just as the door swung open and in stepped a stratled, beat red Roxy. Confused by this he quickly sat up, in all his nude glory, a white patch of fur on his chest in the shape of a Phoenix spreading it's wings, the birds tail feathers wrapping around his sheath. The real Roxy couldn't belive her eyes as the clone stood up and smiled, closing the door and pressing herself against a confused Roxy.

Roxy couldn't stop her clone from stripping her, exposing her body to Allester's drooling gaze. She noticed his errect cock and drooled abit herself before worming free of her clones grip, moving over to the timber wolf and gripping his chest fur, straddling his hips and kissing his lips viciously with a groan as she felt his paws rub over her hips and push her puffy sex lips apart with his flared cock head. His hips jerked from the feeling of her warm tight sex gripping his cock tightly as she held still, kissing his neck and pushing her breast into his face, letting him lick at her nipples while her clone got between Allester's legs and began licking at his sac, and what amount of his sheath wasn't burried in Roxy's sex.

Roxy was moaning thickly as she started to ride Allester's flesh. She really couldn't understand WHY she was doing this. She was a bat, he was a wolf. Very incompatable. But here she was, having sex with a timber wolf that was probly half her age, and even less inexperianced then she was in the past ten years. Her pussy walls did nothing but grip and squeeze his cock as it slide free, then forced it's way through her tight passage again and again. Her breast bounced as she moved, giving his eyes a show while her own clone brushed it's nose against her pucker while licking at Allester's sheath and balls.

While the mating couple where endulging in each other's bodies. The clone stood up and moved to the capsule, slipping back in and vanishing from reality as Allester rolled Roxy under him, starting to take her like a savage wolf, making her squeal with pleasure, moaning hungrilly for more as she kisses his muzzle warmly, her paws roaming his cheeks, back and wings....the wings where the wrong thing to touch, his back arched over her body, and he let out a loud howl of pleasure as he had his orgasim, deep inside of her cunt hole, flooding her womb with his seed.

Her own body jerked and writhed on his meat as her sex lips spasmed, her inner muscles gripping his meat tightly, an orgasim pent up for ten years released in a blinding torent. Her body convulsing enough it jerked wildly under her, her paws gripping his fur tightly as she tried to breath. His head landing on her chest all that jerked her enough to get her to take a sharp breath as she groans lewdly, closing her eyes and sighing as she feels the young wolf falling asleep ontop of her. Her body shivering with excitement as she no longer feels she's robbing the craddle, but training one hell of a partner.

Fin- Or is it?

RoxyPrince and her clone is copyright her player
Allester is copyright to me
This story is Copyright to me 2002 May 31st


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