Kitten And Wolf

Kitten And Wolf

Deep in a Forest full of Pixies, Dragons and many Creatures lived a Cat named Winter. She was a Beautiful Kitty Night black fur and silver tail blue eyes and Reddish hair. Winter was the envy of all the other cats in the forest lovely and sweet. She stood just 5'4" and was lightweight and very agile the perfect figure of a cat. Winter was playful and a tease to the other cats happily toying with their minds but never to far. She often went to the nearby meadow with a small pond in the middle of it just to be alone and think of the day's happenings. On this particular day she found her spot taken by a younger wolf whom she found cute....for a wolf. She noticed him stand and found he hand wings on his back his form not to muscular but his height intimidating.

She watched him leave his white fur blowing around in the gently breeze accustomed to the forest. She noted the time of day and returned every day to watch the wolf's actions. On one particular day she thought he had seen her but later discovered it was lunch he had found. She daily watched and learned about him and with every day she wanted to meet him but was to afraid she was curious but not crazy. One day while she was resting on a rock near to the pond she heard a twig brake nearby and looked up to find who or what it was. She didn't see a thing...scared she slid down the side of the rock and landed on her feet. When she stood up she found she was staring into Blue eyes and her nose pushed against a Wet nose on a long muzzle that was wolf like. Frightened she ran as fast as she could only to find the wolf did not follow. She looked back and saw him step up onto the rock and sniff at the spot she was in. Curiosity got the better of her and she actually went to talk to him. "Hello..." she said her voice shaky and uneasy "Hello" he responded. Frightened at the sound of her voice she took a step back, as she did this he looked up and spoke "So, it was you who watched me for so long ehh?" she swallowed hard and replied "Yes...I'm sorry".

He let out a laugh, which confused her. "Are you going to eat me?" she asked hoping the answer was no, the wolf's laughter echoed even louder at the question and he looked down at her from his perch "Now why would I want to? You're a Pretty kitty. Dragons like pretty things we collect them." she started to back away again when he jumped down landing in front of her scaring her so much she fell to her rear.

Smiling he helped her up "Mustn't do that M'lady." he said softly and with that placed her on his back and walked around abitt easing towards the forest edge so he didn't startle her. "Can you fly?" Winter asked touching his wings "I didn't know cats liked to fly." "Well I trust you." he smiled and continued talking to her. She was unaware they were in the sky as she lay on his back. They arrived at a patch of trees some of the Branches pulled over a small cave that had a faint glow coming from within. "Your Den I guess?" she asked fear rising up inside her "Yes...what you think I want you for lunch? Not at all maybe to JOIN me for lunch but not be lunch." He smiled and walked in Winter following for some reason she didn't understand. When she came to the end of the opening she found the source of the glow GOLD GEMS and other expensive items lay on the ground in a big pile the room lighted by torches she gasped at the beauty. "You like?" he asked shyly "Like it? It's beautiful." she responded shock still hitting her hard. He looked at her and walked closer placing his paws on her waist and placing a gently kiss on her cheek.

He was rewarded with a gentle purr from her throat her paws warping around him as he pulled her closely and kissed her lips his tongue caressing her own her breathing intensified and her purring got louder. He released her and noticed her face was flushed and her cheeks bright red. He hugged her and rubbed his muzzle along her neck nibbling at her collarbone quing her to playfully bite his tongue when he arrived to kiss her lips once more. Taking a Chance he laid her on the pile of precious jewels and gold and kissed her lips again then her nose working his way down her neck. He stopped short of her breast and moved his paws up her waist towards her breast gripping them firmly listening to her purrs of pleasure he continues to move down her stomach using his tongue to lick the inside of her belly button and as he did Winter's waist raised slightly he could smell her body producing an aroma so intoxicating to him he moved down abitt faster till he arrived at a perfectly formed pussy. "Hmm..." he muttered, "Maybe I will eat you after all." Winter's purring got louder at the thought as she spoke "Mmmm...Please eat me." at that his tongue went to work sliding easily between her lips. Slowly he takes on side and sucks gently on the lip of her pussy enjoying her taste listening to her purrs and moans he worked her body with his tongue flicking it at her clit and running it along her inner thighs to her lips teasing her pussy hole by pressing his index and middle finger against a small mound of flesh just under her hole. "What's your name?" He asked "Winter. And yours?" she responded "Silverfox. But most call me Silver." and with that he inserted his fingers into her hole taking pleasure in seeing her back arch as his tongue flicked at her clit and slid down into her hole tasting her juices and feeling her pussy contract as her orgasm sent cum oozing down his throat.

"Want more?" he asked her smiling "No. I want YOU." She said demandingly to him. "All right then." he said and moved on top of her kissing her lips. He pushed his cock into her pussy slowly at first her body pressing against his her purring replaced by cries of short stingy pain. Once fully inside her he moved rhythmically at passed thrust to get her insides adapted to his size he juices easing his pace. "Faster." Winter said. The one word was enough for him and he slowly moved in and out of her body building up speed driven by her purrs and moans. He could feel her orgasms contracting her pussy squeezing his cock as it slid in and out of her with ease. He slowly moved his mouth down and took one breast in his mouth and began to suck on it's nipple gently biting it and teasing it by licking from the nipple and swirling his tongue down around her breast repeating this with the other side. Winter couldn't bear this pace and grabbed hold of him and rolled him onto his back she sat up and began her own pleasured torture slowly sliding his cock from being buried deep within her to just barley coming out of her. She twisted her tail around his as she slowly teased his nipples her legs griping his waist as her body moved up and down along his shaft.

She could feel his cock begin to pulse and suddenly his back arched pushing his cock deeper into her pussy as cum steadily pumped into her pussy she could feel the warmth of it fill her she let out an involuntary moan of pleasure her claws digging into his sides. The both lay there content and pleased her pussy dripping with her cum and his both of them panting gasping for breath "That....was....great..." he said, " was.". He looked over at her next to him and said, "Thanks for a great treasure. you've given me my first sexual experience." at that she looked over at him surprised and shocked her hands went to her pussy and she pinched herself thinking this all a dream but the feeling of it shocked her into reality as he leaned over and kissed her lips.

The End...or is it?

Stars to thy love,
Silverfox Elishia Darkflame
~*Dragon Prince*~
~*Dark Phoenix*~

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