Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits

NOTEICE: All Characters are Copy righted to me. Any relation to others is PURELY coincidancial. The "MBS RAGNARK" is as well copy righted to me.


I sat up in my regulation sized bed and looked around at my tiny regulation issued room. What's up with regulation sizes these days? All I can tell you is I'm a male Kitsune. Yes that's Kitsune, a Japanese Fox Spirit. After the council of Nine made a deal with other races includeing humans, Kitsune's started to show up alot more.

Now here I was, signed up for a space run through uncharted teritory on a ship that belogned to one of the most feared races in the known universe, The Mobiana. Everyone says that those who cross just one Mobiana where never heard from again. Some people say their magical powers outweigh even those of a 9-tailed Kitsune.

I didn't care. I needed this job, baddly. "Mr. Tegrim?" I heard the call from the PA system and hurried to a com phone. "Yes?" I answered. "You are being summoned to the main deck by a 'Ms. Teckline'?" said the operator. "Okay...I'll be done in 10minutes." I replyed searching for my pants. Then I saw her, a young girl fox, about 18 or 19 years of age. Nude and with a grin on her face, sleeping peacefully.

I leaned down and kissed her cheek softly then got up and gathered my clothes. I wrote her a note telling her where I'd be if she wanted to meet with me. Walking out of the room of that big Space port was annoying enough, but it wasn't as annoying as talking to girls you've just slept with and now had to leave for a space trip. Goddess what made me pick her up in that bar last night?

Then it hit me like a rock, she had money, lots of money and she was buying me drinks so quickly I got wasted quickly. She'd gotten me so drunk I was an easy mark for her to bed, the most I remember of the night was a loud yiffing sound from both of us. It was worth it though, letting myself slip so easily was worth it.

"Raising to main deck." I heard the computer say when I pushed the 'main deck' button on the elevator. Upon reaching the main deck I caught a sight I though I'd never see, my first glimps of a Mobiana battle ship. It was huge. Atleast 2,400feet in legnth and as for heigth it depended on where you looked. Mobiana designed their ships to be sleek and look like dragon's at the same time. But this one was well set. Then I saw the name and knew just who my commander was "M.B.S. Ragnark" was the ships name.

That meant only one person could be my commanding officer, Prince Shadowfox Elishia Darkflame himself. This couldn't be good, it'd been rummored the 'Dark Phoenix' had a bad temper and was among the top magic users and swordsmales in his field. A slight smirk creased my face at the thought of working on the weapons systems of one of the biggest and battle experianced ships in the galaxy. Next to the Phoenix Flare the Ragnark was the largest ship in the Mobiana fleet. And both ships where created,built and designed by Prince Darkflame.

My heart was racing by the time I entered the interview room and looked around. I sat down and waited for Ms. Teckline to enter and give me the run around of the ship. I had already gotten the jon as weapons master of the ship so all that was left was to give me a tour, so we decided to meet at the interview room. Ms. Teckline walked in almost right behind me and slipped her paws over my spine and I about jumped outa my fur at her soft caress.

"Hello Areial." I said softly useing the 'first name basis' that we agreed to use for personal reasons. "Hello yoursellf gorgious." she said in that tantalizeing cruel voice of hers. Turning around I stared at the biggest Grizzley bear female I had ever seen. She may have been a bear but 'fat' is not what she was. She had large rounded and soft 36DD breast on her 7'2" body with deep blue eyes and a interesting plump figure. Her fur was the common brownish black of the grizzley with one diffrence, she had a strip of white fur from the tip of her nose up between her eyes. She intimidated me with all the musscles in her body. She worked for a powerful army what did I expect? As I felt her arm's in circle my tiny 6'2" frame she could feel the broad chest musscles flex in my body as I tensed. I knew she was going to pick me up and she did, with ease. She walked around with me in her arms craddling like I was some sort of child. She walked up the on ramp of the Ragnark's plank.

"Areial could you put me down please?" I asked not sure of this position. But amazingly she did drop me, onto a semi hard and soft bed plate where now not only she stood over me, but a docter too. I could feel one of them trying to get my cloak off and reached up and took it off for them. I heared a gasp and abit of whispering come from the two and the mention of 'Damn, you were right, he is a big boy despite his thinness." I blushed at the comments.

I then felt paws all over my body, and a pair of big paws surround and grip my cock and sheath then tug softly. Areial, had to be her, she liked rough sex as I had found out two days ago. Warm breath then wetness engulfed my cock and I looked up in shock to find it wasn't Areial giving me head, it was the Docter. That's when I froze, the docter was male.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM!" the dr. moaned aloud as my own cock shot a loud of cum into his mouth. I was happy to have it over so quickly for once. As he came up he grined and some what murred then turned and left. I got a good glimps of the black fur and seagreen eyes as he was walking out. 6'2" just like me, definately a Mobiana due to the wings on his back.

Despite me not being Bisexual I found that he made my body react so well I couldn't but help to surcum to his skill at giving head. Areial came over and joined me, or I should say, ontop of me. She moved gracefully despite her girth and her well used body easily accepted my 9" gift. She gave a little squeal as my knot slipped into her body and then she shivered which practically shook the bed abit.

I felt myself getting immersed with wet bear necter as she started riding me roughly. I just sat back and watched her pleasure herself with my body. I enjoyed this type of sex, not showing abit of enjoyment useually sent women into crazed and lustful anger at me that she just used me all she wanted. That's exactly what Areial did to me, used me and used me good. I think seven hours passed till she finally slumped down ontop of me completely spent. I could sense somone watching, but from where? I reached out with my sixth sense and tugged at some instruments in the room, this wasn't a sick bay, this was a....pleasure room!!

I had heard of these rooms before. The Mobiana have a very low rate of reproduction so they are very sexually active with any race. So they use these 'Pleasure Rooms' as a way to fullfill their sexual urges to the fullest extent while stimulateing their partners as well. Then who was that person that sucked me off?Why did Areial bring me to...OW!~ Somthing mentally smacked my sixth sense away. And to do that this person would have to have the power equal to a 7tailed Kitsune for I was a six-tail.

"Shhh dearest, Shhhh. Master Shadowfox enjoys a good show." Areial said in my ear softly. Master Shadowfox? That was caught in my mind, was Prince ShadowFox so cruel he made his crew members call him 'Master'?


After the Ragnark pulled from port we had an odd encounter with some 'raywings'. Creatures that looked like light but actually attached themselves to ship hulls and ate at the metal. Some how we had no problems with them, the Mobiana had discovered and used a metal that raywings hated and left alone. All in all I was enjoying my work life within this crew. I had several females to bed with, enjoyed learning how to work with the Mobiana technology and amazingly learning about the alloy used to keep the raywings away. Also I still hadn't meet up with Prince Darkflame, which was good I thought, especially if he did turn out to have the short temper many thought he did.

There was one particular crew member I enjoyed alot, no not Areial. She is an interesting horse, musscled and well toned. She was 7' on the mark and had smaller bust then Areial but I didn't miss that one bit. She was also inexperianced in sexual encounters with Kitsune. After we first had sex I found out she was the ships docter, and a damn good one at that. Turns out she was the one who discovered the cure for 'Telmerious' a common human transmited disease, although not deadly to non humans. It would kill humans within a year of extracting it sexually.

"Hi there Lindsey, Areial." I said blushing in my human form....I'd walked in on the two female's in the proccess of heated sex but neither awknowledged me so I stripped my cloak and jumped ontop of Areial who snarrled abit then groaned as I shoved my hips into her heated cunt. She started to buck backwards against me while I thrust foreward, Lindsey busy with her nipples useing the flat teeth to bite and grind the soft flesh, sending Areial into crazed orgasims.

I loved it when a pussy came all over my hips, but what happaned next was beyond me. Some how Areial had rolled to the side pulling me out of her, then twisting Lindsey onto all fours as I was coming down. A deffining neigh echoed through the room as my soaked prick pierced a virgin ass. Lindsey bucked her hips under me trying to get away, but it was to late. We where tied with my knot burried in her ass. Areial just looked smug with herself as my cock plunged in and out of the bucking female horse. Suddenly, it happand, we both cummed at the exact moment. I'd heard of it happaning between people, but that took skill and patiance this was by sheer luck. I felt my cock bulge then get squeezed by her anus as it was filled with hot fox cum. I reached down and stroked her cheek softly but she was to pissed to awknowledge me, her eyes where stareing at Areial with hatered and anger.


Had I known that this would happan I probly would have never gotten inbetween them. We sat in the room waiting for the punishment. We had sex in the weapons room and it seems when Lindsey's anal cheery was ripped open her paw hit a button marked 'Test'. What was on the test launch pad was a weapon Shadowfox was desgining called a 'Phoenix Missle. It supposedly could destroy a sun with Ularian sheilds covering it. That had to be some power. Luckily the missle was retrived because it had no power to it's propulsion systems yet. But Shadowfox was furious and now I was wishing I had never joined the girls.

As we waited for him to enter Areial started squirming in her chair and assumed a submissive position. Why you ask? I didn't know, at the time. Then he walked in and my eyes opened up wide. It was the black wolf with the Seagreen eyes I had seen my first day here. This time I could make out the silk clothing and the crown on his head...ohh yes did I mention the broad sword on his back?

He was huge for his race. 6'2" Seagreen eyes, black fur with wings, very well musscled and if I had been gay or bisexual I'd be drolling to have that bulge hiden in his pants. Now I knew why Areial had become so submissive, I learned way back when that she enjoyed playing his 'slave girl' and accepted calling him 'Master Shadowfox'.

He smiled just enough to let us know he had cooled off some. "Well," he said finally "You three have two options before you." he smiled that same smile "One, you can leave the crew at the next space port. Or two, you can all be my toys for the time being." my gut wrenched at that idea. But I had to keep this job so I went along with it as did the other girls. How bad could it be?


"AAAAAHHHHHHH FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUCK!" I screamed as he pushed his entire 22" cock into my ass. Even lubricated he had the legnth and the girth to hurt like hellfire. Now I knew why Areial felt so used, this male was huge and knew how to use it. I also felt sorry for Lindsey now, now I knew how she felt when my cock slipped into her ass.

He continued to pound my ass as hard as he could, seemingly enjoying my pain as punishment for what happaned. I was getting some pleasure out of this though, it felt good after awhile, really good. I heard him say somthing in his language and then my horsey lover climbed under me and let me fuck her mouth which was sucking and ready for it noisly choking back every inch. Areial was pushing her crotch into my face demanding I eat her out, so I did. I ate her out as fiercely as Shadowfox banged me. Then it happaned, I felt the shaft in my ass thicken then shoot it's first loud of cum into me. Goddess bless that seed was hot and thick, and I mean that litteraly. It must have been atleast 103degrees if I could measure it's temperature.

I felt him pull out of my ass and push Areial away and demand me to suck his cock, which I did with the same moves he had used on me. As my climax washed over me I felt Lindsey let go and cover herself in my cum. She was picked from under me by Shadowfox and I was thrown to Areial who swiftly shoved my limp member into her body. I was quickly ready to screw some more. I heared a squeal come from Lindsey as she felt Shadowfox penetrate her underused body. Her short pants for breath where my signal to start pumping into Areial. As both girls had their sweet pussy's plugged fool of cock they both squirmed and bathed themselves in the sexual bliss of it all. I felt my nuts contract then expand in time with my cock then explode into my grizzly lover who as well started squirming as her orgasim started to build, listening to the echoing neighs and nickers from Lindsey.

Lindsey I could tell was on the verg of passing out from the amount of times she was cumming. I heard a low growl then a deep howl as Shadowfox cummed into the poor horse, who let out one last neigh and collapsed out cold from over pleasureing. She was tended to with care by her Mobiana lover who I was starting to get turned on by, but that, is another story completely.

~~The End
Stars to thy love,
Prince ShadowFox Elishia Darkflame

~*Dark Phoenix*~
~*Rhinshuin Wielder*~
~*Shadow Dragon Pack Prince*~

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