Jaelina's Pleasure

Jaelina's Pleasure

Jaelina sat in her black halter top and short short mini skirt, her legs crossed lady like while her breathing pushed her well endowed breast against her halter top and made it flare out. Her father, Allester, was sitting at his desk writing in the family Grimorie, adding afew passages to the history and a new page of herbs while she waited for him to finish.

She couldn't help herself when she spread her legs slowly, the thirty year old wolf bitch well experianced in sex and how her own heat worked, and she was no stranger to her father's dick plowing her sex roughly...so she had no problems with hiking her skirt around her hips and rubbing her wet pink sex lips firmly. Stimulating her clit with a finger while her other fingers worked her sex lips apart and teased herself.

The grass she sat in seemed to tickle her sex and tail hole even more with her fingers teasing her slit, adding to her stimulation and making the room she and her dad sat in fill with her phermones and needy sex scent. The scent was deffinately not lost on her father's nose, he may have been an old wolf, but a female in heat was no new scent to him. His pants showed this fact, tented at the crotch as he listend to the sloppy sounds of his daughter's wet pussy get feed fingers instead of dick.

Every inch of his body urged him to turn around and grab his daughter to take her for his own. But his mind knew she was mated and spoken for, her mate had rights to her heat, but goddess the smell seemed twice as potent then normal. her fingers worked over her clit, stroking her stiff little nub and opening her flower petals with other fingers, which only fanned her scent into the room more and more. Soon two fingers where plowing her sex folds firmly and swiftly, her paw moving rapidly to try and pleasure herself, but her work was for naught as her heat needed a stiff males dick.

Then she smelled him, a male needing her just as much as she needed him. An exposed prick wiggling infront of her muzzle was to much for her needy mind, her maw engulfed the thick ebon flesh and began suckling hungrily, lust filled as she was her muzzle worked the shaft to it's full errection which filled her muzzle, cheeks and some of her throat as it slowly gre errect. The smell of her father in the room still lingered as she nursed the stiff dick with an unsated hunger, the smell of this wolf so close made her weak, her fingers working slower over her sex before she regained herself and pulled her muzzle away.

She grined and looked up, only to stare into the emerald eyes of her father, his body nude and showing off the reason her mother lusted after him. His chest musscled in every right place and toned with furry flesh, his biceps flexing with every movement of his arms which in turn flexed his pecks. His belly still held the six pack he had in his younger years instead of a beer belly like most older males. The sight of the cock that had created her in her mothers womb sent chills down her spine, but the sight of the wolf flexing his muscles above her melted her to butter inside, but her proud mother taught her never to show the weakness to a gorgious alpha male.

She turned up her muzzle, pushed her skirt back down and stood up, struting away from the horny male with a gut wrenching pain in her belly, but not showing abit of the need she had for him as she walked away. He followed, and she knew it due to his scent moving closer and closer, she always loved playing hard to get with her father, it always made him -take- what he wantedfrom her, and that's how she loved it. She never admited to it, but the day he rapped her, she had loved every second of his powerful form dominating her, even now she'll never show the lust she has for being pinned by a powerful male and used for his pleasure.

She'd been used by Allester on many ocassions, all of which have left her pussy aching, sore and soaked through the fur and flesh. She could never put panties on after being with him, but her greatest lust for him was his knot, at 4inchs long and 3inchs thick it filled her sex so full it hurt blissfully. She could feel herself getting wetter with just the thought of that huge bulb that lay unpuffed between her father's legs, the bane of her existance and his only weapon that fueld her lust and made her come back to him time and again.

Jaelina's mind remembered the last time she was fucking her father's huge flesh, he had tricked her into coming into the ship's pleasure room and grabbed her. Pushing her to her back and forcing himself between her legs. Without panties her pussy was deffenseless against his intruding shaft and he peirced her sex folds with ease. Just these few thoughts made her stop in her tracks and shudder with lust, that was her mistakes. Allester was just behind her and in her dream state she wasn't aware of him, even as his paws wrapped around her shoulders and ripped her shirt off her chest, exposing her 38D tits to the world.

She grabbed for his paws, growling at him, but only managed to cover her breast from his preying eyes. Her skirt was next, being dropped to her ankles in a swift motion, leaving her pink pussy folds and tight firm ass exposed to the world. She could feel her father's tongue lapping at her sex lips swiftly, her legs instinctively spreading to the eager males lapping tongue. Her scent growing more and more potent from the lapping tongue, every inch of her body going numb from pleasure as she felt him suddenly stand and push her foreward, her body tumbling to her knees and paws with her skirt tangling up her ankles.

Her body out of pure instinct lifted her rump, but then quickly pulled herself back down and started to get up. Only to find her body weighed down by a larger male's body. His chest conformed perfectly to her back and shoulders, making her shudder and remember the way her mother talked about how her father was always a perfect fit. Her minds thoughts intterupted by a seering pain, his dick pushing into her pink sex lips firmly, spliting her up the middle and opening her pussy lips to the world as his ebon dick soaked itself in the pussy it had created.

Every vieny inch of his shaft sinking into her warm fertile fuck field sent nothing but electrical sparks through her body, making her shudder and whimper. She pushed back, growling and fighting him, but his muzzle quickly bite down firmly on her neck, daddy had his rights to her body, and he knew how to dominate her and make her submit to his urges. The pleasure those sharp teeth gave her as they pushed at her neck and tugged at her neck scruff with the movements of his shaft through her slit made her whimper and squirm.

The feel of his dick hardening inside of her belly, buldging out her groin from his size, and the knot rubbing at her puffy labia lips. Her hips moving to meet his thrust, his own hips conforming perfectly to mold around her ass cheeks and push her tail out of the way. Her father's shaft gliding through her pussy lips in rough deep grinds, her pussy eaggerly suckling and gulping down his dick even as her body writhed and pushed at him, trying to get him off of her body while her pussy had other ideas.

Her body, hungery for cock and needing his seed for her belly's heat and to breed her pups. Her hips swaying and rocking at once, the swaying trying to move away from his dick while the rocking motions served her eagger sexes needs for his dick. Every forceful push sent her breast jolsting and bouncing on her chest while her father drived himself into her pussy. Her hungery cock socket gulping and slurping her own father's flesh in eagger anticipation for the huge load she knows will be embeded in her womb.

When she felt his paws wrapping around her hips, she knew his knot was next to come. Once that knot was in her pussy she'd be his, his pleasure toy, his daughter, and his breeding ground. She had to get away from his knot, even though she wanted it desperately, she knew she'd be caught admiting her lust for knots if she let him have his way. Her body squirming and wiggling, her muzzle whimpering and growling as he mated with her heat striken body.

Her cheeks suddenly turned bright red as her ears heard the sloppy noise of her pussy letting out air from around her fathers dick. The sound sickly wet and making her embaresed even though her father stole her cherry at twelve years old. Her ears pinned to her skull as she hears his growls, nibbling on her neck and sending shivers down her spine. Her body nearing a peek already as her hips undulated and eagerly accepted her father's fleashy pole. Her boobs bouncing with every thrust as he got deeper and feircer, her body begining to accept her fathers pole and she let herself go, accepting her demise to be the mother of her own brother's and sisters.

Her fur suddenly bristling as an orgasim rushes through her body, her father's knot forcefull calling her need to it's surface as it plows through her fuck field and into her fertil sanctuary. Her womb exposed to his needy cock head, rocking in a harder time against his hips and yipping wildly in bliss. Panting lewdly she felt his paws grinding her sex lips and her plump little clit against the knot burried in her sex folds, the pleasure this brings her sends her into another orgasim right after the first one. Her body trembling and shaking as her heated body responds to the males needs, eagerly suckling his prick to work his cum from his balls and into her womb.

The rutting motions of both wolves, male and bitch mating in heated bliss, his knot massaging her insides while his cock head rubs at her wombs farthest depths. His balls slapping her pussy mound with every thrust till she can feel his hips jamming against hers. The feel of his balls churning and rolling closer to his shaft telling her that the hot feel ofcum pouring into her womb was his orgasim, her screams of "Daddy! Daddy Harder!" suddenly sending him into a second orgasim, flooding her with even more cum, she may have submited but she knew how to make him squirm too.

She releaved herself to laying down under her father, feeling his shaft still stiff in her belly and possibly growing more. Her body so hot and eager, even as he laid over her, giving her hips tiny little jolst from his own hips. His shaft sliding through her sore slit, the feel of his cum not moving from her womb telling her she was stuck bearing her fathers pups...and her own siblings and children at once...ohh the things she does for her father...

~Fin....Maybe... =^^=

Stars to thy love,
Allester Elishia Darkflame

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