Hot Water

Kanu growled before he slammed the letter down onto the counter again, his lips rising to reveal canine teeth, eyes narrowing. Another rejection letter saying that the law school was sorry, but he wasn’t what they were looking for. It was because he was a furry. Stupid bastards.. He turned around and grabbed his coat, snatching his keys off their hook, making sure he slammed the door on his way out.

He easily took the stairs to the first floor two at a tame, that slightly bushy black tail swaying angrily behind him as he headed to his car. When he was mad, he always went to Geri’s house. She was his best friend, and knew him better than anyone, including how to calm him down. He didn’t know how she did it.. He had the temper of a devil, but she did. He shoved the key into the ignition, turning it and putting the care in gear before clenching his midnight furred hands on the wheel. By now it was almost sunset, but he didn’t care.


Geri hummed softly as she dumped the rest of her dinner into the trash can, her long, calico tail swaying behind her. Her light, amber eyes glanced around the now clean kitchen, causing a satisfied smile to form. She gave a contented sigh that was actually half pur. She walked to her room, slipping her heels off by the closet before reaching up under her skirt to pull her pantyhose down. She then pulled off her blouse to reveal a black, lacy bra that held her ample breasts up, contrasting against the white fur of her stomach. She smiled as she let them drop by her shoes. Tonight was going to be a night where she spent time on herself.. A nice bubble back, some wine, and if things got even better, she might ev- Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on her front door.

She frowned and walked forward, pulling a small, white tank top from her closet and pulling it on as she walked to the door, her smooth, almost husky voice calling out.

“I’m coming.. Who is it?” She wasn’t that aware that the shirt was actually see through, but Kanu was when she finally opened the door. She smiled when she saw him.. But it faded as he stomped past her, even in his rage remembering to slip his boots off by the door. He was much taller than her, being 6’3” compared to her mere 5’6”. She tilted her head, raising a brow as she followed him into her kitchen.

“Kanu.. what’s wrong?” She asked softly, watching as he rummaged through her fridgerator roughly before pulling out a small bowl of steak pieces, taking one out and eating it before speaking in his own gruff voice.

“I got another rejection letter..” He said before eating another steak peace. Her expression fell as she stepped forward. She knew it was his dream to go to law school. She gently ran her hand up his arm, her voice soft and reassuring.

“Oh Kanu, I’m so sorry.. What can I do?” She tilted her head. He starred down at her for a moment, then answered.

“You can make me feel better. You always manage to do that.” He said, feeling just a bit better now that she was there for him.

“Hmm.. okay. Why don’t you get your trunks and we’ll spend some time in the hot tub and talk.” She said, tilting her head with a smile. He nodded and left for her spare bedroom. She sighed and went into her room, not bothering to fully close the door. He spent so much time at her house that he had clothes there, and he often spent the night in her spare bedroom. She stripped down, rummaging through her drawers for her two piece bathing suite, not aware that Kanu was starring at her, wide-eyed. When she found it, he was gone, and she put it on. It to pushed up her supple breasts, the bottom clinging to the curve of her hips. Most thought cat-morphs didn’t like water. She loved it. She smiled as she brought two glasses and the wine, and a bowl of strawberries.. She knew he liked them. He was already sitting in the hot tub, his eyes closed.

She easily slipped into the water, making almost no sound. His eyes opened a bit and me smiled as he watched her pour him a glass of wine, taking it when she offered. They sipped their drinks for a bit, then sat quietly. She watched the water, noticing how big his legs were to her own. She had never noticed that. Now, how to make him feel better.. She smiled as she took another sip of her wine, then sat it down, moving to gently push so he sat sideways. He gave her an odd look, but didn’t fight. She began to gently massage his back, her claws gently kneeding his skin as well, sending shivers down his spine. He was aware that he was slowly beginning to become hard, but she wasn’t. He clenched his teeth together, until he could take no more. His large hand reached up to take hers on his shoulder.

She stopped, feeling his hand on hers. Was she hurting him? She gave him a quizical look as he turned to her, his eyes watching her. What she sat there was something she had never seen in his eyes. Need, lust.. She was surprised, even more so when he leaned over and kissed her, hard. But soon she melted into his embrace, her tongue moving to seek his. It had been so long since she had been with a male.. She gasped as he pulled her hard against him so she could feel him. She pressed her hips into his, her reward a stiffled moan. She nipped at his neck, moving her hips in a slow back and forth movement. His head fell back, his hands clamping on her hips as he ground up into her, a slightly angry expression stealing his features at the clothe barrier between them.

“Shh.. slow..” She murmured into his ear, offering it a gentle lick of her small, rough tongue as she moved agianst him. After a few moments of this, he gently picked her up as if she weight nothing and sat her on the warm wood porch that surrounded the side of the hot tub, now wet from their slight previous splashing. She smiled as he hastily unhooked the top to her bathing suite, sliding it from her arms and gazing at her breasts in pure awe before moving his head down to first lick both nipples, then gently take one into his mouth. After he caught her stiffling a moan, he moved her to her other breast, gently nipping at it before taking it into his mouth as well. She shifted, one furred hand reaching up to tangle in his short hair, her back arching. He shifted, shoving his trunks off of himself to reveal his huge member, hard as a rock between his legs.

She had always known deep down that he was big, but seeing him made her thing twice. What if it hurt? She wasn’t a virgin.. But he was so.. big! She closed her eyes as he licked up her stomach, a tingling sensation taking over her as he slowly worked her bikini bottom down her legs. He would have pleasured her more, but he just wouldn’t have been able to take it. He put his hands on her knees and spread her legs as far as they would go, her thighs almost touching the floor on either side. He moved between them, his gigantic manhood between them. He shifted, the head of his cock gently pushing into her opening. She stiffened lightly, then relaxed a bit as he trailed his tongue up her throat. She was now having even more thoughs.. He was to big. She was about to open her mouth to say something when he thrust, and her words got strangled in her throat, along with a cry of pain, so all that was uttered was a mere squeek. He took that as a go ahead, pulling back again, and thrusting even further..

She was so tight.. He growled, his muscles clenched as he moved forward again, a little over half of him inside of her now. He felt her tighten up her walls and he groaned, his muzzle dropping to nip at her shoulder. He clenched his teeth and pulled back once again, thrusting harder this time. He knew it must hurt, but the soon her he got it over with the better. She spread her legs even wider, her face to the side, eyes squeezed shut with a mixture of pleasure and pain. One more thrust.. and he was fully sheathed in her. He stayed like this for a few moments, trying to get a grip on his control while she adjusted to him. After a few moments, she made a gently mewling sound and moved her hips, causing a slight rumbling at the base of his throat.. He was soon moving slowly, rolling his hips while thrusting. After a while of this, he sped up, his thrusts becoming more fast and rough.

She purred loudly, causing him to growl as he began to shove himself into her, stretching her as far as she would go, almost going past her womb as he slammed into her tight opening. He was thrusting so hard she was almost moving forward under him, but she was thrusting up to, telling him harder, faster. He thrust as hard as he could into her, animal lust taking over as his head flung back and he let out a thunderous growl, his huge member exploding within her, causing her to make a high pitched meowing sound as they both were drowned in wave after wave of ecstasy. When it was over, he held himself up, panting over her. He gently picked her up, still burried with in her while they waited for his knot to subside.. They would need a shower.. He grinned and gently nipped at her ear as he mentioned the idea, causing a smile from her.

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