THe Lion & The Fox

Yuria gently combed the long tendrils of fiery red hair that cascaded down her back and shoulders, her bright green eyes watching herself in the mirror. It was like this every night, and she was beginning to get bored with herself. She hadn't met any male foxes, and she had been taught that.. well.. mating outside your species was wrong. She had never quite figured out why though. She saw many do it, and they seemed happy. A sigh escaped her, her ample breasts pressing against the lacy black bra. She stood up from her vanity table and stretched, her lithe and slim form showing in a seductive manner.

Her sister happened to be one of those who mated out of the species, having a wolf lover. He was nice, and always pleasant company. Her sister had coaxed her, but she had always turned the option down. But now she was questioning what she had been taught.. Oh well, that was enough thinking for tonigh, she needed to get some rest. She yawned as she turned off the lights, climbing up into her rather large bed after pushing the almost see though curtains aside, they surrounded the whole bed.

She slid under the covers, wearing nothing but the soft lingerie. Soon her eyes were closed, her full tail wrapped around her legs under the sheet, her chest rising and falling with even breathing.. And she began to dream...


Gerin smiled as she listened to the ring tone in the phone next to her ear. She had tried to get her sister to listen, but she just wouldn't. Now it was time to take matters into her own hands. She had been told of an agency that sent morph lovers to a friend or family member's house, after getting a request from a friend or family member. A click was heard as someone on the other end picked up, a female's voice speaking.

"Mor Lovers, how may I help you?" The woman asked. She quickly told her of her sister, giving her address and saying she would take any male they had. The woman gave her the male's name, Yamni, then told her he would be there soon to pick up the key to her sister's house. She saw the car, but she had been told no to look at him. If her sister decided to continue seeing him, it was alright.. But if not, they would never see him again. She left the key on the front porch of the house, smiling happily as she slipped into bed next to her lover, snuggling next to him as he rolled over, his strong arm wrapping around her waist, his tail laying over hers.


Yuria shifted in her sleep as the door to her bedroom silently opened, a content sigh slipping from her.. She was dreaming that she had a sensual lover, but she hadn't seen his face yet... She only knew that he had large hands and a large, slightly rough tongue that ran up her body. Yamni had time to undress, slipping the jeans off of his muscular legs, his enormous cock semi-erect from simply watching her sigh in her sleep. He shifted, letting his jacket drop to the floor, then the white T-shirt he had been wearing over his well toned chest, his large, furred paw-like hands pulling off his sunglasses, sitting them on her vanity table.

He pushed some of the golden hair from his shoulder, those almost unreal light brown eyes watching here through the sheer material hanging around her bed.. He was a lion-morph, quite huge, standing at about 6'4", at the least. He was well muscled, and very well endowed, almost to well endowed. He was almost fully erect by now, moving gracefully to silently pull away the curtain, crawling onto her bed with ease, letting the curtain fall back into place.

He very slowly pulled the sheet down, watching as more and more of her body was revealed. She had beautiful breasts, elegantly curved.. And her hips were round, the way he liked them, not slip. Her legs were long and lightly muscled. She liked to run. He smiled, the thin tail of his swaying slightly, the small bit of hair on the end a golden brown like the hair on his head. He gently rested his hands on her ankles, watching as her eyes snapped open to stare at him in disbelief. He ran his big hands up her calves slowly, then up her thighs, then up her sides to brush his fingertips over the soft red mounds. She closed her eyes in response to his touch, a response that urged him to go on.

A smile formed on his furry maw, a mix between a growl and a pur emitted from his throat as he let his large, slightly rough tongue lick over one of her breasts over the bra, watching as she arched slightly toward him. He reached behind her, running his hands up her back to the bra clasps, undoing them easily and slipping the bit of clothing off. He then took the tip of her breast into his mouth, watching out for the canine teeth. She stiffled a moan as he suckled on it like a nursing cub, then licking it before moving to the other. He rolled the nub with his tongue, making sure to give a little nip before he rolled it again, using her soft moans as a guide. Soon she was writhing beneath him. He gently began to massage one breast with one hand, letting the other move slowly down her stomach.

The hand on her stomach moved lower, and finally, he touched her. She gasped as one of his large fingers slowly entered her.. She was tight, and a virgin. He got three fingers into her before she got a slightly pained expression.. Yet she was hot and wet. He moved to suckle on the free breast again, moving his fingers in and out of her tight hole, hearing her whimper as she began to move against his hand. He growled this time, gently nipping at her breast as he shoved his fingers into her, a louder whimper escaping from her. After a few moments of forcing his fingers into her, he shifted, licking his tongue up her neck to her ear, gently nipping at it. He laid his body across hers, his now engorged shaft pressed between them, the length of it laying against her wet lips. He shifted, pressing him self against her as she let out a soft, keening sound, her hands moving to tangle in his long mane of gold.

He moved back, shifting to gently stroke her for a second, feeling her muscles tighten in response. He then positioned himself, the large head of his throbbing member held near her opening. He began to gently push himself into her, watching as her eyes squeezed shut.. It would hurt, but she wanted it, and he knew it. He pushed harder, feeling her paw-like hands move to his shoulders, digging into his skin. He moved back a bit, then thrust again.. She cried out in pain, spreading her legs wider.. They were now almost flat against the bed. He pulled back again, thrusting even harder this time. He was now almost all the way inside of her, which said a lot, considering he must have been at least 12 inches long, and the witch of a shampoo bottle.

He pulled back again, and then thrust hard, hearing a muffled scream against his shoulder as he pushed past her womb, filling her. She sank her teeth into his shoulder as he waited a moment for her to begin to adjust to his size, the barrier of her virginity long gone as they lay together. After a moment, her hips shifted, as if they had a mind of their own. She whimpered in pain, but she was not beginning to feel pleasure as well. He shifted back, thrusting forward into her again. She gasped and arched, laying back on the bed again, arching to press her pubic hair into his, grinding against him, taking him even further into her. He moved back and began to thrust hard into her, the sound of fur and flesh meeting with fur and flesh becoming a constant sound as he rammed into her, her cries of ecstacy and pain mixing with his constant growl of satisfaction as he moved. The muscles in his buttocks flexed as he pounded into her roughtly.

He felt her inner muscles begin to squeeze him, and his growl got louder as he began to thrust even harder, which she herself didn't quite think was possible.. But he did, and a tingling feeling began to engulf her as he arched up. She tumbled over the edge, her orgasm hitting her like a tidle wave. He rammed into her a few more times before spilling his seed into her, the almost colapsing, yet holding himself up with his strong arms so as not to hurt her. He rolled off of her, still inside of her. She rolled with him, laying across him as he began to purr, a sighing sound slipping from her as she gently kneeded his shoulder with her fingers, drifting off to sleep with her new lover.

COPY RIGHT- Foxyseductress

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