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Elven Fire

The Vale was always quite around springtime. The Birds chirping was the most Selina ever heard. Selina was a beautiful Elven girl, she stood about 6foot tall had a slime body, soft ripe breast, icy blue eyes, and long silver hair that flowed all the way down to her ushiony rear.

Selina was envious of the other elves, they all gathered around the fires at night just like her but she was different and she felt that. One night a stranger came to the fires and introduced himself as Kalin. Selina took interest in him right away seeing his build and height. She took in the glow of his aora that seemed to reveal his green eyes and blond hair. She realized that her usual toys wouldn't do for the time she wanted something new something not touched by any of the other elven girls in the camp, she wanted.... Him. For the next few days she continued to tease him when he would glance her way. Occasionally bending over to give him a small show revealing her breast or rear to him. On the night he announced he would be going she decided if she wanted him it would have to be now. When he was in his room she knocked tentatively to get his attention.

He welcomed her happily "Hello Selina. How are you this night?" "Happy and sad M'lord." "Why is that?" "You are going away." "Awww now come on. I told you I wouldn't stay long. Well my stuff is packed I guess I be on my way......." he was cut off by her kissing him fiercely her fingers sliding through his hair as her tongue probed the inside of his mouth gliding over his tongue. When she broke off he stood shocked and staring at her. She walked seductively to the door, closed it and locked it. She turned on her heals and glared at him with her icy blue eyes piercing through his soul he couldn't resist the fact that he was attracted to her and she knew it. "You want me don't you?" "Y..y..y.y...yes..."he sputtered out with gasp of air, his chest heaving still from the kiss. She began to remove her clothing.

First came her vest revealing her breast and firm belly. Next came her pants this time revealing her bare shaven pussy. He could smell her aroma and see she was wet he felt himself ready to explode inside as his length pushed against his pants. She walked over to him and kissed his lips gently and began to move slowly down his his what chest was exposed. She helped him to remove his shirt and continued her kisses down the left side of his chest where she took the nipple into her mouth and sucked gently on it and rubbed it between her teeth listening to him moan gently. She cross's over to the right side and does the same, she finishes and moves down further to his pants where she slowly pulls them down teasing him until his full dick is exposed. She takes him into her hands and licks the tip, shudders move up his spin as she takes him into her warm mouth sliding it easily between her lips sucking on the tip when she came up the end of the shaft she could feel him start to shake.

She release's him and moves to the bed and sits there with her legs spread open offering her pussy and filling the air with an aroma so sweet Kalin felt as if he would cum just from smelling it. He moves between her legs and glides his fingers between the lips of her cunt slowly sliding them into her as he sucks on her lips and licks her clit teasing her body listening to her moans. Her hands glide through his hair as he freely licks the inside of her pussy she can feel the urge to just toss him into bed and enjoy his body but she resist feeling her climax building to its peek, but he stops just before hand and stands up looking down on her sitting on the bed giving him a look of death.

He smiles and moves to stick his cock into her and he does so with ease and feels her cunt's wet juices soak his body and ease his passage into her body. Kalin lays her down on the bed and sucks one of her exposed milk white breast sucking on the nipple and teasing it with flicks of his tongue. Selina moans with content and presses her body against his enjoying the sensation of his cock sliding in and out of her body feeling the pulsating sensation of his cock. She looks up into his eyes and suddenly lets out a scream of pain as he cums inside of her cunt she recoils from the shock and stares at him smiling in pleasure."

Thank you kind sir. I look forward to your next visit." "As do I M'Lady." with that he removes himself from her pussy gets dressed and leaves. She sits on the bed cum dripping from her cunt and her milk white breast covered in small bruises from him. She thinks of ways to make love to him on his next visit. She smiles slyly coming up with an idea.....she'll take him the old fashioned way........

Stars to thy love,
Silverfox Elishia Darkflame
~*Fluffy Fox*~
~*Dark Phoenix*~

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