Dragon Lust

Dragon Lust

He stood by watching the larger male flex his muscles under his scales. The male Red Dragon stood at least 120ft on his hind legs. He could feel the warmth of his blood coating his side from the fight. His normal Crimson colored feathers now a brilliant gold sheen with his blood. He knew he was not a Red dragon but they had raised him since he was found.

He only stood about 78ft on his hind legs, which wasn't very much to the intimidating Red dragon in front of him. "How did I get into this fight this time?" he thought to himself watching the large male known as Meldian. Silver darted left and right to avoid Meldian's tail and tried attacking himself with little effect. He was still learning how to fight, barely 380 years old himself. Meldian was not much older but was clearly more battle hardened, his chest was nothing but sheer muscle, his wings where out stretched and posed to strike with his massive claws.

Silver was fixing just to drop and surrender, but the female he was wanting, was watching and he knew she only looked at the stronger males. "That's how this happened." He recalled remembering it was Flamedra watching Meldian's body that caused him to pick this fight. He wanted Flamedra and wouldn't let Meldian near her. While he was thinking a Powerful claw struck him across the face knocking him half way across the pack hall. He got up slowly dazed and saw the trail of gold blood from where he slid on the ground and shook his head. "I'm dead..." he thought to himself.

He was about to curl up into a ball and surrender but then he saw her, watching him, her slender form slithering in and out of the surrounding pack members watching him with a wicked grin on her face. Her cold blue eyes judging his form from head to toe, he could have sworn he eyes lingered on the erect length between his legs as he got up. Her red scales glistened with an inborn fire singeing his eyes with their luster. He wanted so badly to run his paws over her breast and flick his tongue along her scales.

Getting up to his full height, he leaps against Meldian who was gloating with two female dragons on the sidelines. Caught off guard Meldian's massive form fell hitting the ground causing an echoing sound through the halls like thunder. His head hit a rock hard and he roared in pain feeling the blood seep from the side of her ear and muzzle. Shifting his weight Meldian threw Silver against the wall, his smaller form crumpling against the impact.

Meldian just growled at his unconscious form and began beating him fiercely before an Elder dragon dragged the enraged male off of Silver. Silver was taken to the healer's hall and placed behind closed doors to heal fully. His body was soaked by the healers to clean the blood from his feathered body. He could hear them muttering about how pathetic he was and stupid for challenging Meldian.

About two weeks passed while his body was healing when someone opened the door to his room. He thought he was delusional when he saw the sleek form of his beloved enter the room. Her supple breast pressed together between her forearms as she slowly entered the room on all fours. He smiled slyly seeing her tail slowly swaying seductively behind her.

He knew he couldn't get out of the bed due to the wards around it to keep him from moving around. He quickly closed his eyes acting like he was asleep, a soft purr on his lips. His right arm was draped over his firm chest, the tip of his tail stuck out from under the blankets. Unlike the Red dragons here, his tail was deadly due to the large three way sickle imbedded in the tip of his tail. A smile crossed his face as he felt her's nuzzle him softly listening to his purrs, she just chuckled and coo'd softly in his ear speaking softly "That was crazy what you did you know?"

"Yes I know." "So why did you do it you silly half breed?" she coo'd. That was the one thing he could not stand, being called half-breed. So what if he had a timber wolf's blood in his veins, he had no choice in that matter. His train of though was interrupted as he felt her tongue slide down his neck and purr as she sniffed at his chin "I like that about you though." She smiled at him laying her head on his chest softly listening to his breathing.

"So why are you here Flamedra?" he said softly looking at her "And an even better question, how did you get past the cleric's?" that was a strict rule in the Dragon packs, any Dragon going trough intense healing was sealed off from everyone else. She just looked and him and cared less her hard nipples where pressed against his arm. He cursed himself that he left the blanket on for it blocked the full touch of her body. "The Cleric's owe me a favor for my gift of healing Silverfox." She smiled and hugged him "Do you like it here with the pack?" she asked rather seriously. But he couldn't believe what she was saying. "I grew up here with you. Your only twenty years old then me."

"SO!?" she blurted out almost growling at him "I hate it here. Every male is out to bed me because I'm the only one not giving the Elders what they want." She was right, he couldn't smell any male scent on her at all let alone any female scent other then her's and her mothers. This just made him smile knowing he wasn't the only virgin in the pack. Smiling again she laid her head back on his chest pressing her soft breast against his arm harder.

He could barely contain himself as she tortured him. He just smiled and wrapped one arm around her shoulder and started rubbing between the base of her wings, a slow moan echoed through her throat as his paw glided over her scales. He could feel his male piece thicken against the blankets forming a teepee between his legs. She didn't notice as her eyes where closed tightly from his paws. "So why did you come here?" he asked cooing softly "I..." she gulps back shivering violently at her sensitivity to him "I...wanted to know...Mmmmmm..." she moaned against him climb on top of him and kissing his lips softly. He couldn't believe this, he finally had the one female he always wanted in his bed, or close enough to it.

He slowly pushed her onto her side and under him. Some of his wounds not showing to badly anymore. He slowly started tracing his long soft tongue over her scales the areas cleaned by his tongue glisten with a light sheen of red.

"Gaaaaaaaaahh...Silver!" she cried feeling his tongue tweak over her nipples as his paws caress softly over her sides. Her sensitive body barely able to handle his touch. Her mind was racing frantically to put all of this together, how she ended up in bed with a Male she had wanted since she reached maturity. Her legs where pressed together moving up and down under his body. She couldn't believe how soft his feathers where despite how sturdy they where in the fight. Meldian's claws should have shredded him quickly, but instead only left large scratches and gashes.

His body was writhing on top of hers licking every scale softly polishing them to a red luster. He finally reached her legs and growled at her softly in play as she slowly spread them allowing him access to her warm center. He wasted no time and cupped his muzzle around her wet lips and began slowly licking his tongue against her soft flesh, parting her lips slowly. She couldn't handle it, her hips where bucking wildly at her first experience with any form of sexuality. She couldn't keep her mouth shut, she was whimpering loudly enough the room was filled with her moans and cries.

He loved her taste, it was like a mix of cinnamon and strawberry, two snacks he deeply loved. His lips where covered in her nectar suckling deeply on her folds. His tongue roaming over her soft hole adding only slight pressure to her entrance letting his tongue sink only so deep before feeling a barrier of resistance "Oh my goddess. She is a virgin." Is all he could think to himself as he continued to lick her warm pussy. "Silverfox Elishia Darkflame, GET your half breed ass up here and take me!" she screamed at him her back arched with her paws roaming her breast as he came up and kissed her deeply.

She quickly released her breast and gripped his back firmly pulling him down on top of her body and wrapped her legs around his waist gripping his tail with her own and growling at him viciously. "I want you now." She growled digging her claws into his shoulders firmly. His eyes clenched tightly as he slowly moved himself into her body, his long thick dick firmly pushing between her lips shoving her soft insides open. She gritted her teeth tightly as she felt him push himself inside of her, she cried out loudly as she felt her innocence fade away in one quick shove the barrier of her virginity gone with his penetration.

His breath caught in his throat as he felt the head of his cock rub lightly against her womb and he could see she was in pain but feeling great pleasure. Her mind was reeling in bliss and her hips where bucking softly against his. Here chest was heaving from the intensity of all that was happening and the speed it was occurring. She wanted more of it, she felt her needs to have him and she wanted to fulfill them. Slowly he began pushing against her and pulling his hips back, letting the pleasure linger as he slowly inserted himself inside of her.

He could feel her inflamed clit on his palm as he rubbed her lips softly to ease the pain in her warmth and pleasure her more. His lips locked around one of her nipples and began suckling deeply on her breast, she slowly arched her back and hips against him lost in her passion. All she could do was moan and scream for more. He could feel her warm nectar on his cock, her pussy squeezing him tightly with her muscles she was on the verge of Cumming and he wanted to feel her bliss all over him.

His body was thrusting viciously into her pussy enjoying the feel of her warm body on his. Suddenly she gripped him with every part of her body and growled viciously screaming out "SILLVERRRRR!" was all he could hear before his own climax hit, his body convulsed above her and he could feel his cock thicken inside of her body pushing her lips open wider as his warm seed seeped inside of her body filling her insides. "Thank you..." was all she could whisper weakly before collapsing in a heap under him a loud purr in her throat.

He lay there on top of her cooing softly into her ear before falling asleep himself. His body spent as well as hers.

~~ The End....Or is it? You all know Silver in Silver & Keantha, but it's not Keantha he mates, could it be Flamedra? Or maybe another female? Keep reading and maybe you'll find out.

Stars to thy love,
Prince Silverfox Elishia Darkflame

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