The Misadventure's of Allester

The Misadventure's of Allester Darkflame
Chapter 2: Nagasaki's Rape

The night sky was beautiful as Allester flew through it all. He couldn't help but smile and close his eyes, sniffing the air as he flew through the night breeze. His wings spread as far as possible to glide over the wind currents, each feather rippling over his wings and nude body. Every muscle on his body flexed with a fresh beat of his wings, his dragonic features showing up bellow him as he passes over a lake. Smiling to himself, banking left to head home to his den, he couldn't help but notice a mare bathing herself by the lake he just flew over.

"Did she not notice me?" he thought to himself as he slowly circled the skies over the lake. He wasn't the biggest of dragons currently. He enjoyed a smaller size, yet still full of muscle and speed. His head was the normal triangular shape of a dragon with two overly large feathers curving from his eyebrows over his head and down his back. His entire body covered in black feathers that allowed him easy blending with the night sky. His chest was broad and openly exposed with feathers soft to the touch but as hard as steel.

His forearms a large bulky size, flexing every muscle in them as he flaped his wings to keep himself aloft. His stomach was a gorgioues 12pack acustom to dragons, his sheath however was common size, but what was secretly hidden inside was his true nature a large cock meant for breeding. His legs just as muscled as his arms, giving him excelent running ability. Each toe tipped with a powerful talon curved slightly to rip flesh apart.

As he looked over the mare from his low flight, he could see clearly she was a breeder for whoever kept her around for pleasure. She stood easily at 15feet tall, with beautiful brown colored fur that nearly caused her to blend into the dark ground. Her nude body sparkled with the dew drops of water from the lake. Her breast easily a FF cup as they poked up from her chest, her entire form muscled for running and jumping. The sweet trueasure between her legs hidden from view by a currten of black hairs.

He couldn't help but twitch as his cock filled up with blood and a haze of sexual hunger clouded his eyes. A swift twitch of his wings, and jerk on his tail and tail feathers sent him into a low dive. All that broke the silance of the night was the nicker and scream of the mare as a 17foot dragon came from nowhere to pounce and pin her down to her back. Her breast jerking and bouncing from the impact.

His cock could barely stay contained as he worked the mare's hips apart, spreading her legs as far as possible. Her sex smelling devine and recently used by some sort of dog type fur. The cum starting to leak from her puffy lips as her body betrayed her. A low growl from his muzzle coming as his warning to her to not struggle. But that's all she did, squirm and bite. Her breast shaking uncontrolably as she moved around, trying to keep his large cock from pressing into her body.

"Stay still creature." he growled viciously

"NO!" she hissed back slapping him. That only recived her a slap back and a vicious thrust from his hips, his cock slipping through her cum soaked pussy lips, making her squeal from pain and pleasure mixed together. The scent of the first male fadding quickly over the muscular dragon's scent. His cock glided easily through her prepped pussy lips, causing him to shiver from his own pleasure, carelessly kneading the mare's tits under him.

She continued to squirm even while being abused like this. Her breast jiggled in his paws while he used them for a brace against every thrust into her wet sex. Her inner muscles completely went against her wants, squeezing his cock tightly inside of it's folds while he coo'd thickly, enjoying her like he was made her sick to her stomach. Each thrust from his hips slapped her inner thighs roughly which hurt, but her moaning was uncontroled as he fucked her like her previous lover did.

Allester's body was moving in a steady rythem, giving his cock a firm thrust, then a slow pull through her pussy folds, getting the lewd slurping and suckling sound out of her sex that he loved getting from the females he'd been with. Each movement of his cock through her tight sex sent electric bolts of energy up his spine and he couldn't help but release an amount of his cum into her womb. Her face contorting, knowing what he was doing now as his body quivered over her and a warm feeling inside of her womb told her he was cumming in her.

She'd always fingered herself to get as much cum as possible out of her. But she knew this male wouldn't let that happan. He was just laying on her, not even pulling his cock free of her cunt before he rolled her over onto her belly and slapped her ass roughly with a growl. "Did Mistress enjoy herself?" he questioned her.

She smirked and pushed herself to all fours and then moved away, grunting as the large dragon cock's flared head pulled free of her sex, making a lewd popping sound as she sat down and grined "Yes pet, very good. Now, be a good toy and clean up your mess." she coo'd spreading her cum soaked thighs apart and laying back on her hands.

Allester grined and quickly got to all fours, burrying his muzzle deep in her pussy folds, slurping noisly at her wet sex grining and muttering "Thank you mistress Nagasaki." His tongue was experted and designed for eatting pussy out. Slipping easily through her sex folds and deeper then any males tongue has ever gone into her body. She always loved when he did that, every time she'd jump and jerk from the odd sensation.

"That's a good boy." she coo'd endulging in the skileld tongue teasing her abused cunt. One of her paws squeezing and kneading her tits as hard as possible, trying to recreate the abusive kneading Allester could do with his own muscles. Her imaginary world snapped as her body went rigid and her back hit the ground, squirming where she lay as Allester's tongue brought her to an orgasim that she wasn't ready for.

Her mind was realing as she thought she heard him ask if she was okay...."I knew...I shouldn't have drank the water..." she groaned before fainting out cold...

--------End......or is it?

Nagasaki- Copyrighted her character 2002
Allester- Copyrighted ME! 2002 =)

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