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Anya and Vormav become closer with each talk they have. The two are often seen alone in the garden or in his tower, talking and enjoying each other's company.

Meanwhile, Darius Ravnoir, Kittanya's Father and Vormav's Commander stationed in Abadon, sent news to the Castle that their Mines located in Fhan have stopped production and all contact with it is lost. The mine provides the Clan with precious metals like Mythril, Steel and Gouge, among other materials that are used to make weapons for the Clan. Darius sent three parties to investigate the situation, all did not return. He has nither the time nor vampower to send a forth. He askes Vormav to send a party of his own, since Fenrike's soldier reserves are far better than his.

Vormav sends a team led by Dante and Olgarin. The two command one unit each of soldiers, accompanied by a hand full of higher ranked Knights and Vormav's personal slave, Jewel. They head out for Fhan.

They meet with many dangers on their quest. They begin on the trail that leads out of the Badlands and to the other side of the Fenvun mountain range. They come to a cave that they discover is a Dragon's nest of sorts. Nonetheless, they must travel through it to get to the other side of the mountain.

Inside Shana finds a dragon's egg as it haches, and through "imprinting" the dragon thinks Shana is it's mother. She tries to get rid of it but it ends up following her. She names it Frig and takes him under her wing.

The group narrowly escapes the cave.

They push on through lush forests, running into an old hermit wizard who ends up dying from his own spell. The group journeys onward, stumbling upon a warparty of Gobilins (42 in count). Though skilled fighters, the party is overwhelmed and is forced to flee the scene. In the confusion of battle Olgarin is left behind. Unsure if he is alive or not, the group leads on with Dante as their sole commander.

Back at the Castle, Vormav and Anya begin a romantic relationship. With her uncanny resemblance to his mortal wife, Vormav is taken by feelings from the past.

Impatient of the time it is taking, Vormav sends Lazeral through a portal to their location, using the Shadowsgate talisman, to find out what has happend. When Lazeral gives his report, Vormav is outraged. He orders Lazeral to take command of the party and complete the mission. Lazeral, angry that the group lost Olgarin to Goblins and that he may pay for their mistakes, assumes command, swearing to find Olgarin himself once the mission is complete.

Castle Fenrike falls under attack! Cloaked warriors burst through the gates, taking the Clan by suprise. They are skilled in the weaknesses of Vampires. With the use of unbreakable shackles, the Chains of Mular, the warriors manage to capture Lord Vormav.

Just as they intruders get away, the party that was sent to Fhan returns to find their home in disaray. Survivors of the battle tell little, and most of the clan was unaware the battle was upon them as the warriors enter and exited swiftly. With no leader and few clues, the Clan is at a loss of what to do...

In the aftermath of the attack, they wonder what to do. Alexanna finds another link to the chain, and deduces that is of some rare metal. Lady Kitannya apears and tells them that the link belongs to the "Chains of Mular", the legendary shackles that held the son of Sky, the Elder God. She also discloses that whoever the enemy who took Vormav is, they know the weakness of Vampires mathodicaly.

Kitannya askes who will go to find him. Sauron, Vormav's personal guard answers Anya as well. Dante steps forward to lead the group. Alexanna agrees as well as she pulls one of her books out and begins to prepare ideas for chemical weapons for the trip. Vaugmarth, Vormav's loyal Dragon mount roars in agreement to go. Kittanya agrees with the cry, saying that Vaugmarth's abilities would be useful in finding Vormav. Kitannya gives Shana a scroll. On the parchment is a spell that can make the link a compass to the rest of the chain. She also tells Shana that without the words to speak to unbound the chain, they can never be removed. Anya takes Shana's hand on the parchment and vows to find Vormav with her, swearing to it.

Shana and the rest get themselves ready for their quest. And then gather on the Back of Vaugmarth and take off.

After a time, the group finds Vormav burried in a deep hole inside a mountain cave. Vaugmarth digs him out of the ground and Shana uses the scroll spell to free him from the chain, but not before they are attacked by Vormav's abductors. Armed extremely well, the Humans are joined by a Cave Orc. The humans are delt with quickly and the Cave Orc follows, but not before Shana, and her loyal pet Frig, are slain.

After the Battle, Vormav explains that these people are Lionhearts, distant realatives of his former, mortal self. He continues to say that they have become a sect of Vampire Hunters bent on destroying all of his kind. They had tried to kill Vormav, but failed since Vormav is totaly immortal. They then decided to bury him in this pit to keep him from further destruction.

The group takes off on Vaugmarth's back, heading for the Castle.

When they return, the news of Shana's death saddenes the Clan and a Funeral is planned. Once returned, Anya askes Vormav to marry her. He accepts with a look of happiness.

With the wedding, a funeral and the Festival of the Scarlet Moon close at hand, the Clan is at a loss for for what mood to be in.