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I have developed this Clan to create an environment where character interaction, political drama, and a solid plot could come together to form an enticing role-playing game. Online role-playing is limited because it is an uncontrolled and unspecified setting where nearly anything can happen. If all players adhere to set rules and collaborate their ideas, they could create a fun and interesting role-playing game.

I created Wyvren, a fantasy world to give us a unique role-playing environment. It is a world untouched by all the other realms online and will never be affected by them, or by anyone from them. The only players who are allowed to RP in Wyvren are the people I allow. All characters are screened before they can enter into the Clan because I want to make sure that they:

  1. Fit into the realm.
  2. Will add uniqueness to the role-play.
  3. Are not overly powerful characters.

I know I don't have to tell you this but characters don't have to be "mega" to make them important. Weaknesses are needed to play a character. If there were no flawed characters, role-playing would be boring. This Clan is also different because of the way we resolve fighting. Every online fight I have seen has ended up an argument. (In which each side cries, "auto" at the drop of a hat.) So I have decided to coordinate fights with OOC PMs, between myself and the other players. One of the rules of this Clan is that all fights are resolved in the latter method. Battles with NPCs are at the discretion of the player.

Some of you are thinking, "How can this be fun?" Players who get what I am saying don't need an answer but for those of you who are into combat heavy role-playing, this clan may not be for you.

I am looking for friendly players who can also be flexible with their character's disposition. The character that founded this Clan is evil, so most of the character types needed are those of low moral standing or just plain evil. Although, players who have offensive, disrespectful, mean, or just plain ass-hole-like characters will not be accepted into the clan. It should be noted if your character ever begins to act as aforementioned they would be expelled from the clan. If a Clan member is ever expelled from the Clan, the other players should not harbor angry feelings toward the player of the expelled character. The fault would fall to the character, not to the player. This may be very contradictory to most of you. I must admit, it somewhat is, but this is a gray area to cover.

I believe that if you play your character well, and surround yourself with people who do the same, you can have a very involving and intriguing role-playing game.

-Jarod L. Nandin

Here is a list of the OOC rules you will need to follow once you join our clan.


  1. All Characters must be well thought out and have a written Character Sheet so that it may be approved by myself and posted on our Clan site. You are allowed to play only one Character at a time, so make your Character count.

  2. All Character SN (Screen Names) of Clan members must be the first and last name of the Character you play, with an underscore ( _ ) to seperate each name. This means no titles, obscure phrases or numeral combinations. An exception of up to two middle names will be allowed but only with my permission. All Screen Names must be authorized by myself, before you make them.

  3. Your Screen Name must also be an E-mail account. This is primarily for use with our Yahoo Club.

  4. You are not allowed to send hatefull E-mails or PMs while you are using your Clan member account.

  5. All PM and IM windows are for Out of Character chatting. No In Character RPing is allowed within Private or Instant Messages.

  6. All battles and fights MUST be coordinated in IMs/PMs. This means that all of the players involved in the battle or fight decide what happens and what the outcome will be. Battles with NPCs are at the discretion of the players who are fighting them.

  7. Automatic Intros are not allowed. Intros cannot be longer than 3 lines and must be contained within a single post.

More rules will more than likely follow. I feel at this time these rules cover most of my concerns.