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Vormav Darkheart

Greetings, I am Vormav Darkheart, Lord of the Scarlet Moon Clan. This Castle is our home and our base of operations for my one true goal. As my guest you are granted permission to enter and look around. If you need anything my slave Jewel will be your guide (The menu to the left).

This is an Online role-playing game clan. We use the Yahoo! chat system to intereact and play our game. Unlike other Yahoo! clans, we exsist in the mythic realm of Wyvren. This world was created by the clan's founder, Jarod L. Nandin. With the help of the other members, the realm is given shape in our imagination. It is a realm that is unique and unaffected by any of the other realms role-played on Yahoo!

If you wish to join there is a link in the menu. If you have any questions you can use the contact link in the menu as well. You can also reach me on Yahoo! as Vormav_Darkheart.

NOTICE Please be sure to read as much on this site as you can,


Please know that I get asked the same questions by many people each week and the answers could have been found in these pages. Don't be afraid to read!

The Current Storyline of the RPG so far...

Sauron has returned from his quest to find beasts for the great army. Brining with him many eggs and 2 dragons.

Sometime after that, Sauron was lured into trap that Demona had set for him. The two have been at odds ever since they first met. Demona used an illusion spell to trick Sauron into thinking she was Trinity, and the two shared a bed.

Through this union Demona will bare child. Trinity and Vormav both discoverd these events when Demona admitited to the crime to them. Vormav and Trinity where both furious. Trinity was on the verge of killing Demona, but Vormav stayed her hand and hand other plans for the decitful witch.

Trinity was also angry at Sauron, for this was his second betrayal of their love, and possibly his last. Vormav was angry with Sauron as well and stripped him of his rank of the Vormav's Personal Guard, reducing him to the rank of a common Soldier.

Demona's fate was left to the hands of Anya, who has always harbored a hate for the magic-user. Anya delights in this gift Vormav has given her, and won't let him forget it.

The Festival of the Scarlet Moon is close at hand and though the party held for the wedding ends, the Festival is soon to be in motion. The 7 days of drinking, dancing and debatchery will prove to be a memorable event.