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The Symbol of the Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is a group of seven to eight members who regulate and govern the Clan. The first three positions are reserved for the Darkheart Family. The other six are for the members who represent the Strength, Magic, and Wisdom of the Clan. Their duty is its preservation.

All other members must obey the commands of an Inner Circle member. If at any time their are no Clan Family members of the Circle present, then the remaining six members, in all, have control of the Clan until any of the Family members return. All Clan decisions are then decided between these members by a majority vote.

The Hierarchy of the Inner Circle is a system wherein if a member of the Circle is not present, (If they are not presently Online) then his or her duties and responsibilities are given to the member who has the next position and retains them until that member returns. The hierarchy also establishes which position has authoritative power over other positions. The following is a list of how the Clan Hierarchy works. The positions on the same line with an equal sign seperating them, have equal power to each other.

Lord Darkheart
Lady Darkheart
Other Ladies of Darkheart
Direct Descendant of Darkheart
Commander = Arch-Magus = Noble Advisor
Sub-Commander = Magus = Advisor


The following is a list of the each position, their duties, responsibilities and a brief example of their authoritative power.

He is Vormav Darkheart. He is the leader of the Clan. No one can oppose his authority.

She is the Lady of the Scarlet Moon Clan and Vormav's wife. Lady Darkheart is second in command and holds authority second to Lord Darkheart's. Her approval is needed for the induction of members to the Inner Circle as well as members of the Clan.

She is any of the wifes of Vormav after the first. The number of wife she is to Vormav is her designation. She fills in for Lady Darkheart when she is not around. They do not attend Circle meetings otherwise.

The position designed for the direct descendant of Lord Darkheart. He or she can assume this position once and if the requirements are met. The requirements are:

The Commander is the leader of the Scarlet Moon Clan Knights. His or her main duty is to protect the Clan Family. The Commander must also protect members of the Inner Circle, the other members of the Clan and the Clan Home, Castle Fenrike. In times of War and battles the Commander has the power to issue commands to the Arch-magus.

The Arch-Magus is the leader of the Scarlet Moon Clan Magi. His or her main duty is to aid the clan with their magical abilities. In matters of Magic and Mysticism the Arch-Magus has the power issue commands to the Commander.

The Sub-Commander is second in command of the Scarlet Moon Clan Knights. Whenever the Commander is not present, the Sub-Commander assumes all duties and responsibilities of the Commander.

The Magus is Second in command of the Scarlet Moon Clan Magi. His or Her main duty is to be advisor and aid to the Arch-Magus. Whenever the Arch-Magus is not present, the Magus assumes all duties and responsibilities of the Arch-Magus.

The Noble Advisor advises the Inner Circle. His or her main duty is to advise Lord Darkheart on all matters and inform him of current events.

The Advisor also advises the Inner Circle. His or her main duty is to advise the Inner Circle on all matters and inform them of current events.

Induction into the Circle requires an approval by both Lord and Lady Darkheart. In the case of the positions of Sub-Commander and Magus, additional approval by the Commander for the Sub-Commander, and by the Arch-Magus for the Magus, Are required.

Once a week the Inner Circle holds a meeting to discuss Clan issues. A report is given by each of the three head positions. The three head positions being the Commander, the Arch-Magus, and the Noble advisor. Here is a list of the order in which the Clan's issues are discussed.


  1. Matters of State: Noble Advisor's report
  2. Matters of War: Commander's report
  3. Matters of Sorcery: Arch-Magus' report
  4. Induction of new Clan members
  5. All other matters of note
  6. Lord Darkheart's closing address

At times of war and such, emergency meetings are held. If any Circle member cannot be present during these meetings then their subordinate takes their place. (See " Inner Circle Hierarchy") In such case the Issue's priority goes, of course, to the issue that called for the meeting.