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All of Wyvren wept in the aftermath of the new Vormav. Evil, the Elder God, came to Vormav in a dream. The Dark Elder God told Vormav that if he served him and his goals, the rewards would be great. Since Vormav knew he and the Elder God shared the same goals, he pledged his immortal life to him. Evil gave Vormav an army of dark creatures, demons and goblins. He was given a Castle by Emperor Altek that he named Fenrike, which was carved from the very rock of Mt. Fenvun. The Castle was nestled deep in the Badlands of Scarlet Moon. From there Vormav commanded his army and soon allied it with the might of Scarlet Moon. Asiair Enlyom, Arch-Magus of the Empire, put a magical enchanment on the Castle. The encahnment made the castle look like the moutain it was before it was formed into a Castle to all but Vampires and other dark creatures.

With the unstopable force of both armies at his disposal, Vormav, Delinous, and Scarlet Moon, conqured nation after nation. The First to fall was Turock. Though the Grand Wizard of Turock tired to reason with the new Vormav it was in vain. Onward the army charged, overthrowing all the Human Nations. They traveled west by sea and enslaved the Elven Kingdom. But when they went North to the Dwarven kingdom of Tyrnog, they met heavy resistance. The Tyrnog Kingdom was the united nation of the Dwarves. It's borders where surounded by walls made of an unusual tree. The walltree was a forest-like line of trees that formed a barrier around the entire inland coast of Tyrnog. For 20 years the Scarlet Moon army tried in vain to get past the natural fortification. Finally, an Alchemist by the name of Stephon Enlyom, son of Asiair Enlyom, discoverd the weakness of the Wall, salt water. He figured that the reason why the Tree was spread out half a mile from the shores of Tyrnog was because the salty sea water was its bane. When they used salt water, it weakened the Walltree and the Scarlet Moon army poored into Tyrnog. Within a few months Tyrnog fell to Scarlet Moon. The Empire had now extended its control to all of the known lands of Wyvren.

30 years passed and Emperor Delinous was now an old man. His son, Prince Aldar, was to succeed him to the throne. The World belonged to Scarlet Moon. For 10 years after their totaly domination of Wyvren, it seemed nothing could stop them.

At this time an alien race of beings emerged. They came to be known as the "Ones". Their physical form was never documented. To all they seemed to have come from the heavens, like a blessing from the gods. Most historians speculate they came from another realm, religious people believed them to be the angels sent from the gods to avenge the injustice Scarlet Moon had wrought. No one knows for sure.

They aided the Dwarves in liberation. They helped the Dwarves free the Elven Kingdoms. They banded the elves and the dawarves into one united force, and freed the Human Nations, one by one.

This uncanny force sent Scarlet Moon to its knees. The "Ones" had managed to tip the scales of power in the favor of those who had been conqured and enslaved by Scarlet Moon. The Empire was nearing its end. Rather than face an uncertain destiny at the hands of those he had conqured and enslaved, Delinous committed suicide. Aldar was then named Emperor after his death.

In the final battle the United Forces poured into Warhost, the Empire's Capital, and conquered the once mighty country in a single storke. Before he could be charged with his war crimes, the forces that stormed the fortress executed Emperor Alder upon their victory. In the confusion of the invasion into the Capital, Vormav fled to his home, Castle Fenrike.

Knowing of Vormav's retreat, the "Ones" did not pursue him. With vengeance in their hearts, the leaders of the Nations, the command structure of the United Forces, demanded the head of Vormav Darkheart. The "Ones" held a metting with the Leaders and told them the futility of that order. Since they knew that Vormav was immortal, or as they put it, "...immortal to this world", they knew it was a futile effort. They also explained that he had a destiny to fulfill, though even the Gods did not know where his path led, they knew it would be important to the future of Wyvren.

Their words made the Leaders afraid and so they devised a conspiracy that would make both the Ones and the Nations content. When the people of the world demanded Vormav's head the Leaders placed a decoy head on a pike and paraded it threw all the great cities of the world as a celebration of his death.

Scarlet Moon was no more. It was reverted to its original name, Ballhalu, and a new, revised republic government was appointed to prevent the country from becoming the Empire it once was.

300 years have passed since and Vormav remains in his Castle, hidden from the World. He plots his revenge...

...And so he waits, biding his time, spreading his curse, massing his army.

The World will see another Scarlet Moon.


Notes: As the storyline continues, Vormav will create his army and with it, bring back the Scarlet Moon Empire. This massing of the army, 300 years after the events above, is where we are in the storyline being Role-played with the Clan. To bring you up to the part where the true story begins, the involvment of the 10 heroes who battle the Revival of the Scarlet Moon Empire and defeat Vormav, is as follows-

Thousands of years have passed and Wyvren has seen many wars and disasters since that time. Vormav lived in his castle and he sired many kin with his blood, as the Elder Goddess Fire said he would. His children plagued mankind with his curse, and the race of Vampires spread.