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The war was fierce and long fought. Both sides had taken heavy losses. After five long years, an end was seemingly near. Delinous, weary of the war and angry he had not won it yet, ordered a final, descisve attack on Turock's Capital, Dyne. A spy within the ranks of Scarlet Moon warned the Fire Knights of the impending attack. Vormav and his Fire Knight Officials devised a counter-strike to the attack. They planned to flank Scarlet Moon's forces from both sides, using the element of suprise to confuse them and gain the upper hand.

The day of the battle was at hand. Scarlet Moon began their attack on Dyne, and as planned, the Fire Knights flanked there forces. The battle was fast and ferice. Both sides suffered heavy casualties. People were droping like flies. In the confusion of the battle, Jerii was accedently killed by a fellow Fire Knight. She died right before Vormav's eyes. He fell into a deep shock. Vormav stood over her body, in a trance. He felt the world slip away, thinking it was all only a bad dream. While he stood there he was stabbed and arrowed many times. Despite his wounds he remaind frozen in place.

After what seemed like an eternity, Vormav's sureal daydream fadded. The battle was still being waged as he came to, anger filling his heart. He began to kill everyone in his sight, Scarlet Moon Soldier, and Fire Knight alike. After the few hours since the battle began all but he were dead. Vormav wished he was dead. He went to Jerii's lifeless body. His rage subsided briefly as he pondered her death, and the reasons behind it. He tried to make reason out of it. Then he thought of the Elder Goddess Fire. "Why?" he asked. He thought himself loyal to her and felt he did not deserve such a fate. He figured it was Fire's fault, blaming the Elder Goddess for his beloved's death.

The pain and greif of her death and the motives behind it overwelmed him. His anger grew, knowing no bounds. He ran into the city, Dyne and entered the Great Temple the Order had created for the Elder Goddess Fire. He began to ravaged and pillage the holy place. Vormav cursed and foamed at the mouth in his agony and rage. He screamed blasphamous words towards the Elder Goddess. He murdered all the priests and worshipers inside. He had become a mindless creature, unconsciously doing the bidding of the Elder God Evil.

Fire was horrified. She came down from the heavens in the shape of a streaming stone of light. Fire appeared in Temple before Vormav, in her goddess form. Vormav became the first mortal to see the true form of a God. Overpowered by her sight and presence that Vormav not only was frozen in place, had nearly die. It is said that all who look upon the true form of a God whould die but somehow he survived. She parted her lips and began to speak.

She spoke onto him saying,

"You have committed a great disgrace to my name and for that act you shall bare the price. I Fire, one of the Four Elder Gods of Wyvren, curse thee, Vormav Lionheart to become a creature of evil. You shall be a demon hidden in mortal shaped flesh. You will grow fangs like a snake and use them to feed upon the blood of the races, and you will thirst for it. Your blood will be enticing to them and they will become your spawn with but a drink. Your heart shall be as it is now, dark like the abyss and you shall bare this stigma in place of your father's name. Your children shall bare this weakness and become a plague upon the world. You shall remain this way, never to grow old, never to die, until the end of time, when the earth is no more and the stars have ceased to shine... You are now Vormav Darkheart, the first of the Vampires. Go now and ravage this world with the evil in your heart."

With that said the goddess returned to the heavens. Vormav left the temple and began what would be known as the "Dark Ages". He went to The Capital of the Scarlet Moon Empire, Warhost. Vormav burst into the city killing all in his way. Many soldiers fell for none could stop the him. He entered Warhost Castle, home of Altek and his familiy. Vormav slowly made his way to the throne room of the Emperor. Altek was scared out of his mind. His imagination grew bigger and bigger as Vormav drew nearer and nearer. Vormav didn't come there for revenge as Altek had assumed. Delinous was so amazed, so fearful, of Vormav's power that he quickly begged him to join his ranks as Commander of the Scarlet Moon Knights, with command over the Empire's army. For some reason Vormav happily accepted.

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