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Sex: Male
Age: 248
Race: Dragon
Class: Mount
Rank: None
Alignment: Abberant

Disposition: Though he is an aberrant Black dragon he has a modest sense of honor but when things are done to his disliking, he forgets that side of himself, specificly when his master is involved. He does not attack unless ordered to do so by his master but will kill any who would harm him or his Lord, Vormav Darkheart. He is the pet, familiar and friend of Vormav, doing anything for him. The two share a strange, yet powerful empathic link of which both do not know why. Since they both have empathic abilities, this may be the reason. He cares not that he is bound to live the life of a mount, rather enjoying it since it serves Vormav's Goals. All that matters to Vaug is that his Lord is pleased and out of harms reach. He lets nothing stand in the way of him and his Lord, crushing all who rise against him.


Clothing and Armor-


Special Items-

Physical Description: He has inky black scales, dark red eyes. He is 20 feet long and 10 feet tall from claws to back. From head to claws he is 18 feet tall.

Background: Vaugmarth was orphened at birth by dragon slayers who killed his mother. He hatched to the vision of darkness and despair. He wandered the earth aimlessly, until the day he meet Vormav. They battled for a time, but soon vormav showed himself the winner against the half starved beast. Yet, instead of killing the young dragon, vormav adopted him. He carried the broken dragon back to the confides of Castle Fenrike to be healed. Vormav slowly gained Vaugmarth's trust and had him trained to become the Lord's mighty stead. Through the bond they forged together, they shared an empathic link. This came about because of the Dragon's natural empathic ability, and Vormav's own ability to read the emotions of his vampire kin. As he learned the darker arts of war and death, he grew to share the passion for destruction, as he felt it from his master. Now, he wishes only to serve as both servent and companion to Vormav.

Knowledge and Skills-