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Sex: Female
Age: 243 (turned at 20)
Race: Vampirc Human
Class: Warrior
Rank: Soldier
Alignment: Aberrant

Disposition: Trinity acts very respectful to others, always being polite. She is very loyal and honest. She usually stays silent, unless someone speaks to her. She is always glad to serve Vormav, she trys her hardest to impress him and fufill her duties. She never lets anything get in her way.


Clothing and Armor-


Special Items-

Physical Description: She is tall and slender weighing 123 pounds standing 5 feet and 9 inches tall. She has shoulder length red hair and pale icy blue eyes and full crimson lips.

Background: She is the daughter of a warrior named Legolas Raynes. Her mother was a beautiful maiden named Krista Satine, owning the wealthy Satine family's estate. Trinity grew up in a small villiage called Crusta, where she taught how to fight by her father. She became well educated, then she left her home to travel at the age of 17. She was captured by Darius' Sect and sometime later was transfred to Fenrike Casltle.

Knowledge and Skills-

Education: 6 Swordsmanship: 8