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Sex: Female
Age: 18
Race: Human
Class: Pleasure Slave
Rank: N/A
Alignment: Scrupulous

Disposition: She is a spirited young girl, willing to do anything to please, anything to hear her master moan in pure ecstasy. She will do absolutely anything to be the Lord's favorite slave. She loves anything that makes her feel beautiful. She likes to dance and play music, and to serve anyone the lords sees fit anyway she can, whether sexually or not. When she is alone she is very much a daydreamer. She is a very bright girl though sometimes hides it. She loves to read anything that she can get, and enjoying listing to tales of battle.


Clothing and Armor-


Special Items-

Physical Description: She is slender and beautiful. She has soft dark brown eyes and short brown hair.

Background: lived with her older brother all of her life. Her mother passed away during childbirth and her Father was unkown. Her brother worked hard to keep the two alive but in the end debt collectors reduced them to poverty. With no money left to give, the collectors took and sold her as a slave. She was sent to the Telemar slave auctions and was purchased by Dahkron Deviwraith. He then sent her along to Vormav as a gift. Vormav had Jewel's blood injected into so that she would live forever.

Knowledge and Skills-

Dancing: 6
Music: 7
Ettiquet: 8